Chihuahua Died Saving Kids From Pit Bulls

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“A Northern California woman says her Chihuahua died protecting her children from two pit bulls that got into her apartment.

Mayda Estrella, of Richmond, says the family’s Chihuahua, named Manchas, jumped in between the canine invaders and her 4-year-old son Sunday. A pit bull grabbed Manchas with its jaws and carried the Chihuahua away.”
I take my dogs, a Pit Bull/German Shepherd and a Chow/Lab walking every day, and it’s not uncommon for a Chihuahua or another small dog, to come running up to my dog and barking its little head off.
It’s not difficult for me to believe that Manchas stood up to the two pit bulls. The 4-year-old child wasn’t harmed, but Manchas was killed by the Pit Bulls.
Lessons to be learned:
Pet owners need to keep a close eye on their animals, and nobody should ever leave the front door to his home open.

British Beauty Queen Stripped Of Title For Lying

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“A British beauty queen has been stripped of her title after pageant organisers discovered she lied about her age and place of residence on the application form for the contest.

Hopefuls must be between the ages of 15 and 24 to participate in the Miss Cornwall pageant and 27-year-old English teacher Anness claimed to be 22 on all the entry forms she submitted between 2006 and 2010, British papers reported.
Anness apologised for the incident, explaining that she had lied about her age to follow her dream.”
This wasn’t a “little white lie”, it was a whopper. By claiming that she was 22, Anness stole the tiara from the first runner-up.
To follow her dream, Anness turned the first runner-up’s dream into a nightmare.
We can’t fulfill all of our dreams, there comes a time when we need to let go of our dreams, and imagine new ones.
Runner-up Samantha Jane Orpe will take her title and compete in the Miss England final.
Shame on Anness, and congratulations to Orpe.
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Bikini-Clad Babe On Australia’s Uluru Angers Aborigines

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“A woman who performed a striptease on top of Australia’s giant red rock Uluru on Sunday prompted a renewed call for people to be banned from climbing the important indigenous site, a report said.

Alizee Sery, 25, stripped down to a white bikini after climbing the central Australian monolith, formerly known as Ayers Rock, in what she described as a tribute to Aboriginal culture.

‘I am aware that Uluru is sacred in their culture. My project is a tribute to the greatness of the Rock,’ she told the Sunday Territorian.

‘What we need to remember is that traditionally, the Aboriginal people were living naked. So stripping down was a return to what it was like.’


If Alizee was old, ugly, and fat, stripping down to a bikini might be interpreted as an insult to Aboriginal culture, but she’s sizzling hot.

I wish Alizee would strip down to a thong in Times Square as a tribute to American culture.

A beautiful bikini-clad woman on top of a majestic rock is a sight that should be revered by everyone, including Aborigines

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“I expect you to die, Bond!”-Goldfinger, the Man with the Midas Touch!

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Well, on Sunday I picked up a pristine VHS copy of Goldfinger at Cheapos. It was just $3.95 and the quality is perfect. So many things are classic about this film, but FAB-BEST for me are the Shirley Bassey theme song and the ‘golden girl’ over there on the right. The actress that got painted with gold paint was Shirley Eaton playing Jill Masterson, an assistant to Mister Goldfinger.

At the time (December 1964) of the James Bond Spy Thriller`s release, there were rumors that the actress (Shirley Eaton) had actually died when painted gold. This wasn`t true, but that was going around my elementary school. The music and the theme were written by John Barry. The silver Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery buzzes around in is way up there in contention with other screen-grabbers, such as OddJob (Harold Sakata), Miss Moneypenny (Lois Blackwell) or Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman).

Yes, Goldfinger is my favorite James Bond film with Thunderball as a strong contender. The two themes are the greatest also. Fantasies of all that gold bullion from Fort Knox helps a lot too! *(source-Wikipedia, memories, and the VHS box cover.)

Anthology: Diana Ross and the Supremes”Someday We`ll Be Together”

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I picked up another treasure over at Cheapos yesterday. It`s a 1974 vinyl edition of Diana Ross and The Supremes on Motown Records. It`s an Anthology, you see. Boy, it`s been a long time since I have seen that Motown logo! And if you`ll excuse me, I`m so old I still call them The Supremes. Pardon me again, I just went over to my turntable and flipped the platter over to side 6. First tune is I`m Gonna Make You Love Me, from 1968 with The Temptations.

That`s right, three long-playing platters are included in this Anthology. I can`t think of any hits that have been omitted. To get the full effect I just watched Baby Love on YouTube, which must be from around 1964, The beehive hairdos and light, finger-snapping dance steps really do the job. My favorite Supremes song? Oddly enough it`s Reflections from 1967. Holland-Dozier-Holland wrote most of their hits.

Is Love Child a real story?

