“Auld Lang Syne”-Ring Out the Old, Bring in the New!

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Auld Lang Syne is traditionally sung every New Years` Eve to kiss the old year goodbye, and to (b)ring in the time square ballone. One hopes that things will go a little better this next one, but the song acts as a stimulus for that remote possibility. Through the years the version that I am most familiar with is the instrumental one (with sinuous riffs) by Guy Lombardo. Starting in 1929, Guy Lombardo`s droopy take on Auld Lang Syne would pipe through millions of American radio boxes. Later the festivity was broadcast on television. I believe that I have usually heard a Decca recording, that was a single, issued on September 29th, 1947. (Wiki)

time squareThe provinence of the song is somewhat hazy (apropos for tipsy revelers), but it is clear that the lyric was compiled and composed by the Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1788. Auld Lang Syne means “days gone by,” “long long ago” or “old long since.” IE that`s over with, now let`s start anew. There`s a good bit of drinkin` in Burns limerick, even intentional slurrin`? And surely ye`ll be your pint-stowp! And surely I`ll be mine! And we`ll tak a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne. Pint-Stowp sounds liquorish?

It`s not believed that the same melody was used in Robert Burns day. I`m curious too about how the Time Square ball drop tradition got started? I have included two pics, one from a day gone by, the other more recently. I stay in on New Years Eve and just watch some TELLY! How do you spend the holiday?

Restaurant Patron Injured By Falling Moose Head

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“A New York woman is suing a Manhattan restaurant after claiming that a large stuffed moose head fell from a wall hanging and struck her.
The woman, Raina Kumra, 32, is suing White Slab Palace over the alleged incident in the early hours of October 4, the New York Daily News and Post newspapers said.”
I would never patronize a restaurant that considers a stuffed moose head elegant decor. There is nothing more sickening and inhumane than killing a noble animal, and then hanging its head from a wall as a trophy. The good folks at PETA should protest outside of the White Slab Palace until they go out of business.
Or hopefully Kumra will win her lawsuit, and the dining establishment will go out of business. Not that I have any sympathy for Kumra, she had no business patronizing a restaurant that has so low regard for animals.
Kumra is representing herself, which means she has a fool for a client. It’s up the PETA to teach this horrible restaurant a lesson.

Bingo Caller Told To Stop Using Traditional Call: Two Fat Ladies

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“A bingo caller has been advised to stop using phrases such as “two fat ladies” for fear of offending his audience.


John Sayers, who runs charity games in Sudbury, Suffolk, says he was told by a council clerk the traditional bingo call could upset some players.”
Bingo is a game played by old folks who have one foot in the bingo hall, and the other one in the grave. I have no idea if “two fat ladies” is a traditional bingo call, but I’m all for spicing up the boring came.
Maybe Sayers can change his call for “2” to “two stupid ho’s”, but  Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen might sue him.
This is an example of political correctness run amok, old ladies with blue hair, liver spots, varicose veins and more wrinkles than Amy Winehouse has pills, could care less if someone calls them fat.
The town council members that advised Sayers to stop saying “two fat ladies” are idiots — the word “idiots” might be politically incorrect, but I don’t give a darn.
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“Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Haywire Mac (Harry McClintock)

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Over the past year I have been studying The Great Depression quite a bit. At the first of the year they (economists)Harry mcclintock were talking that way. As I review different ephemera, I keep running into the song, Big Rock Candy Mountain. It`s on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The Coen Brothers included the original 1928 version by Harry McClintock. Haywire Mac (Harry`s nickname) had a # 1 hit for it on the country charts in 1939.

big rock candy mountainHarry McClintock claimed authorship of the song, but the court ruled it as in the public domain. Haywire Mac did re-work the lyric considerably. Basically, it`s a hobo pipedream. The Big Rock Candy Mountain is a utopia where “hens lay soft boiled eggs” and the “boxcars are all empty.” On the downside there are “cigarette trees,” but the “police have wooden legs” and the jail bars are made of tin.  Halleluhah! A Deregulated Utopia

Anyway, this hobo may be laying under his blanket near some trash heap and dreamin` of a better day. Quite a vivid image that is still relevant today. I live in downtown Austin, and the homeless have increased considerably over the past year. And (I have learned) there is a real Big Rock Candy Mountain in Utah. Have to get that way some time…(source-Wiki)

Smart Donkeys Run Away From Live Nativity Scene

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“It’s not always easy for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit, so we will forgive two donkeys who were perhaps suffering from some pre-holiday jitters and escaped from a pen in Vail, Colo. earlier this week shortly before they were scheduled to participate in a living nativity scene.”
Some evangelicals may claim that the donkeys are liberals who want nothing to do with Christmas, but I think they are proud animals who didn’t want to be used as props in a nativity scene.
The donkeys were found safe and sound, and to add insult to injury they were renamed Mary and Joseph. Jesus Christ!
If a fool wants to dress up as Joseph and shiver in an outdoor nativity scene, that’s his prerogative. But for god’s sake, animals should be left out of these religious displays.
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The Dave Clark Five-Classic British Combo Rock of Yesteryear

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In March of 2008 itunes made available a 28 song digitally remastered package of  Dave Clark Five standards. I hadDave Clark Five v been searching high and low for some DC5 for some time, but no cigar. Lo & Behold, now I`m diggin` the ‘air-hammer’ sound of the DC5 once again, but it`s been years. Now this is real ‘Combo Rock.’ Their records sound more like the live band just playing straight up. Their sound is distinctive. They really punch hard. Mike Smith is playing a Farfizza organ, I think. His vocals are raucous and bawdy. And Denis Payton blows a mean rock & roll tenor saxophone.

