Hurricane Season Predictions

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hurricaneIt’s that time of year again. Hurricane season will be with us soon and with it, the predictions. Will it wipe out Cuba, Miami, New Orleans? Or maybe this will such an unusual year that nothing happens at all?

We certainly would like to see nothing at all, but that isn’t likely.

Is it really possible that the US military can secretly manipulate the weather? There has been a lot of speculation, but no proof. What do you think?

Mr. T Called For Jury Duty

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“TV and film star Mr. T showed up for jury duty at Cook County Criminal Court in Chicago and wound up signing autographs and posing for pictures.

The ‘A-Team’ and ‘Rocky III’ star wound up signing autographs and taking pictures with the defendant’s family, county employees and other potential jurors. He was dismissed along with others who did not make the final jury selection.”

Mr. T is an upstanding citizen and a civic-minded individual, and he would have made a terrific juror. But the tough guy actor would make an even better judge, he would make Judge Judy look like a bleeding-heart.

As a judge Mr.T would be armed with a quote for every occasion. He would silence a lawyer babbling in legalize with a quick: I ain’t got time for no jibba jabba. If a witness wasn’t credible, the former bodyguard would silence him with a terse: Shut up fool! And if a member of the jury fell asleep, Mr. T would wake him up by shouting: I pity the fool who falls asleep in my court!

An God have pity on a defendant if his last name is Murdoch, Mr. T would sentence him to life behind bars even if he was only charged with a misdemeanor. 

Deputy Quits After Wife Takes Patrol Car On Joyride

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“A Polk County deputy has turned in his badge after his wife and mother-in-law took his patrol car out for a joyride. Officials said the 44-year-old deputy resigned Monday after serving 21 years with the sheriff’s office.

The arrest report said his wife and mother-in-law face charges of vehicle theft, theft of a firearm and impersonating a law-enforcement officer. His wife also faces charges of possession of a firearm of a convicted felon.
A third person riding in the back seat also was arrested.”

The Associated Press

A law enforcement officer can’t survive the humiliation of having his wife and mother-in-law take his patrol car out for a joyride. Any civilian who witnessed the spectacle of the deputy’s spouse driving erratically in his patrol car lost all respect for him. That’s as bad as if a pastor’s wife ran down Main Street naked as a Jaybird except for her Sunday church hat. A minister would be forced to resign if his lovely wife has a penchant for streaking.

I would love to know the story behind that third person riding in the back seat. I have a feeling that not only is the deputy’s wife crazy, but she’s also fooling around with that individual riding in the back seat.

It’s a pit that the deputy’s 21-year career came to such an inglorious end. The poor guy needs to make a brand new start in life, and his first move should be to divorce his wife.

Chicago Alderman Upset About Crime-Themed Hot Dog Stand

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“A Chicago alderman said he doesn’t mind that a businessman plans to open a hot dog stand in his ward and hire former convicts to work there, but he does object to the stand’s crime-linked theme. Alderman Bob Fioretti said Friday his Second Ward on the city’s West Side has major crime problems, so he thinks the stand’s name, Felony Franks, is simply not in good taste.

Fioretti also objected to several slogans, including: ‘Food so good, it’s criminal,’ and ‘Home of the misdemeanor wiener.'”

The Associated Press

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, the hapless but loveable Chicago Cubs, and its political corruption. From Mayor Richard J. Daley to Governor Rod Blagojevich, Chicago has been the breeding grounds of the most corrupt politicians on the face of the Earth.

Alderman Fioretti should concentrate on fighting the political corruption and street crime that plagues the Windy City.

Naming a hot dog stand “Felony Franks” may be corny, but it doesn’t glorify crime. I don’t think a kid is going to turn into a criminal because he gobbled a foot-long “chain gang chili dog.”

By the same token the owner of the hot dog stand is full of bologna when he claims naming his business “Felony Franks” will erase some of the stigma associated with being a convict.

Swine Flu Taking Over the News

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swineSwine Flu is quickly taking over the news. There were so many swine flu stories over the weekend that I couldn’t read them all. Google News says there are around 25,000 of them.
Swine Flu is crashing the stock market, overshadowing the President’s 100th day in office, crashing foreign exchange markets, dropping the price of oil, depleting food stocks.

The conspiracy theorists will soon be out in force and the opportunists will soon start buying up pharma stocks.

What a wacko situation we are in. Do you want the world to stop so you can get off? What do you think will happen next?

Red Wings gave Jackets the “Blue”s

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COLUMBUS (Associated Press): The Detroit Red Wings advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as they completed a four-game sweep against the Blue Jackets Thursday night by the score of 6-5.  However, Columbus wasn’t planning on going down without a fight, as each team kept scoring and tying throughout the game. 

“It definitely was the hardest” Marian Hossa stated, who only join the Wings for one season to win the Cup.   “We got lucky at the end when they had six on the ice.”

