Outrage: South Africans To Slaughter Cow To Bless World Cup

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“South African traditional leaders plan to perform ritual animal slaughters to bless stadiums for the 2010 World Cup tournament ahead of the start of the showcase event next June, they said on Friday.
Zolani Mkiva, chairman of the Makhonya Royal Trust, a grouping responsible for co-ordinating cultural activities, said the tournament, the first to be held in Africa, needed to be blessed in true ‘African style.'”
Slaughtering animals to bless a stadium is an outrage, and it must be condemned by people around the world. Protecting animals must take precedence over political correctness!
By slaughtering a cow to bless a sporting event the South African traditional leaders are doing nothing to dispel the stereotype of Africans as savages.
Until South Africa joins the 21st century and puts and end to the sacrificing of animals it  must never again be allowed to host the World Cup.


I Discover A Lost Treasure in the CD Cut-Out Bin-Kurt Weill`s ‘The Threepenny Opera’ on Decca/London!

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threepenny opera iiiI had the good fortune to pick up another Kurt Weill CD last Friday night. It is The Threepenny Opera, a Decca recording on the London label from 1988, that features Ute Lemper in the role of Polly. Lotte Lenya was originally cast in the role of Jenny, but the song, Pirate Jenny, is sung twice in this version (Polly sings it too-confusion boats, sorry!) of this ‘People`s Opera,’ and Lemper does a dazzling rendition herself. “And a ship with eight sails and, all its fifty guns loaded, has tied up the quay.”

The verse lines are spoken casually, as Jenny tells her Cinderella-esque story of class oppression as a bar maid who is treated with contempt by the rich. But she still has her dreams, in spite of her plight! The melody is haunting and idealistic when she comes around to the chorus. Beautiful!

I found this splendid web page that is dedicated exclusively to The Threepenny Opera. I`ve just barely scratched the surface of its vast body of data on Kurt Weill, the writing of the piece with Bertolt Brecht and the history of its theatric productions with all the marvelous players who have assumed the roles in the ‘Beggars Opera’ through the years. It also has biographical profiles of the original cast members.

The collaborations of Weill and Brecht came to an end in 1930. This is unfortunate! Brecht`s words get equal billing with Weill`s music, but originally, Brecht`s libretto was more important for audiences. According to Lotte Lenya, wife to Kurt, Weill commented one time, “ I can not set the Communist Party Manifesto to music.” Mack the Knife, Weill`s most famous song, is practically talked in this stage version.  I prefer it that way…

Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter Split!

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Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter may be getting a divorce after Kelli told Rosie that she needed a “breather.” Rosie and Kelli were married in San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom in February 2004, despite the state law not approving same sex marriages at the time.

Carpenter has since moved out to a luxury high-rise with their youngest daughter. Rosie and Kelli have four children together.

Rosie has not commented on a potential divorce. Sources say that Kelli’s time away from Rosie may not be permanent.

Do you think this marriage was doomed from the start?

‘Das Berliner Requiem’ A Seldom Heard Work of Kurt Weill

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Kurt WeillI heard excerpts from Kurt Weill`s Second Symphony the other night. I greatly wanted to obtain a copy of this work, but the record store I visited didn`t have one in stock. I was in the grip of Kurt Weill`s art, so some of you might understand how possessed I truly was. I did manage to find a Harmonia Mundi CD with three works, Vom Tod Im Wald, op 23, Konzert fur Violine und Blasorchester, op 12, and Das Berliner Requiem. The text for this last piece was written by Weill`s famous collaborator, Bertolt Brecht.

Das Berliner Requiem was completed in 1928 and was specifically written for the radio, which was the newest medium of the time. Weill believed that the radio would have a liberating effect and would help to equalize the social classes. The work was commissioned by the Frankfurt radio station some ten years after the cessation of hostilities, that we usually refer to as WWI. In the liner notes Pascal Huynh says about one song cycle, “Martyrs-Epitaph is highly characteristic of the Weill-Brecht musical idiom: slow dance rhythm, a saxophone tune, uniform accompaniment, the mixture of interior chromaticism and progression in fifths.”

