Collect Call From Pay Phone Costs Small Fortune

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“Toluca Lake resident Pat Devine, 84, figured her collect-call days were behind her. Like most of us, she carries a cellphone for her on-the-go communications.

Most of us wouldn’t think of leaving home without a cell phone, but I’m surprised that an 84-year-old woman had one. I would expect to find a rotary dial phone in her purse.
The old lady finally found a pay phone, but it ate her coins, so she placed a collect call to her hair stylist to let her know she was running late.
When her hair stylist got her phone bill she almost had a heart attack, accepting the collect call set her back $37.40. Next time she does the old hag’s hair she will probably dye it rainbow-colored instead of blue.
I would never (ever) accept a collect call from anyone. If Mother Teresa called me from jail, I would hang up on her. If Mother Teresa called me, it would really be a long distance call.

But when she was running late for a recent salon appointment, Devine found that her cellphone battery had died. She didn’t want to be rude and leave her hairstylist waiting. So she looked around for a pay phone.”

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“Here`s a man who would not take it anymore.”

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taxi driver poster“He`s a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partly fiction-a walking contradiction.” The Pilgrim, Chapter 33-Kris Kristofferson

Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) is reminded of that song when she is having coffee with Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro). Yesterday was a rainy, cloudy day, so I stayed in and watched Taxi Driver on Netflix. To my surprise, it was Bernard Hermann who did the music for Martin Scorsese`s shocking film. Hermann died before the film was released, which was on February 8, 1976.

New York is a very different city today than it was in 1975. The footage captures the streets in a more decayed state, as Travis coasts solemnly in his yellow cab. But listen to the cool soundtrack, with I believe a soprano saxophone, carrying the main theme, as Bickle gradually morphs to madness. The music is cool and jazzy, while Travis is anything but cool.

In the final scene of violence, when the bad guy, Sport, gets his just deserve, listen for the pounding kettle drums Taxi Driver Jodie(maybe its timpani drums) as the mohawked Bickle engages in the dramatic shootout, that he was always longing for. The ending can be interpreted in two completely different ways. Which way do you take it? (Read Roger Ebert`s thoughts on this wiki page).

Finally, this film was conceived from a diary of an assassin. It then, in turn, puts some crazy ideas in the head of another assassin want to be. Sometimes Art holds a mirror up to truth, but more infrequently, Art actually influences the outcome of history (truth). Chew on that… That floppy hat of Jodie Foster (Iris) amazes me. And the seedy gun dealer has long hair? Unfair!

Martin makes us deal with some very heavy issues here. Troubling yes, but necessary… Drop the Tiger story. It`s nothin`…but emptiness…study the floppy hat…

Dude Fails To Steal ATM

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“Boulder police Friday released photos of the man who used a rental truck to help dislodge the automated teller machine at the Chase Bank, 6300 Gunpark Drive, about 2 a.m. Wednesday.
The pictures show that the man carefully backed up a stolen rental truck to the ATM and fastened a chain to the machine.
The ATM was dragged about 15 to 20 feet and upended. The would-be thief, possibly frightened by an alarm, took no money from the machine
Sometimes you have to root for the bad guy…
I’m outraged at the excessive fees banks charge non-customers for using an ATM. I’m disappointed that the robber failed to drive away with the ATM.
I hope the the robber isn’t caught by the police, after all banks get away with murder charging their customers excessive penalties if one of their accounts is overdrawn by as little as one cent.
If you recognize the dude from the photo released by the police, be a Good Samaritan and don’t turn him in.
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13 Harmonies by John Cage-A Hard to Find Gem Good for The Road!

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I just got out of The Road; goodness gravy, it was morose. When I got home I felt like hearing something experimental, so I pulled out Thirteen Harmonies by John Cage. This was part of a larger work, Apartment House 17. John Cage wrote this for the Bicentennial in 1976.john cage

Cage reworked compositions by artists who were at least 20 years old at the time of the American Revolution. The songs are barely recognizable anthems and congregational music from the Revolutionary period. Naturally, Cage has made chance arrangements, so you feel like you are at Fluxus performance where anything can happen and will happen. IE a HAPPENING!

These Apartment House 17 recordings are a little hard to get your hands on. The 13 Harmonies are even harder. I recorded *(not pirated matey, a number of years ago) a CD that I checked out from the UT Art Library. Piano and violin are the only instruments you can hear. I`m not even sure which recording this CD actually is? But there`s a dreariness, a bleakness to it that`s synching nicely with the somber motif of Cormac McCarthy`s The Road right now.