Glad All Over and Bits and Pieces has each sold more than 2.5 million units. My favorite DC5 song is Can`t You See That She`s Mine. Listen for the airtight timing between bass and drums, & then a blow it out the park sax lead by Denis Payton. Because is a great slow one, that can compete any day with Paul McCartney`s And I Love Her. Catch Us If You Can was the Dave Clark Five`s answer to A Hard Days Night.

Dave Clark Five viDave Clark wrote his own songs, produced their records, was their manager, and later actually was a very successful business entrepreneur in music. He had the wisdom to acquire the rights to the Ready Steady Go! TV shows from England, that carefully documented many of the great 60s acts. Every show is out of this world and are much in demand too. I bet Dave`s made a bundle off it. Dave even made an early version of the music video.

Boy, it`s great to hear these DC5 hits again. Yet One still wonders why the DC5 faded out in the late 60s? I believe it`s because they did not translate well once Rock went Psychedelic. The DC5 were pure rockers with their roots in the 50s. Did you know that they were on the Ed Sullivan Show 18 times? And did you know that they were the first British band to successfully tour the U.S.?

The San Francisco Underground-Chrome`s “Alien Soundtracks”

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Chrome Alien Soundtracks Front iiWhen you listen to Chrome you feel like you are doing something illegal. You are Chrome iiafraid that the cops will knock on your door and arrest you for a Chrome violation. ‘Industrial Paranoia’ comes to mind. I found a new vinyl copy of Alien Soundtracks at Waterloo. Thought I was dreamin`. I haven`t heard any Chrome in about twenty years. Alien Soundtracks was there second record from 1978, and the first one that featured guitarist Helios Creed. In 1979 they would make their masterpiece, Half Machine Lip Moves.

Chrome`s sound can not be contained in a neat little box. You might think of a mad mechanical engineer who goes into his garage and builds an odd contraption from scratch, rusty bolts, metal scraps and greasy engine parts, lying around. Chrome uses tape loops, effects boxes, treated guitars, sound filters, moog, bass, and many unknown sound sources also. A lot of mixing and pre-mixing is presumed as well.Chrome Alien Soundtracks back ii

Slip it to the Android is dank & dark, warm up music for the Manson Family before they made a beeline to the Tate house. SS Cygni has a hypnotic beat with a treated guitar. Pharoah Chromium is an early example of sampling, an analog version, with shards of random industrial noise pasted together. ST 37 has backwards tapes with otherworldly utterances as vocals.

I saw Chrome live in 1981, when I was living in San Francisco. One of the best shows I have ever seen. I think of Chrome as an advanced evolution of the underground side of post-punk movements (No Wave was one). They remained true to their inner selves, their beliefs about art.

Enormous $85 Million at the Box Office on Christmas!

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“Expecting a nice surprise under their tree this year, studio distributors instead got the equivalent of a luxury car with a giant bow on it Friday, as the domestic box-office shattered last year’s Christmas Day record with an enormous $85 million haul.” The Wrap

“Avatar” and “Sherlock Holmes” took in most of the money with ‘Holmes at $25M and ‘Avatar’ at $23.3M.

What did you see at the movies on Christmas???

Search Of Vehicle Turns Up Gift-Wrapped Marijuana

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According to wire reports Missouri state troopers seized almost 20 pounds of marijuana from a car this week, most of it in boxes wrapped as Christmas gifts.
The car was stopped for speeding, and the two women for some unexplainable reason gave the cops permission to search the vehicle. When police ask permission to search your automobile — remember just say NO.
There is no truth to the rumor that the ladies were headed to Snoop Dogg’s home.
Santa Claus can skip my house this year, I’d rather those two ladies leave a gift-wrapped box of weed under my tree.
I hope that those two ladies make it safely to enlightened California where smoking weed is no big deal.

Giant Swedish Christmas Goat Gets Torched

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“Arsonists set fire early on Wednesday to a giant straw statue of the Swedish Yule goat, a forerunner to Santa Claus in Sweden, defying security measures for a third year in a row.
Police in Gavle, north of Stockholm, said an unknown number of attackers had torched the goat in the early morning hours, leaving a blackened skeleton standing in the town square.
‘It’s a tradition to burn it down,’ Lofberg said. ‘It’s happened an untold number of times since the 1960s … it’s been burned down more years than it’s survived.'”
A giant straw statue of a goat is just begging to be set on fire, haven’t the Swedes heard of concrete or steel?
A Swedish Yule goat is an abomination, Christmas ain’t about straw goats, it’s about Santa, Rudolph, drunken office parties and expensive gifts.
If I lived in Sweden, I would burn down the friggin’ goat. Sweden is covered in snow every day of the year, there’s no danger of the fire spreading, anyway.
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