Elvis Presley Statue Sells For $20,500

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“An Illinois man who bid $20,000 for ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s Elvis statue said he was relieved to lose and soon found an identical statue for $550.
However, Bramlett said he was relieved to lose when he discovered he could purchase an identical statue for $550 from a Texas seller and similar statues with different poses for the same price.
Bramlett said his home is now adorned with two of the statues for a total $18,600 less than his bid for Blagojevich’s Elvis.
‘God looked over to me,’ Bramlett said of losing the auction.”
I wouldn’t pay a dime for a gaudy statue of Elvis Presley that was once owned by a corrupt politician. The idiot who purchased the Blago Elvis statue should bust it open, it might be chock full of illegal campaign funds.
Bramlett must not be married, no woman would allow her husband to “adorn” her house with two Elvis statues.
Bramlett claims that God was looking out for him — Baloney! If God cared about Bramlett he would cure him of his Elvis obsession.

Burglar Stuck In Grease Vent For Six Hours

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“Police in South Carolina said a burglary suspect was stuck in a grease vent at a restaurant for more than six hours.

North Charleston police said a worker at Shoney’s restaurant called 911 at about 4:47 a.m. Monday and said she heard cries for help upon entering the closed eatery, The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier reported Tuesday.
Police said they discovered Kevin Michael Harley, 23, stuck vertically in a vent above a stove.”
Police say that the idiot had been stuck for about six hours before the restaurant worker called 911.
The Shoney’s worker who called 911 is a lot more sympathetic and forgiving that I am, I would have pretended that I couldn’t hear him. Not only would I not have called the cops, but I would have turned on the oven.
Harley was wearing socks on his hand to avoid leaving fingerprints. The idiot doesn’t take his profession seriously, he should have been wearing rubber gloves.
The oxygen thief was charged with burglary in the second-degree, it’s too bad he didn’t suffer from second-degree burns.
The sorry excuse for a human being should try an easier heist next time, like taking candy from a baby. He might be able to handle that without screwing it up.

Idiot Lives In Small Apartment With Eagle, 3 Snakes, Croc & Monkey

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“Filming with animals can be frightening for actors but a man living in a tiny apartment in Tehran with his crocodile, three snakes, an eagle and a miniature monkey says he can help.

‘There are many actors and actresses who are afraid of animals. I try to help them overcome their fears and communicate with animals,’ says Amir Rahbari, a 37-year-old professional trainer who chooses to live among his animals.
In a cramped 20-square-metre (215 sq ft) flat in a tower block in the north of the Iranian capital, Rahbari holds two big pythons around his neck, explaining that, to him, they are family.”
In America Rahbari wouldn’t be allowed to keep wild animals in a cramped apartment, that’s  nothing less than cruelty to animals. An eagle is a wild animal who roams for miles in search of prey, it’s cruel beyond measure to keep such a majestic bird cooped up inside an apartment.
How can a crocodile possibly be happy confined to a bathtub, there isn’t even enough room for him to swish his tail. I hope that the crocodile takes a bite out of his behind and that the miniature monkey takes a dump on him.
Iran is a backwards country where “animal cruelty” is an unknown concept, and these poor animals are doomed.

Taio Cruz a Symbol for Newly Emerging Dynamics in the Music Market!

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Taio Cruz`s new video Dynamite packs a punch. Nothing all too original. Rather, the usual display of beautiful girls that follow him around as he sings his song about partying. This sort of thing has been around for a million years as a marketing tool! Sex sells every time, if it`s packaged right. And Dynamite has garnered 16, 749,870 hits on YouTube.

Another single from his newest album, Break Your Heart, has managed to be viewed 35, 975,048 times already. Not bad, but the album Rokstarr has sold only 93,000 in its first 12 weeks. An article in The New York Times was an eye-opener, especially for us old-timers. It`s titled: Platinum Is So Passe. In itunes Era, the Singles Count. By Joseph Plambeck.

Album sales are no longer an accurate measure for the popularity of an artist. Single sales, especially on itunes, and customer counts of their video can be better harbingers for how they fare in the marketplace. Therefore, the Billboard 200 is not such a great gauge these days. A new service has come along called Ultimate Chart, created by BigChampagne, that is a more accurate barometer of the current music marketplace.

If you use Ultimate Chart, Taio Cruz is the No, 2 artist, right behind Eminem. This is starting to make sense for me. When we go over to itunes we just buy one song off the album, probably the one with the biggest popular bar next to it. Then we race over to YouTube and pick up a freebie video viewing of the rising star`s megahit. This helps us test the waters, to see if we want to continue to support this artist.

But who knows, this new formula could be dumped overnight, and the album format, that witnessed a meteoric rise in the late 1960s, could return. And history repeats itself; you might remember that the single format was tops in the mid-1960s. What comes around, goes around, to use a popular cliche.

Composer of “What A Wonderful World,” George David Weiss Dies

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The co-composer (with Bob Thiele) of What A Wonderful World, George David Weiss, 89, died on August 23rd. George David Weiss also composed the ballad Can`t Help Falling in Love for Elvis Presley, for the 1961 film, Blue Hawaii. Weiss made a small contribution to the hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which was a No. 1 hit for the Tokens. David wrote the line, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle.”

What A Wonderful World got off to a slow start, but was recorded by Louis Armstrong and did well in England. A music executive here in this country thought the lyrics were too corny. Lines like: “I`ve seen babies cry, I watch them grow, they`ll learn much more than I`ll ever know, And I think to myself, What A Wonderful World.”

