Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Flying off Shelves!

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Look, I`ve stopped in every shop I can think of to find a copy of Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. They were sold out of it everywhere I stopped, which includes Randles, Whole Foods and Book People, but I finally found it in stock at Waterloo Records. So far, I`ve only leisurely perused it. But now I`m starting to get serious about the entries and where they are placed in the cascading scale of the 500 primo ditties of all time.

I will not reveal, say the top twenty, because I don`t want to spoil it for you. I know you will want to pick up this Special Collectors Edition for yourself, so you can see if your taste jives with the cats over at The Stone. I`m sensing some congeniality for myself; this is a source of relief since I`ve been listening to Rock `N` Roll for some 50 years now.

I will, at least, mention three songs that caught my eye for unknown reasons. The Stone put Louie Louie by The Kingsmen at 54. This song was a staple for every garage band that ever formed in the USA. The lyrics are supposedly lewd, but undecipherable, even if you listen with primo Bose headphones. The FBI actually investigated the lyrics at one time. Another is 235, We Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals. This was a favorite of Vietnam soldiers who wanted to get the hell out of Dodge. Oh my goodness, Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones comes in at 495! Kinda low. That`s a bummer!

So pick up the mag for yourself, and let`s compare notes. Let`s see, did they get # 244 right? Yea, they did!

Three Stork Hatchlings Born At Chicago Zoo

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“For the first time in Lincoln Park Zoo’s 142-year history, European white storks have delivered their very own storks. The monogamous pair is tenderly caring for their three new hatchlings which hatched from their shells earlier this week. Not to be out done, the pair of rare Cinereous vultures that share the white storks habitat have also welcomed a newly hatched chick this week. They haven’t raised a chick since 2002.”

I guess storks are too busy delivering newborns to humans to take the time to breed and raise chicks.

The three new hatchlings are a big hit at the zoo — how about a stork cam so the whole world can enjoy watching the chicks grow up into beautiful birds?

Congratulations to the storks and the vultures! The baby vultures may be a tad ugly, but to their parents they are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

All of the hatchlings are doing well under the tender car of their parents. If only all humans cared for their children as well as the birds.

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“Whatchu talkin’ ’bout?” Gary Coleman Dead at 42

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Gary Coleman is Dead at 42. Coleman passed away of an Intracranial Hemorrhage that he suffered days ago. Reports say it was due to a fall that he had at his Utah home.

Coleman will be remembered as the TV Child Star that made everyone laugh.

Funeral arrangements are being made by his family.

Hip-Hop artist Crooked I’s First Solo Release

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CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): WIDEawake-Death Row Entertainment LLC announces Hip-Hop artist Crooked I’s first solo release Hood Star, which is set to hit shelves June 15. The record features 15 unreleased tracks with guest appearances by, Juvenile, Too Short, Sisqo, Danny Boy, Eastwood, Kurupt and Ray J, just to name a few.

When first signed to Death Row, Crooked I appeared on a number of compilations such as Too Gansta For Radio, Dysfunktional Family, Tha Dogg Pound’s 2002, and Tupac’s Nu Mixx Klazzics. He also took time out to work on soundtracks for the movies Ride and Caught Up collaborating with such artists as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz and The Luniz. In 2005, Crooked I created an Internet buzz for himself with “Boom Boom Clap,” with the video receiving almost 500,000 hits on YouTube. In 2007, he took a different approach to the game with the creation of his Hip-Hop weekly Internet series that got him voted the MC with “the best shot of taking over the game” and landed him on the cover of XXL magazine that fall.

Last year, Crooked I, along with MC’s Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Royce Da 5’9″ created the group Slaughterhouse and went out on a successful nationwide “Rock the Bells” tour last summer. Crooked I’s popularity has sustained over the years, with over 2.5 million MySpace views and 21,000 followers on Twitter an over 5,000 friends on Facebook, Crooked I has proved he is here to stay.

The force behind Crooked I’s Hood Star is his mentor, music producer Big Hutch — aka Cold 187um from the multi-platinum group Above The Law. Big Hutch was a producer at Death Row Records in the late 90s, overseeing projects such as 2Pac’s album Until The End Of Time. The multi-talented producer works with independent artists: helping them find their place in today’s Hip- Hop community.

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Sound Strike-A coalition of musicians ban Arizona for SB 1070!

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“Fans of our music, our stories, our films and our words can be pulled over and harassed every day because they are brown or black, or for the way they speak, or for the music they listen to. Some of us grew up dealing with racial profiling, but this law (SB 1070) takes it to a whole new low.” Zach de la Rocha-Rage Against the Machine.

A new organization, a confederation of music groups, has formed, Sound Strike, to boycott all performances in Arizona, and rally against Arizona`s new anti-immigration law (SB 1070). Others who join Zach de la Rocha in this cause include: Massive Attack, Kenye West, Conor Oberst, Sonic Youth and Joe Satriani.