This is a minimalist piece with just a tenor, baritone, male choir, wind band, guitar, banjo and percussion. Das Berlin Requiem can be seen as a high point in the collaboration of Kurt Weill with Bertolt Brecht. Nonetheless, it has been somewhat neglected by classical-philes, and yet deserves more attention, along with his signature works, The Three Penny Opera and Mahagonny. This is the first time that I have ever heard it, won`t you join me?

Should Cheating Husbands Be Whipped?

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“Most Bruneians want husbands who cheat on their wives to be whipped, according to a recent survey in the Muslim-majority country.
The survey, conducted by website brudirect (www.brudirect.com), found 76 percent of 272 respondents said men should be whipped for having affairs while only 55 percent said unfaithful wives should receive the same punishment.”
The concept of moderation is a precious commodity in the Muslim world. Islamic clerics prescribe extreme punishments, even for the most trivial of offenses.
A liberal and a jokester like me would be whipped almost every day if I lived in Brunei. I’d much rather live in America where if a man cheats on his wife, he can usually placate her by agreeing to go to marriage counseling.
The results of the survey seem a bit skewed to me; I think most of the respondents were female.

Gunman Runs Away After Bank Teller Says No

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“A teller at a bank in St. Paul who simply refused the demand of an armed man prevented a bank robbery.
“According to the FBI, a man walked into the Cherokee State Bank at 607 Smith Ave. South Tuesday at 3:20 p.m.
The man approached a teller, pointed a black handgun at her and demanded cash.
The teller refused and the man ran away without any cash.”
The female bank teller has brass cajones, if a robber pointed a gun at me I would give him anything he asked for, including my  drawers.
This story had a happy ending, but a teller should always hand the money over to a gunman. The teller foolishly risked her life, the bank has insurance to cover losses from robberies.
I hope the bank robber was so shocked by the teller’s refusal to hand over the cash that he will retire.


Payback is Hell…Just ask FOX News

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Democrats Holding Out on Fox

The White House says President Obama won’t appear on Fox News until at least 2010.

Now left-leaning MoveOn.org wants its members to tell Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to “stay off Fox for as long as he does.” [TheWrap]

Do you think FOX is getting what they deserve?

Dude Robs Shop On Way To Police Interrogation

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“A 41-year-old man in Germany due to face questioning over theft got himself in even more trouble by squeezing in another robbery on the way to the police station, police said.”
That’s like stopping at a bar on your way to a AA meeting, or stopping at a brothel for a quickie on your way to church.
The 41-year-old man is a career criminal, and he should spend the rest of his life behind bars.
The incorrigible criminal now faces a second set of charges. He should immediately be sent to jail, and held without bail. If he’s released on bail  heaven only knows how many crimes he will commit before his trial.

Lady Seeks Divorce After She Finds Out Hubby Refers To Her As “Guantanamo”

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“A Saudi woman is seeking a divorce after she found out that her husband had nicknamed her ‘Guantanamo’ on his mobile phone.
The woman made the discovery while examining the list of contacts in her husband’s phone when he left it at home one day, the Al-Watan newspaper reported.”
This Saudi woman isn’t a  newlywed who is devastated to learn that her hubby speaks of her in disparaging terms. This woman has been married for 17 years, and she should be grateful her poor husband doesn’t use profane words to describe her.
It’s not easy for a woman to divorce her spouse in an Islamic country, but I hope the husband quickly agrees to the divorce. He can do much better than to be hitched to such a nosy and spiteful monster.

Dad, 83, Shoot Son Because He Wouldn’t Stop Playing Drum

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“A man is in custody after shooting his son over some drums. San Antonio police tell News 4 WOAI the 80-year-old man and his 50-year-old son live in a home on Naylor St., south of Downtown.

Around 1 a.m. Friday, the father reportedly got so upset with his son for playing the drums that he fired one shot through the bedroom door.”

My thoughts on this story:
A 50-year-old man who still lives with his father is a real loser, unless he is taking care of his sweet old dad. But a man who plays the drums at 1 a.m. probably doesn’t give a flying fig about his father.
Anybody who plays the drums that late at night deserves to be shot — period! I hope the charges against the father are dropped.
Fragments from the bullet hit the no-good son in the head, unfortunately he’s expected to make a full recovery. The old man should have aimed at the son’s hands.

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