Colorado Governor’s Mansion Draped In Toilet Paper

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“DENVER – Colorado’s governor’s mansion has hosted dignitaries like Dwight Eisenhower in its 101-year history, but no one’s sure that what happened to the home of Colorado’s First Family over night has ever happened before.
Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) and First Lady Jeannie Ritter were awake shortly after dawn Thursday morning looking up at numerous rolls of toilet paper hanging from trees in their yard.”
Who hasn’t had his car egged or his home toilet papered? It’s not as bad as having your car keyed, but it’s a pain in the neck to clean up.
I can’t muster up much sympathy for the governor of Colorado, I’m glad that even he isn’t exempt from suffering this indignity.
But I give my props to the First Lady, she actually helped clean up the mess instead of ordering a staff member to do the dirty work.
I hope the culprit gets caught, not even a politician deserves to have his home toilet papered. If somebody has a gripe against the governor, he should write a letter to the editor instead of resorting to vandalism.
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Black Friday Madness

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This time of year I feel fortunate for the bad economy, whereas I have no money for the madness. Hey, here’s a good idea…How about outlawing “Black Friday”? This would surely lower healthcare costs in America.

Is a sale this important?

Camels Terrorize Australians

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“Docker River, an Australian Outback town, is under siege from 6,000 wild camels which have laid waste to the area in search of water.
“Residents in the Northern Territory settlement have been left cowering in their homes after the animals trampled fences, smashed through water mains and invaded the airstrip.
The camels, driven to extreme lengths by prolonged drought, have even tried to force their way into people’s homes to drink water from air conditioning units and taps.”
I wouldn’t live down under for a million dollars, Australia is a land terrorized by dingos who snatch babies in the middle of the night, and by camels who hold towns hostage.
Who you gonna call ilf rampaging camels are trying to break into your home? The mad beasts would snort at Crocodile Dundee’s knife, and they would spit at the coppers.
I guess you call in the calvary, the government is dispatching men in helicopters to gun down the animals.
Do you agree with this indiscriminate killing of the thirsty camels? Post your comments!
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Judge Blocks Law Allowing Guns In Bars

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“A judge on Friday blocked a Tennessee law that allowed people to bring handguns into restaurants and bars.”
I applaud the judge for his action, it’s insanity to allow bar patrons to pack heat. After a few beers bar regulars will argue over anything, I’ve heard winos argue over who is the the most intimidating major league baseball mascot. Sometimes these discussions end with a broken nose or a black eye, but if a gun is in the mix it might end in tragedy.
We aren’t living in the days of The Wild Wild West, and no municipality should consider allowing folks to bring handguns into restaurants and bars. If the rednecks in my neck of the woods are ever allowed to bring their weapons to the local watering  holes, I will never again patronize a bar.
I’m a responsible gun owner, but I wouldn’t even trust myself with a weapon after I’ve downed a few shots of whiskey.
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“Who Do You Love?” Twenty-Five Songs Added to the Grammy Hall of Fame

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grammy songsThe Grammy Hall of Fame awardees for 2009 were just announced yesterday. Twenty-five songs that are at least twenty-five years old can qualify for the award by ‘the academy,’ if they are deemed to have “qualitative or historical significance.” The special Grammy Hall of Fame award was started in 1973 and 851 songs are included so far. Several standouts this year are: California Girls (The Beach Boys), Twist and Shout (The Isley Brothers) and As Time Goes By-“A kiss is just a kiss.” (Dooley Wilson).BoDiddley

As I look over the list, all the tracks look interesting to me, but just a few grabbed my attention this morning. Bo Diddly`s Who Do You love? is most famous for its funky rhythm and has been used countless times in various Rock & Roll riffs. Quicksilver Messenger Service forged its sparkling career from the shakin` rhythms of this song. The Doors` classic Riders On the Storm is on there also, fairly close to the bottom. What is the lyric of Jim Morrison all about, really?

So review the list, please…There are quite a few here that are fuzzy for me, and could stand a fresh spin. If you read this, Big Band and Classic Jazz (Thomas Durnin), I`m requesting Dipper Mouth Blues by King Oliver & His Jazz Band. P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! (source-Daily Contributor)

100-Proof Turkey For Thanksgiving?

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O’Casey’s bar in Manhattan is serving a 100-proof turkey for Thanksgiving.


Let’s face it, turkeys are bland and unappetizing. A typical Thanksgiving turkey meal has 101 sides because the main dish is so lackluster. If a turkey tasted good, you wouldn’t have to stuff it to the gills with stuffing.
A 100-proof turkey is an excellent idea, it helps you forget that the turkey doesn’t have much of a taste.
If I lived in Manhattan I would say “to hell with Thanksgiving with the family”, and I would drop by O’Casey’s

unveiling the nation’s first 100-proof turkey on Monday.

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