Two Dudes Get Bitten At Dog Park, By A Man

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“Police in New City, N.Y., are investigating a report that a dog owner was bitten at Kennedy Dells dog park Sunday night.
Hardly unusual, except that authorities say that the victim was apparently bitten by another dog owner following an argument, The Journal News reports.
Rockland County Sheriffs Capt. William Barbera says a third man then tried to break up the brawl and one of the combatants bit him on the wrist, the Associated Press reports.”
Dog bites man, not a story. Man bites dog, could be story. Two men get bitten at a dog park, by another man — definitely a story.
The fun started when one of the men took exception to the way another dog was roughhousing with his pooch. But at least the canines had enough sense not to bite each other.
Unfortunately, these two bozos couldn’t resolve a conflict without resorting to violence. As far as I’m concerned the men, including the idiot who tried to break up the fight, should be thrown into the dog pound.
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Mick Jagger`s Guest Appearance on Larry King-Good Chemistry!

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Well, did you see Mick Jagger on Larry King Live last night? I hope so, I sure did, and I recorded it too. Mick was promoting the re-release of Exile On Main Street, which was first issued in May of 1972. Many people, who claim to be in the know about Rock `N` Roll, consider this to be The Stones best effort for their entire career. The double LP has already made it to # 1 in the UK. We`ll see how it does here in the U.S.?

Jagger reminisced about many things with Larry; the legalization of drugs, whether he`s a perfectionist, the making of Exile, influences (didn`t know Buddy Holly was big with Mick),  reviews of their records and the refurbishing of 10 new tracks for this reissue.  In addition,  he waxed a tidbit about the creative process itself, the writing and recording of a Stones song. The DVD documentary, Stones In Exile, will come out in June. I look forward to that, it`s mainly footage of The Stones in South France. That`ll work!

Please be sure to read my review of Exile On Main Street. I got a little carried away, putting The Stones in the stratosphere with Beethoven, Mozart and J.S. Bach. But with regard to R & R, they deserve these levels of adulation. Post me a comment about what role Exile should play in the History of Rock `N` Roll? Enough of this dinosaur nostalgia for the time being…

Robert Frank`s Amazing Super Eight Film of The Rolling Stones!

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I`m flipping out over this amazing marketing ploy by The Rolling Stones for the remastered Exile On Main Street. If you can figure it out, let me know? I purchased just the new 10 song release yesterday. The Exile Project comes in 5 separate types of packages: 1.just the new 10 songs on CD. 2. An original 2 LP 18 track album on vinyl (I want this one). 3. 2 CD remasterd original. 4. The 2 CD deluxe addition + 10 bonus tracks. 5. A super deluxe package with the 30 minute documentary DVD, 2 CDs + 2 LPs + bonus tracks + 92 page collector`s book. The last one is for filthy rich Stones` fans!

I found something for free this morning, which I`ll share with you. Most of us are familiar with Robert Franks ‘Beat Photography’ and his book, The Americans. Robert filmed The Stones in 1971 in Super Eight, and the results are the coolest thing I`ve ever seen! Just an observation from watching this funky little film, but that`s the longest I`ve ever seen Mick`s hair.

Do you see the connection between what Franks is trying to do, and what The Stones are doing on Exile? Amazing, worth some examination. “Baby, get it straight, call me the tumbling dice. you got roll me repeat and fade.” IT`S MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON AWC!

Nude Dude: God Told Me To Walk Streets Naked

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“THIBODAUX, LA  A man was arrested early Thursday morning after police responded to a complaint and found him walking down the street completely naked.
According to the Thibodaux Police Department, Shafiq Mohamed was charged with obscenity after they saw him walking in the 2200 block of Audubon Avenue without any clothes on just before 2 a.m.
Officers said Mohamed told them ‘America raped him’ and added ‘God told him to walk the streets naked to save his soul.”
I think it was Satan, and not God who instructed Mohamed to walk in the streets naked. Thibodaux isn’t a city renowned for its evil ways, and the Almighty has no reason to punish the city by subjecting the citizens to the spectacle of a naked Mohamed.
Why doesn’t God or the devil ever command a hot lady to walk the streets naked? Why is it always the last person in the world we want to see naked who receives such instructions?
If Mohamed feels that America raped him why doesn’t he return to whatever Muslim country he came from? If he tried that naked stunt in any Islamic country, he would be severely punished.
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Ninja Posse Foils Mugging

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“Three Australian muggers who struck near a martial arts school got the fright of their lives when five black-clad ninjas foiled their attack.

The trio, who were beating and kicking a trainee medic from Germany, fled in panic when the student ninjas aged 18 to 47 raced out of the nearby hall where they had been training.
‘They all just froze,’ said Kaylan Soto, 42, who was training the students. ‘Then they just took off. I’ve never seen guys running that fast. They should have been in the Olympics.'”
Muggers are cowards, they prey on the weak and vulnerable. The three Australian muggers thought the odds were in their favor when they were beating a man, but suddenly five black-clad ninjas came to the rescue of the victim.
The cowardly muggers froze, and then they fled like frightened schoolgirls. Two of the muggers have been arrested, and the police have released a photograph of the third.
The victim should enroll in the martial arts school, and if he’s mugged again maybe he would need the help of a posse of ninjas.
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Why is “Exile On Main Street” so important for the History of Rock?

