Quentin Tarantino`s Masterpiece: “Inglourious Basterds”!

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Inglourious_Basterds_posterI dragged myself to Inglourious Basterds last night and was literally blown away! Quentin Tarantino`s masterpiece!, by way of a few words from Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), as he artfully carves a premium Nazi scalp with the hugest Bowie knife my eyeballs have ever witnessed! Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa plays a Kraut weasel to perfection *(I kept thinkin` Peter Sellers), but my fave was Melanie Laurent as Shoshanna Dreyfus, who is eventually positioned quite nicely, as an entrepreneur of a French cinema house, to debut her own dramatic role as a silver screen actress. Needless to say, early celluloid was highly flammable. I perked my ears for sound emanating from the cheesy Tinseltown speakers.

Tarantino used some obscure spaghetti western themes mixed in with some more familiar film themes. In other words he was freely eclectic, but I don`t think he had an original score here. The opening theme was The Green Leaves of Summer from The Alamo. Then I recognized David Bowie`s Cat People when Shoshanna was up in the projectionist booth in her silver screen revenge-schemes & otherwise narcissistic premeditations. A garage surf-adelic ditty blasted the room of the French Cinema towards the climax, but uncertainty ruled the day, as I wondered who it was? Sure, there were flares of Ennio Morricone`s Big Gundown here & there; yet the music served more as a backdrop of sound to a superbly crafted patchwork-quilt-of a diaphanous plot, that references a million cans or maybe more. Tarantino is very clever in the way he weaves disparate threads of plot into his State Fair Blue Ribbon Quilt in the final scenes.

* “My brother need not be idealized or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life, to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it.” Edward Kennedy-eulogy to RFK

Man’s Bottom Glued To Toilet Seat

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“PRANKSTERS glued an elderly man’s bottom to a toilet seat in the public loos at a Cairns shopping centre, forcing him to sit tight during a highly embarrassing rescue.
The 70-year-old Cairns man was stuck so fast he had to be taken from the men’s toilets with the toilet seat  still attached, in full view of a gathering crowd of curious Cairns Central.

He was taken by ambulance to Cairns Base Hospital where it is understood industrial-strength solvents were used to dissolve the glue.”

I don’t envy women, they have to sit down on dirty toilet seats to do their business. I use the urinal in a public restroom, but I almost never sit down to answer nature’s call. I wait until I get home, even at the risk of an accident.
I feel sympathy for the elderly gentleman, but maybe now he will think twice before sitting down on a public toilet. Even if there had been no glue on the toilet seat, he was still placing himself at risk of catching a disease.
This goes far beyond a prank, it’s a criminal and wicked deed. I hope the perpetrators are caught and severly punished.

“The Magnificent Seven”-Elmer Bernstein`s Classic Western Soundtrack!

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It looks like this week we will be parked in a dark movie theater! Tomorrow will be very special, so be here on time for my feature presentation. Today I wanted to write about how ‘talkies’ came about, but when I began probing this topic, I got mired in a quagmire of inventions and an indescribable tangle of wires & gadgets comin` out the ears. EGADS! SHOCKING! I come to find out that ‘Peep Shows’ were really the vestibles for the first talkies? Let me just suggest that The Jazz Singer was actually one of the later films to be released with sound. I will mouse-a-lie enter this dungeon of data, but don`t know if I`ll ever come out alive! The Magnificent Seven (1960) will do for now, one of our greatest westerns of all time. Based on The Seven Samurai, and with a score by Elmer Bernstein, it has an all-star macho cast that was a model for many to come, like The Dirty Dozen. Magnificent seven

The theme song is with me constantly-in the shower, taking out the trash *(adds nobility to an otherwise nasty task), doing the dishes, and when I open up my Ford F-150 on a afternoon drive through our lovely Hill Country. By the way, it was that Marlboro Cigarette commercial in the 1960s that most people will associate the theme with. But the motley crew always come to mind, naturally: YUL BRENNER, ELI WALLACH, STEVE MCQUEEN, CHARLES BRONSON, ROBERT VAUGHN, JAMES COBURN, BRAD DEXTER, & HORST BUCHHOLTZ. The biggest star, really, is ELMER BERNSTEIN, who composed the score, most noted for the robust staccato passages. He became the ‘Western King’ of composers, doing the scores for many of John Wayne`s greatest films:The Sons of Katie Elder, The Camancheros, & Big Jake, just to name a few. Now it`s back to the Preview Room!

“Dancing with the Stars” new cast includes “The Hammer”

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The new cast of “Dancing with the Stars” will make their way onto the stage September 21.

Among the 15 hopefuls is Tom “The Hammer” DeLay, former congressman from Texas.  The others are:  “entertainer Donny Osmond; singers Mya, Macy Gray and Aaron Carter; actors Melissa Joan Hart, Debi Mazar and Ashley Hamilton (son of George); models Joanna Krupa and Kathy Ireland; reality stars Kelly Osbourne and Mark Dacascos; mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell; pro snowboarder Louie Vito; Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin; {and} former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.”

This time around, there’s a twist to the format, announced recently by the show’s  co-host Tom Bergeron when he revealed the new lineup on “Good Morning America.”

“In the middle of our season, over three weeks, we’re going to have double eliminations,” said Bergeron. “We’ll lose about half of our cast within that period. It will be a ballroom bloodbath.”


What College Will Give You Credit for Military Service?

