Neil Young-“Hey Hey My My, Rock `n` Roll Can Never Die!”

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“I was thinkin` about what a friend had said, I was hopin` it was a lie,” a line of Neil Young`s from After The Gold Rush, has always stuck with me, and kept me on my toes, as far as relations go. Neil is the best at turnin` a line, you most probably will agree. Neil was given the MusiCares Person of the Year, which is a special Grammy Award. The award goes to an artist who has excelled in philanthropy.

Young has extended a helping hand for decades with Farm Aid and the Bridge School Concerts, which raises money for kids with various impairments. Friday night at the Los Angeles Convention Center countless fellow musicians honored the 64-year-old singer-songwriter by performing 20 of his best known songs.

Let`s see…Dave Matthews did The Needle and the Damage Done, James Taylor did Heart of Gold, and Elton John did my favorite, Helpless, from the Crosby, Stills and Nash era. John Fogerty and Keith Urban sang Keep Rocking in the Free World. It`s amazing how many really great songs Neil Young has written and is still writing today.

Get out your Neil Young-Greatest Hits people! Let`s get ready for the Grammys tonight by jammin` on some Neil…”The King is gone but he`s not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten…Rock & Roll can never die!” (source-Yahoo News-Grammy weekend begins with Neil Young tribute by Sandy Cohen, AP Entertainment Writer-1/30/2010)

Driver Fined For Blowing His Nose

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“When motorist Michael Mancini found himself stuck in a queue of traffic with a runny nose, he instinctively reached for his hankie.
However, the simple act of pulling out a tissue and blowing his nose earned him a £60 on-the-spot fine because he was ‘not in proper control of his vehicle’.
Policeman Stuart Gray, nicknamed PC Shiny Buttons for his zealous approach to the job, also handed out three points – even though Mr Mancini had his handbrake on.”

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I have magazines, CDs, snacks, tools, motor oil, running shoes, everything but tissues inside my car. Mancini should be commended for being prepared for any contingency.
If you’re driving, and you have the urge to sneeze, and you have tissues, you instinctively reach out for one. A couple of seconds to blow your nose isn’t going to make you lose control of your vehicle. Mancini is a bit anal-retentive,  not too many people would have put their hand brake on while sneezing.
If Mancini had not used a tissue, and he had sneezed all over his windshield, that would have obscured his vision and increased his chances of getting into an accident.
PC Shiny Buttons is a bloody moron, and he should stop harassing harmless blokes like Mancini.
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Have the Grammys ever been a reflection of our times?

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Well the Grammy Awards are coming up on Sunday. Big Deal! But I will still watch them anyway to see who wins. I just found this great piece by Jim DeRogatis that was just published in the Chicago Sun TimesPredicable Grammys reward star power. The Grammys have always taken a conservative (or reactionary) bent, going all the way back to their inception in 1958. Please read Jim`s piece, but he argues that the music awards were created by old stalwarts, like Frank Sinatra and Mitch Miller, to counter the surge of a new phenomenon, ROCK `N` ROLL.

Now that`s a bit of information that`s of some use to me. Hopefully, I will be able to trade out my old cable box on Saturday, for a newer box with the Digital Video Recorder feature. I`ve needed it badly for some time. Then I will be able to record the Grammys and capture Lady Gaga, who no doubt will be pulling a rabbit outta some crazy hat (literally) of hers.

Not that I`ll take the winners too seriously, but for Album of the Year I want the Dave Matthews Band to win (Big Whiskey & the Groogrux King). This year the Grammys can be reduced to three pop divas: Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Who do you love? I think it`s poppycock that only the ‘music elite’ looks down on the Grammys as passe!

Welsh Supermarket Bans Shopping In Pajamas

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“Shoppers in pyjamas and bare feet are no longer welcome at a supermarket in Wales where customer complaints have prompted the introduction of a strict dress code.
Signs announcing the no-PJs rule now grace the entrance to the sprawling Tesco’s outlet in St Mellons, a suburb of the Welsh capital Cardiff, that is open most nights until 10:00 p.m.
‘To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others, we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our store (footwear must be worn at all times and no nightwear is permitted),’ they read.”
The only person who should ever see you in your pajamas should be your spouse or significant other, the grocery store did the right thing in instituting a dress code.

I have never seen anyone wearing pajamas at a supermarket, but many slobs wear sweatpants and sandals when shopping at Food Lion.
Grocery store managers should ban customers from wearing pajamas and sweatpants, it’s bad for business. When I’m shopping at a supermarket and I see a lady wearing grungy sweatpants and a ratty T-shirt it kills my appetite and I end up buying less groceries.
If I witnessed a blue-haired old lady in her sleepwear, I would immediately walk out of the supermarket.
People, please show consideration for others and leave your sweatpants and pajamas at home! Friends don’t let friends go shopping wearing pajamas!
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41 Years Later, Blind Faith Holds Up Fine!

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It has been many years since I`ve heard my British ‘Supergroup’ album, Blind Faith. I keep hearing Steve Winwood`s song Can`t Find My Way Home at the market, so I snagged the 1969 record on itunes today. That`s Eric Clapton on electric guitar, Ginger Baker on drums, Stevie Winwood on organ and vocals and Ric Grech on bass guitar and violin.