Especially, Spanish-speaking artists are rallying against this new Draconian Law, that obviously encourages racial profiling. Reggaetón artists Los Tigres del Norte were shocked by the chilly climate there, when they arrived at an Az airport. I have a feeling many others will join Sound Strike in a effort to have this Un-American Law repealed. Is Arizona still a state in the U.S. of A.? (Source-The New York Times-Performers to Stay Away From Arizona in Protest of Law by Larry Rohter-May 27, 2010) *Interesting video-Students arrested at Az State Capitol opposing SB 1070.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”-Bret Michaels Surprise Appearance on ‘Idol’!

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Bret Michaels made a surprise guest appearance on American Idol last night, joining Casey James to sing his Poison hit, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Bret hadn`t even told his doctor of his musical rendezvous on Idol. As you know, Bret has been hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage for a month and a half, but made a miraculous recovery. However, he was re-hospitalized last week for a stroke. I heard also, that he has a hole in his heart.

Not that other important things weren`t happening on American Idol last night. FAR be from it, Lee DeWyze won with his rendition of U2`s Beautiful Day. Although, it seems like more people were rooting for Crystal Bowesox, and most assuredly women. Okay, don`t forget that this was Simon Cowell`s last show, and boy, it sure was good to see Paula Abdul again. I only saw the highlights on the news this morning, but I sense that Idol is cooked!

I sure hope Bret Michaels can start playing his music again, but I have my doubts? Better try to be optimistic. I don`t have any Poison albums, not so much as a single. What`s their best album?

Dude Fined For Unsupervised Snake In Hotel

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“An Iowa court fined a man $65 for allowing his pet snake, a bull python, to wander the halls of the Holiday Inn.

Michael Salo, 25, was fined Tuesday in a Mason City magistrate court under the city’s animal control ordinance for letting the 5-year-old snake slither around the hallways of the hotel without supervision while Salo was staying at the hotel May 1, The (Mason City) Globe Gazette reported Wednesday.”
The snake lover was fined for letting a bull python slither around the hallways of the hotel without supervision. The implication being that it would have been OK if Salo had been supervising the snake. How do you supervise a snake? Do you put him on a leash, and politely ask him not to harm any of the hotel guests?
How was this dude able to sneak a snake into the Holiday Inn? The Holiday Inn isn’t exactly the Ritz, but come on!
The python could have harmed a guest, or at least scared the Bejesus out of him. I’ll be surprised if a guest doesn’t sue the Holiday Inn.
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Bank Robbers Destroy Bank, But Fail To Get Cash

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“Would-be robbers in Germany had to flee empty handed after blowing up everything in a bank except for where the money was, police said on Wednesday.
Photos in German media showed  a scene of devastation in the northeastern village of Malliss, with the bank reduced to a pile of rubble and its roof completely obliterated. Amid the wreckage, only the cash machine could be seen intact.”
Apparently the explosion was bigger than the robbers expected, and they weren’t able to get to the cash machine or the money. Several buildings and vehicles in the vicinity of the bank were damaged.
These clowns don’t have much of a future as bank robbers or demolitions experts, I’d suggest they try something a bit easier, like stealing candy from a baby.
The robbers were able to escape, but they weren’t able to take any money with them.
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Thieves Steal 13 Tons Of Caviar

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“Armed robbers hijacked a lorry carrying 13 tonnes of red caviar in Saint Petersburg, local police said Tuesday.

The criminals tied up the guard and driver and dumped them in a city suburb before making their getaway on Monday, a police spokesman in the city’s Moskovsky district told AFP.
Red caviar, which is the eggs of various types of salmon, is much cheaper than black sturgeon caviar and is a popular delicacy in Russia.”
Russians love vodka and caviar, but caviar is very expensive, and that’s why you will see many homeless in Moscow drinking vodka, and not a single one will be nibbling on caviar.
Expensive as caviar may be, it’s hard to imagine five armed men hijacking a truck containing fish eggs. It wasn’t even  premier black sturgeon caviar, but the much cheaper red caviar that the thieves stole.
Maybe when the thieves realize that it was the cheap stuff that they stole, they will get drunk on vodka.
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Next President Of The Philippines Refuses To Quit Smoking

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“Senator Benigno Aquino, set to become the Philippines’ next president, said Monday he is not ready to quit smoking yet because it could affect his decision making.
Aquino, who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, said there were more pressing political, social and economic issues to be addressed than his smoking habit.”
I applaud Aquino for not pandering to the masses, I’m sure he will quit smoking when he is good and ready. Aquino doesn’t need the stress of trying to quit smoking as he takes on the awesome responsibilities of the presidency of the Philippines.
President Obama is the Leader of the Free World, and needless to say he has the most stressful job in the world. I urge Obama not to cut back on his smoking, he needs a release from his stressful job. I hope his wife is counseling him to smoke like a chimney, and hopefully she is also urging him to smoke a joint.
Obama’s smoking addiction is insignificant compared to the problems that are facing him. Dude, smoke your cares away!

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