And lucky the Red Wings were, when Johann Franzen scored the winning goal on a power play with just 46.6 seconds left in the game.  However, it was called controversial by the Blue Jackets, who claimed it as a bench minor for having too many players on the rink. 

“By the rulebook, it was probably the right call” said Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock.  “By the circumstances of the game, I didn’t like the call.  … Unless it’s obvious, let’s play.”

Still, replays showed Fredirk Modin on the ice throwing the puck while Jake Voracek was several feet from the bench. 

“By the rulebook, it was probably the right call” said Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock.  “By the circumstances of the game, I didn’t like the call.  … Unless it’s obvious, let’s play.”

The Red Wings are the first Stanley Cup champions in seven years since the Colorado Avalanche to win a playoff series; their opponent for Round 2 is yet to be decided.

Church Giving “Great Sex” Seminar In School May Get Booted

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“A church giving sermons about sex may have to find a new home. Brevard Public School District’s risk-management department has threatened to boot New Hope Church out of Sherwood Elementary because of a worship series titled ‘Great Sex for You.’

Church leaders mailed 25,000 fliers, asking residents ‘Is Your Sex Life A Bore?’ The three-week program kicked off inside the school auditorium. Pastor Bruce Cadle had said the Christian church has been “shamefully silent” on the taboo topic.”

The Associated Press

If an individual’s sex life lacks excitement, he will rent a porn video to learn a few new tricks. A pastor is the last person on Earth he would go to for advice on how to spice up his sex life.

If a Christian needs help understanding the Book of Revelation he’ll seek a minister, but if he wants to learn how to get his groove on he will make an appointment with a sex therapist or a prostitute. You know, Render unto Caesar?

Why isn’t the church holding the “Great Sex for You” workshop in its sanctuary? Maybe it’s because the pastor finds a sex seminar in a church incongruous. Sex and religion just don’t go together, I bet even the most devout Christian married couple doesn’t say a prayer before having sex.

Most Christians are uptight about sex, and I wish the pastor success with his sex seminar. If the church is kicked out of the elementary school, maybe they should hold their sex worship series in a strip club.

Pregnant Lady Hit By Car While Fleeing Bear

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“A pregnant woman who was fleeing a bear when she was struck by a slow-moving car said she would honor the euthanized animal by giving her baby the middle name ‘Bear.’

Ashley Swendsen, 26, said she thought the bear followed her more out of curiosity than malice because it kept a distance of about 10 feet Thursday morning on a hiking trail in northwestern Colorado Springs.
Swendsen managed to scramble up an embankment and was crossing the street when she was hit by a slow-moving car. Although she was not seriously injured, she was taken to a hospital as a precaution because she was pregnant.”

The Associated Press

As the suburbs continue to stretch into formerly wild areas human beings are encroaching in the habitat of bears and other wild animals.

By Ashley’s own admission the bear didn’t behave in a hostile manner, but even if the bear had mauled her he should not have been killed.

The only one who should be punished in this unfortunate incident is the hit-and-run driver

How would the employee of The Colorado Division of Wildlife who killed the bear feel if I killed his child if he trespassed in my backyard?

Ashley was sad to hear that the bear was put to sleep, and to soothe her conscience she’s going to give her baby the middle name “Bear.” That’s all well and fine, but that’s not going to bear that innocent bear back to life.

ABC’s new “Practice” for the 2009 fall season

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Filed under Movies/TV has reported that ABC has renewed both Grey’s Anatomy and spin-off Private Practice next fall, which some thought it was on the 50/50 chance for renewal despite having strong ratings in the middle of the season due to the three-week crossover with McDreamy and the staff of Seattle Grace. 

The new episode, which airs tonight, finds Addison (Kate Walsh) still torn on whether or not to pursue a relationship with the handsome, married Dr. Noah, whose wife is enduring a difficult pregnancy.   What do you think?

More about it can be found through the interview with Dr. Noah himself Josh Hopkins at

Other ABC returning shows  includes Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Lost, Ugly Betty, and Dancing with the Stars.  No word  if Samantha Who will return until ABC announces its presentation to advertisers in New York on May 19.

NBC gives “Heroes” a chance for redemption next season

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This season, they’ve battled Villains and became Fugitives.  Now, the Heroes will be seeking Redemption, which will be the title of Volume 5, as NBC renews the live-action comic-book series next fall.  

However, according to Ad Age, the episode order will be cut from 25 this season to between 18 and 20 for the new season due to declining ratings and over-arching, complex storylines last season and at the start of season three.  Yet Heroes is still a dominant force in the 18-49 viewership as well as internationally.

Fugitives concludes — with the Heroes together again to fight the Hunter Danko, as Nathan and Sylar face-off on who gets to the President first, and one Hero may not survive the aftermath — setting the stage for Redemption

Which Hero do you think is a possible candidate for Redemption?

The final chapter of Fugitives airs this Monday at 9pm on NBC.

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