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Lady Kills Boyfriend In Dispute Over Dog

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“A Lebanon County woman is accused of stabbing her live-in boyfriend to death Thursday night at their Annville Township home.
Pamela Poorman, 55, has been charged with criminal homicide. Police said she killed Larry Coletti, 51, inside trailer No. 57 at Stonehill Park.”
What horrible thing did this guy do to make his girlfriend stab him to death? They are residents of a trailer park, I figure it had to be something sleazy and low-down. Maybe the guy came home drunk every night, or he cheated with the midget porn star who lives next door.
Wrong answer! The dude yelled at his old lady because she was feeding the dog before serving dinner. Naturally, the woman responded by stabbing her lover boy to death. They live in a trailer park after all!
I hope the law goes easy on Pamela, she had every right to feed the dog before serving dinner. A dog is a faithful and loving companion, he never lets his owner down, and he deserves to be treated like a king. When I come home from a hard’s days work, before I do anything else I feed my two dogs.
The hapless fellow deserved his fate; the woman belongs behind bars, but the poor pooch doesn’t deserve to be out in the cold. I hope the authorities find a good home for him.

“Soul Power”-A Valuable History Lesson Lingers In Its Footage-But What Is It?

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soul powerBoy, this footage of Soul Power is ancient! I got a chance to take a look at it yesterday after it has been sitting in the can for thirty-five years. Soul Power, directed by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, is best viewed if you will don your historian`s ‘soul beret’, and toss aside your entertainment tarnished top-hat. Many of these black musicians were making their first trip to Africa, and they saw it as a coming home of their people (from America to Africa) concert. There are two items that have tended to undermine the importance of this three-day music festival in Zinshasa, Zaire (Congo). One is that the ‘rumble in the jungle’ was delayed, because George Foreman had injured his hand. The other wrench in the works was that the festival was backed by the corrupt regime of Zaire`s president Mobutu.

The select footage of the concert itself was wonderful to watch, with its blend of local African sounds and the familiar ones of The Spinners, B.B. King, and The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. One scene, that was interesting to me, has a local band playing in front of the auditorium (nice Fender equipment). Then several scenes were of a thriving market in Zinshasa and of conga drum jam sessions. B.B.`s The Thrill Is Gone, and this sweaty guitar man squeezing out sparks on Lucille really captures a moment in time! The pinnacle though, was James Brown strutting `is stuff in a blue-bell-bottom-jump-suit-bristling with kinetic energy, with perspiration beads whizzing off his busy brow. A piece of history you can not miss!

A Plane Way To Propose

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A marriage proposal in plane sight!

“Aleasha Decker, 23, said she was excited and stunned when she read the question, ‘Aleasha, marry me?’ in 20-foot, sheet plastic letters. They sat atop a harvested field in Kalida, about 60 miles southwest of Toledo in northwestern Ohio.

“New husband-to-be Jason Kahle got some help from his father, who farms the land and flies a small plane. When they took Decker into the air on Aug. 9, they said the purpose was to photograph some relatives’ houses.

“After Decker spotted the message, she turned to find Kahle with a ring.

“A June 5, 2010, wedding is now in the works.”


More Bragging Rights for Ochocinco

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Football?  Forget that – try soccer!

Chad Ochocinco (formerly Chad Johnson) has proved his worth once again , by kicking “the decisive extra point late in the first half” of the Cincinnati Bengals’  7-6 defeat of the New England Patriots., Thursday, August 20, 2009.

Ochocinco is not lacking in self-esteem, either, as shown by his comments afterward.

“‘Esteban’ Ochocinco is back, the most interesting footballer in the world,” {he} said. “Everyone has to remember, I’ve always said that soccer is my No. 1 sport. I think Ronaldinho would be proud of me right now.”

He got the chance to kick when, after “Shayne Graham’s groin felt sore in pregame warmups, coach Marvin Lewis decided to rest the team’s franchise player and see what Ochocinco could do.”

What he could do, was kick the winning extra point.  And he made it look easy.

“Ochocinco trotted onto the field and lined up behind{ball holder) Kevin Huber.  The snap, hold and kick all worked as planned.”

The Bengals’ quarterback, J.T. O’Sullivan, took it all in stride (no pun intended).

“Nothing surprises me,” O’Sullivan said. “All joking aside, he still kicked the ball through the uprights and it ended up winning the game. Some people might think it’s funny, but it’s important.”


Dentist Mistakenly Pulls 16 Teeth From Lady

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Dear readers, if you dread going to the dentist, don’t read this story.
“A South Carolina woman has won a $2 million jury verdict against a Florence dental clinic that mistakenly pulled 16 of her teeth.
Elizabeth Smith, 28, of Sumter went to the Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence in May 2006 to have a cracked tooth repaired. Her lawsuit claimed a dentist at the clinic pulled all of her upper teeth, then covered up the error by falsifying her dental records, according to court documents.
One of Smith’s lawyers, Robert Ransom, said she plans to have restorative surgery as soon as possible. That’s estimated to cost about $80,000.”
I prefer to have yellow teeth than to pay good money to have a dentist basically torture me. Horror stories like this reaffirm my anti-dentist stance.
Didn’t the woman notice that the dentist was extracting one tooth after another? Normally a dentist doesn’t  put you to sleep to repair a cracked tooth — the patient should have been aware of what was going on.
This poor woman deserves her huge award, I’m sure it put a toothless smile on her face.
Smith’s lawyer has a very appropriate name: Robert Ransom. I’m sure Ransom got paid a king’s ransom for his services.

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