FOX’s “Glee” Club teacher goes solo this fall

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Matthew Morrison will be singing out of the classroom, as the 31-year-old Glee star has just signed a deal with Mercury Records.  Glee, which was given a early pick-up for a second season, was the 2010 People’s Choice Awards for Favorite New TV Comedy. 

The breakout FOX hit is nominated for four Golden Globe Awards — including Best Actor in a Television Comedy for Morrison, who also appeared in the Broadway version of Footloose and was nominated for a Tony for The Light in the Plaza.

Morrison’s first album is set to be release around the same time Glee starts season two this fall.

Brangelina Break Up?

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Are the rumors finally true? Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really split?!

The couple have not been seen together since having dinner together in New York on the 6th of Jan.

According to the News of the World, the couple – who are not married – filed separation papers with a Los Angeles lawyer.

What will they do with their $366 million dollar fortune?

Dude Arrested For Hurling Double-Decker Taco At Manager

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“A 31-year-old Fairbanks, Alaska man found himself behind bars after he hurled a double-decker taco at the local Taco Bell manager’s face.

Police say Warren Strickland was peeved when he left the drive-thru to find he’d only received two of the three tacos he asked for and those weren’t even made right.”
Strickland should have been satisfied with his three tacos, after all one of them was a double-decker taco.
Hurling a regular taco at someone’s face should be a misdemeanor, but throwing a double-decker one should be a felony. That’s a hell of a lot of grease and lard to swipe away from your face.
Strickland wasn’t able to make a run for the border, he was nabbed by the cops and sentenced to a day in jail.
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Icelandic Folk-Chanteuse, Olof Arnalds, a Pleasin` Chilly Breeze!

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I discovered the enchanting voice of an Icelandic native, Ólöf Arnalds, this chilly January morning. Apropos. I just have three songs, so far,  from her 2007 release Vid Og Vid (One Little Indian). These are retro-folk songs with only an antique instrument or two accompanying her beautiful voice. That sounds like a picking lute on Klara (for example). The words are Icelandic, so I`m clueless as to what what the chanteuse is warbling all about.

Vio og Vio is more of a folk ballad-sounds like love, life and la la la, literally? An Icelandic Joan Baez? Yes, maybe? I can see it. But unique. My cultural baggage regarding Iceland could be squeezed into a thimble. Yet the simplicity of the songs is refreshing, like an ice-cycled, frosty snowscape in Antarctica. White on white, a polar bear in a snowstorm. Jesting only, Olof Rules!

Anyway, I wax subzero ice cubes. Oh stop! As Jack Benny use to say. Oddly enough there is a YouTube clip (naturally) of Olof Arnalds doing a country song (We`re not the Jet Set). I dig it, even if I`m only a 2nd viewer. I`ll see ya at Hope for Haiti tonight! I`ll be all by my lonesome at the top of the bleacher seats… ( sources-YouTube, itunes and Jon Pareles` Playlist)

Dude Kidnaps Kid Who Threw Snowball At His Car

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“A snowball prank became a police issue, and potentially dangerous, when a man grabbed a teen, forced him into the car and brought the boy to the boy’s house, police said. 
A group of kids were throwing snowballs near Colony Park on Friday night when one of them hit Joshua Good’s car, police say.
The angry 25-year-old man got out of his car with a pocketknife, police said.”
If a kid eggs my house, or keys my car, I would want to tear him limb from limb.
But to brandish a knife and kidnap a teen  who accidentally hit your car with a snowball is sheer lunacy. You have to learn to sweat the small stuff, and in the great scheme of things a snowball landing on your car is no big deal.
When it snows adults think about the unsafe driving conditions, but children immediately think about building snowmans and having snowball fights. I enjoy watching little kids tossing snowballs at each other, it’s such harmless fun. A snowball isn’t going to dent or scractch a car, the perp, Joshua Good, really needs to chill out.
First-degree kidnapping is a very serious charge, and now this idiot is facing years in prison over a kid throwing a snowball at his car.
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Hope for Haiti Will Lend a Helping Hand!

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Hope for Haiti: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief is a telethon to help the earthquake ravaged people of Haiti. It will be hosted by George Clooney and Wyclef Jean, and will be aired on Friday, Jan 22nd, on just about every major network. The benefit will be a live broadcast from Los Angeles at 8:00 PM ET (7:00 PM CST), and will feature many stars such as: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keyes, Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder and John Legend.

George Clooney has hosted several of these type of global benefits before. He worked on Hurricane Katrina, 911 and the Asian Tsunami. Hope for Haiti donations will go to (for Haitian relief) Oxfam America, Partners in Health, Red Cross, UNICEF and Wyclef`s Yele Haiti Foundation. More than 100 performers will participate with a special collaboration in store between Kid Rock, Keith Urban and Cheryl Crow.

Gather Entertainment is reporting that 640 million households will be tuned in. I`ve been wanting to see Taylor Swift anyway, so I`ll be tuned in! And I hope George and Wyclef can raise enough money to help the people of Haiti.