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A reissue of Exile on Main Street just happened on May 18th. What is often considered to be The Rolling Stones` greatest masterpiece, includes 10 unreleased tracks. The 1972 double record seems to contain all the ingredients that add up to The Stones` sound: rock, boogie, soul, gospel and blues. Most of it was written and recorded in the south of France, when The Stones were attempting to dodge the high taxes of England.

I`ve always said this was their consummate expression of everything they had learned in these various genres, and especially in rock. A documentary accompanies this reissue, but God knows when it will come to Austin? I don`t have the reissue yet, but will pick it up next pay day. Exile could take the # 1 position on the Billboard 200; we`ll check out the charts on Monday!

Take your pick for the best tracks? All are great. I like Tumbling Dice, Sweet Virginia and All Down the Line, but don`t single out any one song, just let the entire project rip on your record player, don`t interfere. I love the piano work of the late great Nicky Hopkins and the saxophone blasts of Bobby Keyes. The cover is one of the snazziest too-a freak-show-pic-collage. This is an important record for the History of Rock. Why do you think this so?  *(source-The Wall Street Journal-The Rolling Stones Return to ‘Exile,’ by Jim Fusilli.)

Rocker Falls Ill After Taking Viagra

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“Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz told a German newspaper on Friday he fell ill after taking too many Viagra tablets and could not see straight for days.
Kaulitz, 20, told Bild newspaper that someone offered him a Viagra tablet during a concert tour of Asia. After first turning down the offer, Kaulitz said he decided to try one. He said a little later he took a second one and fell ill.
‘I first asked the seller ‘Do I look like someone who needs help with that?’ said Kaulitz, whose brother Bill is the group’s lead singer. ‘He said ‘no’ — but that I should nevertheless try it out. I popped one in.”
Could it be that Tom Kaulitz is so hard up for publicity that he made up this story? I’ve had people try to sell me weed, ecstasy and LSD at concerts, but I’ve never seen anyone peddling Viagra.
The crazy guitarist popped several pills, only an idiot or a playboy like Tiger Woods would OD on Viagra.
I long for the halcyon days when rock stars used to OD on LSD and Heroin, now we have wankers taking too many Viagra pills.
Kaulitz said it took two days for the effects of the pills to wear off. (insert your own joke.)

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Women Chase Wendy’s Clerk With Stun Gun

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“Two women were arrested early Monday evening after police say they threatened workers at a Volusia County fast food restaurant with a stun gun. It happened in the drive-through window at Wendy’s in the Daytona.”
What made these two women go postal at Wendy’s? Did the cashier refuse to serve them, or did she  hurl racial epithets at them?
No!  These two violence-prone idiots went bonkers because they didn’t get the mustard and mayonnaise packets they requested with their order.
I can understand attacking a fast food clerk if he hands you a taco instead of your beloved chalupa, but attacking a fast food employee because she forgot to give you packets of mustard makes no sense.
The two idiots were charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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The Time to Focus on Moby Grape is Now!

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Well, the time has come to take a serious look at the unusual San Francisco band, Moby Grape. Their early records are currently out of print, so you will have to dig around for an in tact copy of say, their first release, Moby Grape, that first hit the market in June of 1967. I have Listen My Friends, which has cuts from their first three records. I don`t know if it`s a best of, but yes, it`s a good introduction, in any case.

Another thing that needs to be done, is to take a closer look at just what happened to this band after they first formed, and especially, what happened to the individual members of the band. Such bad karma or circumstance as it was, is incomprehensible. Victims of the volatile social climate of the late 1960s? Yes, perhaps its so. Skip Spence`s story is the scariest of all. And poor bassist, Bob Mosely, became a street person living in a cardboard box.

Moby Grape`s story should be produced as a Movie-Made-for-TV. But it seems that era is largely gone. Although it has fantastic visual and obviously, aural qualities and potential. Perhaps the late great Aaron Spelling would have been an ideal producer for it. In the meantime, I will try to track down some original copies of  Moby Grape albums. I suspect a mint condition copy of the first record would fetch a pretty penny…

Waitress Fired For Complaining About Tip On Facebook

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“Ashley Johnson got a crappy $5 tip from a couple who sat around in Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina, for three entire hours, forcing their waitress to stay an hour late. As we all occasionally do, Johnson vented to Facebook. ‘Thanks for eating at Brixx,’ she wrote, ‘you cheap piece of sh** camper.'”

Johnson was fired two days after her intemperate post, and I hope someone in Charlotte, North Carolina will offer her a job.

I empathize with Ashley, I used to work at a small family-owned department store, and this old lady used to come in about five minutes before closing time every Friday, forcing me to stay late. This was before the advent of the Internet, or I would have talked smack about her on Facebook.

The owner of Brixx Pizza should have given Ashley a second chance. Anybody who has dined at Brixx Pizza, and wasn’t satisfied should vent on Facebook.

If anybody knows the couple who gave the hard-working waitress such a measly tip, please expose them on Facebook.

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