Convict Kills Cellmate And Eats His Lung

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“A French convict who killed his cellmate and ate his lung was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday.

Nicolas Cocaign and Thierry Baudry had a fight when Cocaign asked Baudry to wash his hands after he had used the toilet during the night of January 2, 2007. Cocaign strangled Baudry and cut open his chest with a razor blade.
Thinking it was the heart, Cocaign then ripped out a piece of Baudry’s lung and ate part of it raw before cooking the rest.”
The French are wimps, even their judicial system is a joke. A convict kills his cellmate, eats his lung, and declares that he enjoyed committing the gruesome crime, and he gets only 30 years?
Cocaign has a shaved head and his face is covered with tattoos. If someone who looked that intimidating asked me to wash my hands, I would wash my  hands until they bled.
I hope Cocaign’s next cellmate is a neat freak.

Aaron Copland`s Symphony No. 3 and The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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My favorite documentary of all time is The Men Who Killed Kennedy, produced by Nigel Turner. The History Channel no longer airs it, because of the controversial last episode, first aired in 2003, The Guilty Men. Fortunately, I have recorded the first six parts, but do not have prints of last three parts. However, you can view these rare gems on YouTube. Luckily, consummate censorship has not yet prevailed with this nine part documentary.

If you haven`t already viewed The Men Who Killed Kennedy, I know you will have to, and will want to give it a thorough viewing. Let me list the nine parts for you so you will see what is in store for you. 1. The Coup D`Etat (1988), 2. The Forces of Darkness (1988), 3. The Patsy (1991), 4. The Witnesses (1991), 5. The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), 6. The Smoking Guns (2003), 7. The Love Affair (2003), 8. The Love Affair (2003), and the most controversial of all, 9. The Guilty Men (2003).

The music chosen for the documentary couldn`t be any more of a perfect fit. It`s the Symphony No. 3 by Aaron Copland, composed at the end of WWII. Only the main theme from this work is played. This theme peaks its head in the 5th movement, the Molto deliberato. I find the theme tends to evoke courage and American patriotism, such as was required by the many Brave Americans who were willing to stand up and expose the conspiracy. Penn Jones, Jr. is a good example of such a courageous American.

Driver Strikes Elk, Carves Portion Of Meat From Injured Animal

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“A Swedish driver who struck an elk, expertly but illegally carved a portion of meat from the animal that may not yet have been dead, officials said.

The driver was in violation of a law requiring motorists who, when they’ve collided with game, must tell police, who in turn inform a local hunter responsible for tracking down the animal to end its suffering, The Local reported Wednesday.
“To violate game in this way in unprecedented. I am lost for words,” said Mikael Lundin, a hunter who tracks down injured animals. “This is a case of very low moral fiber, of butchery and pure theft.”
When you strike a deer or an elk the legal and ethically correct thing to do is to notify the authorities so they can put the poor creature out of his misery.
This monster not only failed to call the police, but he carved a portion of meat from the injured animal. Words fail to convey the magnitude of this man’s evil nature.
If this man is caught he should be prosecuted for theft, and animal cruelty. If anybody observed this man’s crime I hope they notify the police, this guy needs to pay for his crime.

Naked Cowboy Files Lawsuit on Naked Cowgirl for Purloinment!

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Reporting of the Naked Cowboy (Robert Burck) lawsuit of Naked Cowgirl clearly betrays a dearth of news by way of music. Naked Cowboy says that this imitating chick minstrel is breaking his franchise agreement, in the way she mimics his dress and in his MO, the strolling of the streets of NYC with entertaining urban canticles.

Mike Galanos from Prime News interviewed Naked Cowboy yesterday, so I`ll link his story here. I prefer the footage where Naked Cowboy and Naked Cowgirl partner in song. Maybe he should drop the frivolous lawsuit and ask her to join his canny (corny) franchise. Do you join me in this belief?

Dudes Shoot Each Other In Buttocks To See If It Hurts

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“Two Australian men needed surgery after shooting each other in the buttocks during a drinking session to see if it would hurt, police said on Wednesday.
The men, both aged 34, used an air rifle to fire at each other on Sunday. By Tuesday, both were in hospital to have pellets removed from their buttocks and legs.
‘The men were sharing a few beers on Sunday evening when they thought it would be interesting to see if they shot one another with an air rifle, if it would penetrate their skin or it would hurt,’ a police spokesman said.”
If these idiots were sober it would never enter their minds to shoot each other with air rifles to see it the pellets would penetrate their skin. But alcohol lowers inhibitions and IQ, and folks do stupid and dangerous things when they are under the influence.
The jackasses didn’t feel too much pain when they shot each other, but when they sobered up they cried like schoolgirls and went to the hospital.
If you think you have a brilliant idea, take stock of yourself, if there are a dozen empty beer cans around you, chances are it’s not a good idea.

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