UK Ban On Drinking Games

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“Tough new rules for pubs and clubs — including a ban on drinking games like the infamous ‘dentist’s chair’ — will be introduced in Britain this year in a bid to curb a heavy drinking culture that costs the country billions of a pounds a year.

Other promotions like ‘all you can drink for 10 pounds ($16),’ speed drinking competitions and ‘women drink free’ nights will also be prohibited.
But, controversially, bulk offers of cheap alcohol in supermarkets — widely regarded as one of the main sources of Britain’s problems with under-age and excessive drinking — will not be affected.”
If I lived in a gloomy island nation where it’s always foggy, damp and cold, I’d be indulging in drinking games also. But some of these drinking games go a bit too bloody far. The dentist’s chair, where drinks are poured directly into the mouth by others, is a recipe for alcohol blood poisoning.
“All you can drink” promotions encourage drunken debauchery, and should have been outlawed years ago. “Women drink free” is blatant discrimination against men, but you won’t find any men complaining. Men are dogs and they want women to get sloppy drunk so they can more easily seduce the ladies.
I applaud the Brits for finally taking strong actions to curb the serious problem of heavy drinking. I’ll drink to these new measures, sorry wrong choice of words.
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Japan’s Subway Riders Chief Complaint: Noise

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“Many foreigners who ride on Japan’s vast network of subways and commuter trains complain about the pushing and shoving that accompanies getting into the train and the reluctance to give up seats for senior citizens and pregnant women.
But for Japanese commuters, noise is the biggest issue, with loud conversation and music from headphones the top two offenders and cellphone ringtones in fourth place, the survey by the Association of Japanese Private Railways showed.”
I haven’t used public transportation in almost two decades, but I still have nightmares from my days of taking the bus to work.
Noise was the least of my complaints when I rode the bus or the subway to work. If my fellow commuters were too loud, I would quickly drown them out by turning on my Sony Walkman.
The homeless who took refuge from the cold in the buses were my biggest headache. Many of them reeked of urine, and some of the buses didn’t even have windows you could open.
The pushing and the shoving were my second major complaint, during the commute hours we were packed like sardines, and we fought for each inch of space.
Noise? Noise ain’t no big thing, in San Francisco the streets are just as noisy as  the insideof a bus.
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Wyclef Jean calls for exodus from Port-au-Prince

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Wyclef Jean is calling for a “massive exodus” from Port-au-Prince. Clean-up efforts can not get under way (according to Wyclef) until the Haitian people evacuate the city. Exactly where they should go is yet to be determined. Temporary camps will have to be established outside of the capital city.

The Guardian UK is reporting that this plan is backed up by Haitian president René Préval and the prime minister Jean Max Bellerive. The Guardian got this information from Yele president Hugh Locke.

At a press conference in New York yesterday, Wyclef Jean also defended his charitable organization, the Yele Haiti Foundation. There have been allegations that donations have been mismanaged. Jean has admitted that his organization “made mistakes.”

An audit by accountants is giving the Yele Haiti Foundation “a clean bill of health by an external auditor,” according to Wyclef Jean himself. His response to the accusations were convincing:

“I`m not the one that was reporting the news, I`m the one that was carrying dead bodies on the street. I`m the one that carried little girls to the morgue. And (when) they said, ‘The morgue don`t have room in here’…we carried bodies to the cemetery.” ( Jean admits his Haiti charity ‘made mistakes’-1/19/2010-photograph: Diane Bondareff/AP)

Crazy Heart has some great songs, like the “The Weary Kind”

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I saw Crazy Heart yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. Yea, it dragged in places but the songs playin` in the background were its saving grace. And Robert Duvall helped it along as Wayne Cramer (a floundering bar owner), a good friend of Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges), who`s pretty much washed-up himself. But Wayne provides needed moral backbone for the alcoholic, downwardly mobile country singer/songwriter.

T-Bone Burnett was the producer and composer of the music for Crazy Heart, which had several authentic-style, 1970s progressive country songs in it. The two that I can still remember are Fallin` and Flyin` and The Weary Kind. The Weary Kind (written by T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham), the theme song of the movie, won an award yesterday at The Golden Globes for Best Original Song. I don`t believe the soundtrack has been released yet (hope it comes out soon), but you can hear a bit of it on the trailer.

Okay, so the scene where Bad Blake sleeps with a whiskey bottle is a little over the top.  But the gig at the Bowling Alley was my favorite scene. And the scenes in Houston were nice too, maybe because I`m familiar with the city. The Bad Blake character is suppose to be a hybrid of some of our legends of the 1970s Outlaw Country scene. Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings are the two, I`ve heard, that were used as role models. The screenplay comes from a 1987 novel by Thomas Cobb. (sources-Wiki and my own viewing) *(photo of Jeff & Maggie is by Lorey Sebastian`s-AP)  P.S. I forgot to mention that Maggie Gyllenhaal (Jean Craddock) is fantastic as a music reporter and new love of Bad Blake.

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