Sean Penn Faces 18 Months in Jail

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The charges stem from an October confrontation the Oscar-winning actor had with a photographer outside the Brentwood Country Mart, during which he allegedly kicked the man and broke his camera.

Do you think the court should go easy on Sean since he has been helping and giving his time to the people of Haiti since the devastating earthquake in January?

Footage from Haiti

Champion Dog Sadie Opens Wall Street Trading

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“Sadie, the Scottish Terrier newly crowned as America’s top dog, opened trading on Wall Street Thursday by ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell.

The black-haired pooch is a celebrity following her triumph Tuesday as Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club contest in Manhattan.”
Celebrities and prominent individuals are chosen to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell, right now there’s no greater celebrity than Sadie.
The New York Stock Exchange is a preeminent symbol of American capitalism, it’s appropriate that Sadie was selected to ring the bill because she stands to profit greatly from her celebrity status. Already Sadie has made the rounds of the early morning talk shows, and soon she will be a pitchdog for pet-related products.
I hope we see more of Sadie the adorable Scottish Terrier on TV!
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Tom Wait`s “Glitter and Doom Live” is just the medicine for what ails you!

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We put up our tent on a dark Green Knoll, outside of town by the train tracks and a seagull dump. Topping the bill was Horse Face Ethel and ‘her marvelous pigs in satin.’
Circus-Tom Waits

Glitter and Doom Live was released on November 23rd, 2009. There are 17 live tracks by Tom Waits recorded in different cities, like Birmingham, Atlanta, Tulsa and then like Paris, France. Odd mixture. It`s made to sound like one live show. A second disc called TOM TALES, which I haven`t heard yet, is banter and showtime anecdotes. The dying words of Henry Ford or such…

I`ve picked up only fours cuts so far on itunes. Got: Get Behind the Mule (Tulsa), Live Circus (Jacksonville), Goin` Out West (Tulsa) and I`ll Shoot the Moon (Paris). Great harmonica solo on Mule! I`m forgettin` which all albums the cuts come from?…Long career. I`ll Shoot the Moon has a marvelous sax solo. On Circus Tom is like a carnival barker, which is an extinct class of artists nowadays…

Tom Waits puts you in a space déjà vu, days of old when America had a different face. Tom wanders across the railroad tracks (time and space travel), where the latter day malls are abandoned and hobos huddle `round fires on chilly nights and tell stories of lost glories, happy and sad, hopeless but surviving in the twilight of better times…Tip Little said if you are smart you ought to leave the bum, leave the bum… TGIF…sip that strong coffee. Meet ya at the tent…all are just a stonethrow from homelessness and unemployment…got get outta here!

German Olympic Luger Breaks Tooth Biting Silver Medal

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“Germany’s silver medallist in the Olympic luge David Moeller took an embarrassing trip to the dentist after breaking his front tooth biting into his prize, mass circulation daily Bild said Thursday.

A sheepish Moeller, 28, explained: ‘The photographers wanted us to bite into our medals at the presentation ceremony. And a corner of my front tooth broke off.'”
Moeller was on such a high after winning his silver medal that if the photographer had told him to eat his medal  he would have readily complied.
Moeller wasn’t seriously hurt and he claims he feels no pain from his injury, but I bet his pride hurts a little.
Olympics sacrifice a lot earn their medals, a lot of athletes would happily trade in their choppers for Olympic gold.
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“Satan Is Real”-Louvin Brothers` Gospel record cover an internet meme!

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“You don`t need to share the Louvin Brothers` spiritual beliefs to be moved by the grace, beauty and lack of pretension of this music: Satan Is Real is music crafted by true believers sharing their faith, and its power goes beyond Christian doctrine into something at once deeply personal and truly universal, and the result is the Louvin Brothers` masterpiece.” Mark Deming at Allmusic-(Wiki)

I came upon The Louvin Brothers by way of another project I`m working on. I won`t tell you what that project is, because I don`t want to spoil the pleasant surprise I have in store for you. Boy, I am curious about Satan Is Real, though? I haven`t heard even one note so far, and I already sense that this is an important record for the history of American music.

The Louvin Brothers are well known for their close harmonies. My Baby`s Gone is the only song of theirs that I have. This song reminds me of the Everly Brothers. No doubt, Satan Is Real is out of print. But Bear Family Records did reissue it in a box set, Close Harmony 8-CD. The album cover is most controversial, with a red horned devil (12-foot plywood statue) over the brothers (they are in a rock quarry pit with burning tires) bearing a pitchfork. Most striking!

