Garage Anthem “Wild Thing” Hits # One Today-July 30, 1966!

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What I wouldn`t do to get my hands on one of those MOD Pinstripe-Suits that The Troggs are wearing in their video for Wild Thing. Those relics remain in mostly forgotten Fashion Museums, exclusively these days. Did you know that today marks the day that Wild Thing reached # 1 on the Pop Charts? But my good friend, that was July 30, 1966. After Wild Thing everything CHANGED! How could one simplistic pop song completely alter the very fabric of history?

The Garage Anthem had an impact on our youth that catapulted every local yokel in the neighborhood to pick up a cheap Japanese electric guitar, hook it up to a cheap Sears Robuck Amplifier, then to memorize (lyrics and chording) Wild Thing to (use as a tool) to woo the kids in the neighborhood. This is how I got my start in the music business.

Before I forget, a couple of important details about Wild Thing should be noted. The composer was Chip Taylor, the brother to Jon Voight and the uncle of Angelina Jolie. The other (Wild) thing is that the song had a tremendous influence on our Punk Rock icons. Amongst those who derived inspiration from Wild Thing are: The Ramones, Iggy Pop and the Buzzcocks.

Let us not forget Jimi Hendrix`s version from Monterey Pop. This is probably the most memorable cover of the Garagie Anthem, that will not ever go away. One last thing that I don`t want to omit, is THE TROGG TAPES, which is a bootleg tape of a BAND ROW from 1972 that is the source of inspiration for Spinal Tap. I`ve never even heard the tape, and will seek it out as keepsake of Rock History! TGIF

Flying Pasties For Airport Full-Body Scans

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“A Web site based in Las Vegas is selling stick-on ‘Flying Pasties’ to shy airline travelers fearful of full-body scanners. said the products come in a ‘male bottom’ and a three-piece female set designed to conceal the private parts of the wearers from full-body scanners at airports, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Thursday.

However, Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said anything the scanners identify as ‘an anomaly’ results in additional screening, including possible full-body pat downs.”


Ten bucks is a small price for a man to pay to protect his manhood for becoming an object or fascination or ridicule.

It seems unfair that the three-piece female set goes for 17 bucks, women should file a discrimination suit against

I no longer travel by airplane, it’s too much of a hassle. Thank goodness that I’m not forced to wear pasties when I travel by train, at least not yet.

Holy Bird Crap! Canopy To Be Erected To Catch Pigeon Poop!

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“Community leaders in Kansas City, Mo., say they will suspend a fabric canopy under a highway to catch pigeon waste to try to keep a sidewalk clean.”

There must be a better solution to this vexing problem, having a fabric canopy chock full of pigeons droppings over a sidewalk is like having the Sword of Damocles over your head.
This is a case of the solution being worse than the problem. It is unsanitary and disgusting to have a fabric canopy of bird dung hanging under a highway.
“The proposed canopy would be illuminated at night for safety and artistic effect.”
Hello!! There is nothing even remotely artistic about a  canopy full of bird crap.

The Tonight Show As A Talk Show Format Premieres On July 29, 1957

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On this very night of July 29th, but way back in 1957, The Tonight Show was broadcast on NBC, with Jack Paar as host. This would be in the talk show format that we are familiar with. Johnny Carson went on to perfect and refine this format. Jack Paar  hosted The Tonight Show from 1957-1962. Johnny Carson hosted it from 1962 to 1992. I think most of us saw the very last show, May 22, 1992. You can still see it on YouTube.

It must be noted that it was Steve Allen who premiered The Tonight Show on September 27, 1954. This earlier version of the show, however, was more strictly an entertainment format. When Jack Paar took over it became a more serious talk show, with guests such as Peter Ustinov and a regular, conservative intellectual, William F. Buckley, Jr.

My main memories are of Johnny Carson and all of his outlandish characters, such as Art Fern, Floyd R. Turbo, Aunt Blabby and of course Carnac The Magnificent. If it weren`t for The Tonight Show I wouldn`t have been able to have a proper conversation with my Dad when I was growing up. Dad could laugh while we were watching the show and pontificate some important life lessons, most of which I tried to learn.

I`ll link for you some Classic Carson, when Dean Martin and Bob Hope were on some time in 1969. That pic is Johnny from that show with Deano and Bob. Look to see if you think Dean is really intoxicated or is merely acting the role. He`s certainly got his image down. We owe a lot to these early forefathers of late night TV. Jay, Conan and David carry on the tradition.

Dude Sends Nude Pic Of Himself To Girlfriend’s Mom By Mistake

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” Wisconsin police said an 18-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct when a nude photo intended for his girlfriend instead wound up on her mom’s cellphone.
Police said the 18-year-old Glendale man, whose name was not released, sent the nude picture of himself to his 17-year-old Brookfield girlfriend’s cellphone, apparently unaware that she shares the phone with her mother.”
This dude has made a real di** of himself by exposing his shortcomings to his girlfriend’s mother. 
I hope that the mom posted the pic on the Internet, so that the young ladies in his town will know why his nickname should be “Pee Wee.”
The creep should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor instead of just receiving a citation for disorderly conduct.

