“A World Without Love,” an Early Message of `60s Thing, PEACE AND LOVE!

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My current favorite song is A World Without Love. It`s a Lennon/McCartney composition, but was not deemed worthy enough to be included in The Beatles recorded repertoire. Actually, it was written by Paul exclusively and may have been conceived of even before The Beatles formed. Paul gave it to Peter and Gordon, who recorded it in January of 1964. It was released in February 28, 1964 and made it to Number One in England in April.

It made Number One in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in June of 1964. Only two Lennon/McCartney compositions, recorded by artists other than The Beatles, made it to Number One-they are, of course, Peter and Gordon`s A World Without Love and Elton John`s version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Fab Four fans might recall that, at the time, Paul was dating actress Jane Asher, sister to Peter Asher.

John Lennon use to get a kick out of the opening line, “Please lock me away.” Lindsay Lohan might be able to gain meaning from this whimsical line also. I love the chorus line “I don`t care what they say, I won`t stay in a world without love.” This is a sophisticated MESSAGE of LOVE very early on in the 1960s before the whole PEACE & LOVE thing took off or was even thought of. Paul was ahead of his times.

It still speaks to us today; give it a whirl! You can pick it up on itunes. If all of us would insist on making our world one filled with LOVE, then maybe we could stop all these wars. The person in the song is lonely because he/she has principles and simply insists on a peaceful, loving world. “Don`t allow the day,” that is, make your Friday A World Filled With Love*P.S. I LOVE YOU. (We`ll be swimmin` in sea of flowers all day this day of Friday, July 23, 2010). STILL ALIVE TOO! *(source-Wikipedia and my own memories.)

5-Foot Python Caught At Gas Station

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“New York City authorities said police captured a 5-foot python estimated to be about 3-years-old at a gas station.”
Encountering a 5-foot python at a gas station is a terrifying experience, but it’s a walk in the park compared to opening the door to a typical filthy gas station restroom. I’d rather deal with a python working behind the cashier stand, than having to use a gas station restroom.
That giant python was probably abandoned by its owner, it’s a shame the owner simply didn’t take it to an animal shelter. If the person who abandoned the python is caught, he should be charged with cruelty to animals.
Let’s hope that the cops find a good home for the snake.

Who Should Play the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ in a Movie?

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20th Century Fox has secured the rights for a film based on the escapades of the Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris-Moore. Now that Colton has been captured, reporters can dig into his past and begin to psycho-analyze him in exacting detail. The New York Times is running a piece today, written by William Yardley, that talks about his early days.

Colton was brought up poor and was often hungry. Apparently, his very first heists were stealing from a freezer of the Kostelyk family, who had property on the waterfront. His first purloined items were cookies or frozen pizza. And now there is much speculation about how he got the techno-savvy to teach himself to fly. He dropped out of school after ninth grade, but that doesn`t mean that he`s not smart.

There is speculation already about what young actor would be right to play Colton. CNN is running a story today that lists some actors who might be cast in the role of the Barefoot Bandit. A few of the potential actors slated for this important role are: Logan Lerman, Michael Cera, Zach Gilford, Anton Yelchin and Angus T. Jones. I must admit, I`ve never seen any of these guys films except Michael Cera. *(sources-CNN and New York Times)

It would be a misstep, however, if Michael Cera played Colton. He`s just too silly to be the clever BB! See, the myth is already building up. I believe that a documentary would be a much more effective way of telling the BB story. What do you think?

Dude Detained At Airport For Hiding 18 Monkeys Under His Shirt

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“Police in the Mexican capital said they detained a man at an airport who had 18 monkeys, two of them dead, hidden in a belt beneath his clothes.
Mexico’s Pubic Safety Department said Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta, 38, who arrived at the Mexico City airport from Lima, Peru, was stopped due to a bulge beneath his shirt and officers discovered he was hiding the small titi monkeys in a belt under his clothes, CNN reported Tuesday.”
This may seem like inconsequential monkey business, but Zavaleta has committed a serious crime, and he deserves to spend a few years behind bars.
Titi monkeys are on the endangered species list, and this clown killed two of the precious critters.
Zavaleta is a freakin’ idiot,  how could he possibly have thought that he could get away with hiding 18 monkeys under his shirt. He deserves to rot in hell.

Thief Hid Big Mac In Her Pants

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“Police in South Carolina said they arrested a woman who allegedly stuffed a McDonald’s sandwich into her pants and loudly complained that she never received it.
Investigators said Lori Shannon Turner, 39, of Spartanburg, received two sandwiches Sunday morning at the fast food restaurant and quickly concealed one of them in her pants, the Herald Journal, Spartanburg, reported Tuesday.
Employees at the store told police Turner claimed she was shorted a sandwich and demanded another free of charge.”
I love me some Big Mac’s, but I wouldn’t try to steal a Big Mac and risk a stint in jail. There’s no McDonald’s franchise at the local jail.
It didn’t take a Sherlock  Holmes or a rocket scientist to determine that Turner was lying, when the cops showed up they noticed a large grease stain on her pants.
A female cop was called to the scene, and it was her unpleasant talks to remove the Big Mac from the thief’s pants.
Turner has a long rap sheet, and she should spend the rest of her life behind bars.

“Christian Marclay: Festival” at Whitney Museum Looks Interesting!

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The show running at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City looks very interesting. Its title is: Christian Marclay: Festival. I don`t know as much about Christian Marclay as I probably should know, but I do know that he is an avant garde performance artist along the lines of John Cage. As such, you have the luxury of using any everyday items in the environment as sources for musical creation.