What do think of this 1960 gospel record cover? Wouldn`t you like to own an original pristine edition? I would. The story of Ira and Charlie Louvin is a fascinating one too. They were very religious people, of the Baptist variety, but Ira had a drinking problem and a volatile temper. Ira was killed in a car crash on June 20th, 1965. Well, let`s get started on scrutinizing every available document or record we can find on these two icons of country music…

Tiger Woods Breaking His Silence on Friday

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Tiger Woods is finally ready to break his three months of silence by apologizing on Friday at 11 a.m. for a mere five minutes from the PGA’s headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

This is the first conference since crashing his SUV on Thanksgiving night.

What do you think this will accomplish? Will his fans forgive him?

Sean Jones performs at Sway Presents Black History Month

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Recording artist Sean Jones will be  singing at the WIDEawake LIBERTY STUDIOS inside the Liberty Market Building (171 East Liberty Street, Suite 310, Toronto, ON) on February 25 at 6pm.  There’ll be a $20 cover fee charge, which includes your subscription to Sway.

Join Sean Jones along with Divine Brown, Saidah Baba Talibah, Kim Davis, Dan Hill and DJ Frank Dukes & Hero for a night of music and performances to celebrate Black History Month and raise funds for Haiti.

For more about Sean Jones and his music, check out the websites below:

Italian TV Chef: Cat Meat A Delicacy To Be Savored

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“Italy marked ‘national cat day’ on Wednesday amid a storm of controversy over a television host’s insistence that feline meat is a ‘delicacy’ to be savoured.

Beppe Bigazzi, 77, was suspended Monday by Italian state television after he recommended ‘cat, kept three days in spring water’ on his popular lunchtime cooking programme.”
Bigazzi is either extremely evil or completely senile, in either case he should be put out to pasture. He should be sharing his recipes at an old folk’s home, not on national TV.
Bizazzi is a tough old bird, and he should be dropped  into a spring water well, and kept there for three weeks to tenderize his meat, and then he should be fed to hungry dogs.
Is there a branch of PETA in Italy?

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Bishop Of London Asks His Flock To Give Up iPods For Lent

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“Church leaders are encouraging people to give up their iPods for Lent, instead of more traditional vices such as chocolate, to help save the planet.

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and the Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, are among those calling for a carbon fast for Lent — a period ahead of Easter which Christians traditionally consider a time of penance and reflection — which begins on Wednesday.”
Most Christians might give up candy for Lent, but asking them to give up their beloved iPods is asking too much. The UK is a post-Christian society, and the few nominal Christians that are left are loathe to surrender their electronic toys.
I urge the few Christians left in England to give up religion for Lent, they will quickly discover that they can live without organized religion and lot easier than they can live without their iPods and computers.
The Bishop of London is a fool for asking such a great sacrifice from his flock.
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It`s FAT TUESDAY! Mardi Gras Commences Way Down in New Orleans!

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Today is Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras commences a hoy way down in New Orleans, with minor festivity outbursts joining in elsewhere around the country. Mardi Gras is mainly a Catholic week-long festival, with colorful parades, King Cake, beads galore, carnival rantings, and various other sundry Bacchus-oriented activities. I`ll let you take that where you will? Lent starts next Wednesday, that`s Ash Wednesday, so I believe the idea of Catholics is to squeeze in as much SIN as possible until the painful fasting must begin.

This is odd to me even today, and Catholicism is still mysterious to me, and especially in the form it assumes down in New Orleans. But I must accept it for what it is, and be happy in the way that corporeal life and spiritual life are carefully balanced, if not juggled, in its beliefs and traditions. An allowance for carnal pleasures only makes sense in light of extreme self-denial and sacrifice. The Medieval worship of Mother Mary in its myriad image too makes sense in this carefully constructed sin/denial dichotomy.

As far as music goes, best models can be found down in New Orleans with such greats as Professor Longhair, the Wild Magnolias and the Neville Brothers. One can only imagine some of the spontaneous outbursts of song and dance that must have erupted down in the French Quarter (over the past 100 years, say)? Too bad a tape recorder or camcorder was not turned on to capture the moment of magic. Now would someone pass me a slab of King Cake, please?

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