Chicken Race Held In Parking Lot Of Detroit Bar

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“Organizers of ‘Detroit’s First Ever Chicken Race’ said 17 fleet-footed fowl raced through a lot behind a bar to draw attention to urban farming.
Karthik Kavasseri, 23, organizer of the event, said nearly 200 fans came out for the Sunday event behind the Temple Bar to watch the race, listen to live music and raise awareness of urban farming, The Detroit News reported.”
Detroit is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, and it’s unfit for human beings, never mind chickens. The Motor City is a lost cause, and any effort to revitalize Detroit is destined to fail.
The chickens weren’t trying to find the finish line, they were desperately trying to get the hell out of Dodge. It’s nothing short of cruelty to animals to raise them in Detroit.
The Chicken Race didn’t raise awareness of urban farming, it was simply an excuse for folks to get plastered and temporarily forget that they live in a godforsaken city.

“Praise and Blame” Is Tom Jones` Take On The American Songbook

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Tom Jones` new gospel/soul album, Praise & Blame, is out today! Tom is 70, but his voice is still in tact. My take is it`s even better now; deeper, more smoky, resonating with hurt and experience. One good example is Tom`s rendition of Nobody`s Fault But Mine. The backing tracks are minimal, with drums, bass and guitar only. This leaves room for Tom to belt out the blues unimpeded. This is fantastic! It`s grassroots blues with a song originally done by Blind Willie Johnson in the late 1920s.

This is surprising, coming from a British singer whose reputation is forged from the mold of a torch/lounge singer. Ain`t No Grave was the title of Johnny Cash`s last album. Tom covers the song written by Claude Ely with gutsy gusto. Some of the songs are early rhythm and blues numbers, such as Run On. Run On was covered by Johnny Cash on his last album (before he died) and was done by Odetta in 1956.

The first track is a Bob Dylan song, What Good Am I? What Good Am I comes from Oh Mercy from 1989. Lord Help is more Chicago electric blues. After all is said and done, Did Trouble Me will probably be the hit on this Tom Jones` milestone of a record. Did Trouble Me was written by Susan Werner and could be categorized as Gospel.

I think you will be absolutely blown away by Praise & Blame! I believe it will be a big hit, especially here in the States. Tom can embrace Americana with a surprising sympathy and understanding for the American Experience. Especially considering that he is a Brit.

Dude Survives Fall From 16th Floor Balcony

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“A 15-year-old New Zealand boy has survived with minor injuries after falling 16-storeys from the balcony of his family’s apartment onto a concrete floor, New Zealand media reported on Monday.

The teenager was described as in a stable condition in an Auckland hospital with a broken wrist, broken rib, gashed leg and internal injuries, the New Zealand Herald reported.
If I trip over my coffee table, I will probably end up in critical condition. But young people are a lot more resilient, and they sometimes survive incredible injuries.
A lady who works in the same building as the hapless youth exclaimed:God must have been with him. He’s got an angel looking after him. If God cares about me, I hope he hasn’t assigned a clueless angel to watch over me. If I fell and broke my wrist, a rib and suffered internal injuries, I would be cursing my Guardian Angel.
I’m sure the boy isn’t thinking “I’m glad God was looking after me”, as he winces in pain on a hospital bed.

The Kids Are All Right-Great Movie, Great Soundtrack!

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I saw The Kids Are All Right on Saturday. I didn`t expect too much, but was pleasantly surprised by the movie`s depth in dealing with dodgy issues, such as lesbianism, the nuclear family or lack of it, as well as the simple issue of preparing a child for college life. One thing that I immediately noticed was just how good the soundtrack was. Lots of instrumental guitar work against footage of an organic farmer, Mark Ruffalo, filling a basket of fresh fruit and self-grown vegetables.

One scene in the movie has Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo making a connection on their mutual love of Joni Mitchell album Blue. All I Want is included on the soundtrack. Galatea`s Guitar by Gabor Szabo is, I believe, the track I was thinking of that provides the wonderful ambience of a California organic farm, where many of the scenes are shot.

You will need to see The Kids Are All Right, there is so much going right in here. Lisa Cholodenko directed it and wrote the screenplay, which really works in every sense. And please be sure to check out the kids in the movie, Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson, they really make it happen! Search your storage facilities, too, for your old Joni Mitchell album Blue, a classic worth revisiting.

Milkshakes Are For Drinking, Not For Hurling At Cars

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“The husband of a Connecticut woman ticketed for allegedly throwing a milkshake into another car said he thinks the other driver should also have been ticketed.

Carlos Vega of Portland said he was riding in the Chevrolet Suburban while his wife, Yajira, was driving Tuesday and she threw a milkshake into the window of a car that cut her off in traffic, the Hartford Courant reported Thursday.
The woman driver was issued a ticket for throwing abject at a motor vehicle. A milkshake may not have done any damage to the car, but the other driver could  have swerved to avoid the milkshake and caused an accident.
Carlos Vega is sticking up for his violent wife because he feels it’s the manly thing to do, but the fact is that his spouse should have been thrown in the slammer for her act of road rage.
The other driver denied cutting off the evil woman, and he wasn’t ticketed.
All’s well that ends well.

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