The show at the Whitney will run through September 26, and will feature many spontaneous projects, such as musicians creating their own soundtrack to a 29-minutes of random film footage, titled Screen Play, that is spliced together with no particular order. Marclay`s own claim to fame is the use of turntables playing vinyl. Each turntable is its own musical instrument. I believe YouTube has some of these experiments posted.

Please be sure to read my favorite art critic, Roberta Smith`s piece, Seeing (and Playing) Music of Everyday Life, for more information about the Whitney show. Let`s see…how can an art object or a collage be a musical score? And I never realized that my Quadraflex QL-410 turntable from the `70s was a musical instrument?

Lovesick Male Llama Chases Female Onto Highway

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“A male llama chased his prospective mate onto a busy German motorway forcing police to rescue her, authorities said Wednesday.
Thomas Reuter, spokesman for police in the town of Gifhorn, said the male llama had caused the female, called Luisa, to panic and flee their pasture by jumping over a fence onto the highway.”
This male llama has all the style and sophistication of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger courting a woman.
I’ve witnessed a lot of strange sights while driving, but I have never encountered a lovesick llama chasing his sweetheart.
According to the Reuters article the cops were able to catch the female llama with a lasso, but the writer doesn’t mention the fate of the male llama. The poor male llama wasn’t able to catch up with the female, I hope he at least managed to escape his adventure without any injuries.

Hollywood Scandals and Tragedies

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I found another interesting old VHS tape. This is a 1988 production done in the style of Kenneth Anger`s notorious book, Hollywood Babylon. It`s title is: Hollywood Scandals and Tragedies. It was produced by Ray Atherton and written by Ray Atherton and F.B. Vincinzo. This is just a guess, but it may have been a local production. I recorded the VHS tape up in Dallas in the late 1980s. The source is something of a mystery?

I love it nonetheless. Have always been a big fan of Kenneth Anger`s two volumes of Hollywood Babylon. In spite of the seething scandals of many of the stars, Anger`s book actually helped to revive the Cult of Hollywood in its own fashion. Perhaps the public delights in experiencing the downfall of so many of their stars.

Here`s a checklist of some of the stars covered in this obscure special. Ramon Navarro, Sal Mineo, William Desmond Taylor, Ted Healey, Albert Decker, Freddie Printz, George Reeves, Lenny Bruce, Clara Bow, Francis Farmer, Jayne Mansfield, Lupe Velez, Fatty Arbuckle, Vivian Lee, Sharon Tate and many others. Each of the vignettes are short and sweet with some very shocking pics.

The vignette on Thelma Todd caught my eye immediately. Thelma supposedly died of affixation from car fumes. I`ve been reading a book on the Black Dahlia murder that implicates Bugsy Segal in Thelma Todd`s unsolved death. These stories are interesting, especially the ones that are still unsolved.

The music against these sordid tales is organ music such as they must have used in the silent films of the 1920s. Great production! You won`t find it anywhere, but drop by and I`ll give you a viewing. The closing lines are classic: “These stars are sacrificial lambs on Hollywood`s pagan altar.”

Sue Baker was Pals with The Beatles! What the Hell`s a Psychedelic Bungalow?

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Mister Bucks Burnett linked this story on Facebook. It was in the Daily Mail and tells how Sue Baker, a fan of the Fab Four,  would casually pop by The Beatles` houses anytime she liked to and have friendly conversations with John, Paul, George and Ringo. She conducted these visits openly and freely for several years-1965, 1966 and 1967. But I suspect one photo of her with George and her brother Philip, is from 1968. George`s hairdo is the give away! *(See pics in White Album kit!)

Sue Baker will auction off her collection of photos and memorabilia next month. Sue will certainly get a pretty penny for these priceless memories of a more innocent age, but I`m not so sure she should do this? She should retain the rights to these pics and maybe have a picture book published. Sue would haul in more MOOLAH by doing this!

The Daily Mail piece emphasizes that this was a much more innocent time. The Beatles liked it when Sue dropped by and they weren`t pretentious or paranoid whatsoever. And can you imagine living in a psychedelic bungalow where no Tea Party assholes were around to harass you? Boy, we`ve come a long way since 1968-NOT!

I want to view all these pics that Sue Baker took sometime. I want to remember what a happy world it once was, when a young lass could make a bit of change on a paper route, then use it for train fares to go and visit her English buddies on the weekend and have a bit of a chat. *(That`s my pic of Sue`s pic of George`s psychedelic bungalow.) You can drop by my psychedelic crash pad condo sometime, if you like?  TGIF

Paul The Psychic Octopus A National Hero In Spain

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Madrid’s main aquarium is rolling out the red carpet to get Paul, the ‘psychic’ octopus who uncannily forecast Spain’s World Cup win over the Netherlands, to grace the champion country with a visit.

The Zoo Aquarium sent a request to the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen in western Germany this week to host the mollusc, whose prescient picks during the tournament propelled him to international fame, a spokeswoman said.
Paul made correct predictions of the outcome of all seven of Germany’s matches as well as of Sunday’s final by choosing to eat a morsel of food from a box emblazoned with the flag of the winning team.”
Unlike 99.99 percent of human psychics Paul the Octopus isn’t a charlatan. There was no chicanery involved, TV sat ions in Germany and Britain broadcast live images of Paul’s picks.
There is no psychic anywhere in the world who can match Paul’s psychic ability. I wouldn’t pay a human psychic a dime to predict my future, but I would gladly pay Paul a thousand bucks to tell me my future.
Paul the Octopus is a real hero, and Germany should give the octopus to Spain. Paul deserves to live in a country where he is universally loved.

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