This was 1968. The song didn`t really take off until 1987 when it was used in Robin Williams hit comedy Good Morning, Vietnam. The optimistic song is often played against footage of warfare, which creates an irony that raises questions in the mind of the audience. “I`ve seen friends shakin` hands, saying how do you do, they`re really sayin` I Love You.”

The song has been covered by hundreds of artists, I even did it with The Bubbles many years ago, but I still prefer Satchmo`s original version. George David Weiss wrote a classic that will live forever. “I see trees of green, red roses too, I see `em bloom, for me and you.” The tune makes ya happy and forget your problems for a few minutes. What more can you ask for?

Frontline`s “Law and Disorder”-The Case of Henry Glover

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If you haven`t seen Frontline`s Law & Disorder yet, you should certainly make a point to do so. You can watch it online and I will link it for you here (Law & Disorder). 11 civilians were shot by the New Orleans police in the days after Katrina. The Frontline special mainly reports on the case of Henry Glover, but also covers the shooting of six civilians at Danziger Bridge.

You may have to watch this several times before it will completely sink in. On the link that I`m giving you there are a number of excellent articles that will spell out for you what happened in New Orleans right after Katrina. Reporters from Frontline, The New Orleans Times-Picayune and ProPublica worked together to bring us this shocking news.

A few of the important questions addressed in Law & Disorder are: was Martial Law ever declared in New Orleans? Were the NOPD told to shoot looters once things starting getting crazy after Katrina? The New Orleans Police have a history, and much of this is documented under Timeline.

If you don`t mind getting some cold water splashed in your face, you`ll want to study up on this. I`m so in disbelief about this, that I`m focusing all the more on this. Katrina obliterated New Orleans. Once it did this, it looks like the NOPD lost it. At this point the police become the criminals. I can think of nothing as scary as this reality.

Prisoner Escaped: He Longed For A Beer

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“A prisoner who gave police the slip at a north Australian airport and was eventually found drinking beer in a pub said he’d only wanted to see his mother.

Kayd Thorp, 24, took cover in bushland and swam across a Brisbane city creek to dodge search teams in a six-hour manhunt Tuesday which ended when he was discovered having a pint in a local pub.”
Thorp was drinking a beer in a pub, and not at home having tea with his mother, when he was nabbed by the cops.
A prisoner doesn’t take cover in bushland and swim across a creek for a chance to chat with his mom, but he will do that and much more for a cold one.
It’s unclear whether the thirsty prisoner visited his dear old mother during his six hours of freedom. I doubt it.
Thorp was boarding a flight with police escorts when he gave them the slip, he wasn’t wearing cuffs. Maybe now the cops will handcuff him before he boards a flight to his new prison home.

30-Year-Old Loser Still Plays With Toy Robots

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“A Japanese man has admitted to burning down his family home after his mother threw away some of his favourite robot toys from the ‘Gundam’ animation series.
Yoshifumi Takabe, aged 30 and living with his mother, said he had become suicidal after she dumped some of the robots, of which he had enough to fill 300 boxes stacked to the ceiling, the Sports Nippon said Wednesday.”
A 30-year-old man should not be living with his mom, unless she is an invalid and he is taking care of her.
A 30-year-old man shouldn’t be playing with robots, unless he created them and plans on making a killing by selling them to kids and young men who don’t have a life and still play with toys.
A 30-year-old man shouldn’t become suicidal because his mom threw away his robots, unless they are collectibles worth millions of bucks.
A 30-year-old man shouldn’t burn down his mom’s house, unless giant robots from Mars have taken refuge there.
A 30-year-old man who lives at  home, plays with robots and burns down his mom’s house is better off dead.

Spike Lee`s “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don`t Rise”

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Five years later, the devastation that is Katrina, its lasting effects on New Orleans, are obvious when watching Spike Lee`s If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don`t Rise. I`ve seen and recorded hour two, three and four, but still need to see the first hour. If God Is Willing is essentially a sequel to When the Levee Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.

Spike Lee covers many topics, but attempts to trace the complex developments of New Orleans from August 29, 2005 up to the present. He initially intended on painting his documentary update with an optimistic brush, but the BP spill came along to snuff that out. So, the last hour takes up the BP spill as if it was a part of the Katrina story; somehow, the two are connected.

I will link for you two pertinent documents that will help you begin to get a grip on this sweeping new documentary of Spike Lee`s. Dave Itzkoff with The New York Times conducted an interview with Spike Lee, where he talks about his experience in making If God Is Willing. The other great piece I would like to link for you, is the only full-blown review that I could find on this documentary. It`s a review by Hank Stuever in The Washington Post.

Scratch that, I`m now finding some good reviews, like The Whole Damn Crew by Cynthia Fuchs for Pop Matters. My personal take is this is a wonderful follow-up to When the Levees Broke. We sink into the mire of the controversy, how can we rebuild New Orleans? I`m sorting through these problems now. Spike Lee spells out these issues and allows you take a fresh look with equal measure of hope and despair.

Evil Old Lady Kills Rattlesnake

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“A 79-year-old Wisconsin woman said she used an ice chopper to kill a rattlesnake she discovered on her patio.

Margaret Street, who runs a business out of her Sheboygan home, said she spotted the snake on her patio Aug. 10 and decided to kill it herself when she was unable to contact anyone who could help her, the Sheboygan Press reported Tuesday.
‘I got him right behind the neck,’ she said. “I chopped three times.”
This woman’s actions weren’t heroic but evil and cowardly. She exclaims with glee: I chopped three times.
A rattlesnake has as much right to live as a 79-year-old lady. Street should have simply used her back door until the snake slithered away.
The woman is lucky the snake didn’t kill her, authorities don’t recommend that anyone try to kill a rattlesnake.
If this old lady is so terrified of snakes, she should move to a big city where no snakes are to be found.

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