Backing tracks were prepared in the spring of 1969, and after a tour of Scandinavia and the U.S., Blind Faith finished the record and released it in August of 1969. It`s been many years since I`ve heard it, but it sounds beautiful this morning. That`s Ric Grech on a violin solo on Sea of Joy. I would listen to the record over and over again in my bedroom (in North Dallas); you see, was sixteen years old in 1969. And 41 years later, Had to Cry Today is still my favorite song!

Do What You Like takes up nearly the entire second side, clocking in at 15:18. Lots of extended solos, like an organ solo by Stevie. If you can get your paws on this record, you will finally be able to experience what `60s classic rock really means. I want to locate a copy of the original Rolling Stone (September 6, 1969), that features three reviews of the record: written by Ed Leimbacher, Lester Bangs and John Morthland. (Wiki)

Pooch Rescued From The Icy Waters Of The Baltic Sea

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“A dog had a lucky escape when a Polish boat rescued him from an ice floe that had carried him more than 100 miles up a river and out onto the icy waters of the Baltic Sea.

Ship engineer Adam Buczynski managed to scoop the dog off the floe onto an inflatable dinghy and wrapped him in a blanket.”
Animal shelters are full of dogs and cats who were abandoned by their owners when they grew tired of them. It makes me sad whenever I see people who abuse their pets.
Thank goodness that there are people, like the crew of this boat, who realize that dogs are truly man’s best friend. Dogs are loving and loyal, and the least we can do is provide for all their necessities and shower them with love.
The story of this doggie’s rescue makes up for all the horrible stories that we hear about mistreated and abused animals.
The crew are trying to locate the owner, and if they can’t I hope one of them will adopt the pooch.
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Chinese Proposal To Jail People Who Eat Dog Meat

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“A proposal to jail people who eat dog meat for up 15 days has caused controversy in China, where dog hot pot is traditionally popular.
The first draft of a law against animal abuse, aiming to protect animals from being hurt or killed in a cruel manner, has been completed by a group of experts and will be raised for legislation this April, local media reported.
In particular, the draft suggested people caught eating dog or cat meat be jailed for up to 15 days and fined 5,000 yuan ($732.5), while businesses would be fined from 100,000 to 500,000 yuan, according to the Chongqing Evening News.”
If you go to a restaurant in China and order a hot dog,  you will be served Fido on a sizzling plate. Chinese love cats and dogs  –that is to say they love eating cats and dogs.
To hell with respecting the culture of other countries, the barbaric custom of eating dogs and cats should be condemned by every nation in the world.
Outlawing the sale of dog and cat meat isn’t a “Western” value, it’s a humane value that should be adopted by every civilized society.
Finally some of the more enlightened Chinese are trying to ban restaurants from serving cats and dogs. Let’s hope that China will finally join the family of civilized nations, and ban this monstrous practice.
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Radiohead raises more than $500,000 for earthquake relief!

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A spontaneous gig in Los Angeles by Radiohead for Haitian earthquake relief raised more than $500,000. The show happened Sunday night at Henry Fonda Theater and was attended by many stars. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron and Daniel Craig were spotted in the crowd.

Radiohead played for more than two hours and showcased their new song, Lotus Flower. Radiohead`s last long playing record was from 2007, In Rainbows. I`m a big fan, but have never seen them live. I do, however, have all of their records. The exact figure of money reported, that will go for earthquake relief is $572,754. (sources-RTT News and MSN Music)

As you download the Hope for Haiti Now soundtrack on itunes, be sure to read my piece, Seven Beautiful Songs from ‘Hope for Haiti Now.’

Burglars Steal Items From “Antiquities In Israel” Exhibition

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“Organizers of the ‘Antiquities Theft in Israel’ exhibition could not have chosen a more fitting name for their display.
Burglars on Wednesday broke into the Ashdod Museum where hundreds of artifacts recovered from the black-market were on show and snatched several valuable items, including a silver ring belonging to Alexander the Great and gold earrings.”
If anybody should be security conscious it should be the managers of a museum dedicated to showcasing priceless works of art recovered from the black market.
Shame on the Ashdod Museum staff for not having better security, thanks to their negligence several valuable works of art are once in the black market.
As for the burglars I have to applaud them for excellence in their profession, and for their delightful sense of irony.
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Simon and Garfunkel`s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

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When Stevie Wonder sang  Bridge Over Troubled Water Friday night for the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, a light came on, beautiful tune! It was written by Paul Simon in the summer months of 1969. Art Garfunkel was off filming Catch 22 with Mike Nichols. Paul conceived of it as more of a piano song and developed the lyric from a Claude Jeter line, “I`ll be your bridge over deep water if you trust in me.” (Wiki)

The line comes from a 1958 Swan Silvertones` (Claude Jeter`s band) song Oh Mary Don`t You Weep. I`m familiar with that one and use to perform it with a folk unit I was in during my high school days. Anyway, the Bridge lyrics are about how a friend can help another friend out during some hard times, or in this case, the metaphor of a bridge expresses the notion of leading a friend to safety.

The song may very well be a discourse on Paul and Arty`s friendship? Can`t say for sure. I do know that the dynamic duo parted company after the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. That breakup traumatized me when I was young man. Marvelous song…no doubt about it. Big production, with an orchestra chiming in on the last verse.

It got two Grammy awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971. One of the best for all time-for personal and sentimental reasons. Our country was hurting bad at that time. “When darkness comes, and pain is all around,” you see? Paul and Arty could save us. Glad to see the two back together occasionally! *(P.S. I got a feeling that I will listening to Simon & Garfunkel into my antiquarian years!) Don`t laugh, I`m crying now…

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