Dude Goes Bonkers After Losing Arm Wrestling Match

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“Police in Florida said a man who allegedly tried to hit four people with his truck and pointed a rifle at another man was angry about an arm wrestling match.

Fort Pierce police said Erick Lee Blanton, 25, challenged another man to an arm wrestling match while visiting a home in the city early Sunday morning and became angry when he lost the contest, TCPalm.com reported Monday.”
I can understand a person losing a game of checkers, and getting frustrated and upending the checkerboard. But losing an arm wrestling match, and attempting to run down four strangers is insanity.
The madman then pushed the barrel of a rifle against the head of the man who beat him at arm wrestling.
I would advise folks not to play Tiddlywinks or anything else with Blanton, it may be the last game they ever play.
Blanton has been charged with several counts of aggravated assault, and he will no doubt spend the next few years behind bars. All because he lost an arm wrestling match, what a stupid dork.

Gas Station Clerk Refuses To Turn Money Over To Robber, He Sulks Away

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“A 65-year-old Ohio gas station clerk said an attempted robber turned and walked out of the store when she refused to hand over any money.”

I would have handed the robber money, cigarettes, beer and anything else he asked for, including the kitchen sink. I would even have offered to gift wrap the money and goodies for him. Heck, it’s not my money, and gas station clerks get paid next to nothing.
The gas station clerk, who asked to remain anonymous, wasn’t intimidated by the 6-foot tall bad guy. The brave (foolhardy?) old woman refused to comply with the robber’s demands, and he walked away without a penny.
The police recommend that tellers and cashiers hand over money to robbers, the clerk is lucky she isn’t resting 6 feet below ground.

Hurricane Katrina: This Perfect Storm Still Gets Our Attention!

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Five years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf coast (Monday, August 29, 2005), I`m still not completely sure exactly what happened. And so we go back through the plethora of data, galleries of photographs, meteorological records, news footage and personal testimonies in search of answers to the mysteries of this Perfect Storm.

My favorite data source for Katrina is the documentary film by Spike Lee, When the Levee Broke. I`ve seen it at least three times, and will view it again later this week. And now Spike Lee has a new one that aired last night on HBO and a second installment can be seen tonight, If God is Willing and Da Creek Don`t Rise. Some of the older footage is included, but much of this is about the rebuilding of New Orleans.

An NPR story covers many of the excellent television specials that are out this week on Katrina. One that I missed last night, but which maybe will be shown again, is the National Geographic Channel`s Witness: Katrina. This two hour special gathers images and video recordings from Gulf citizens, who have their own personal account to tell. Wednesday (8/25) PBS`s Frontline will have one called Law and Disorder, which concludes that the shooting of a young man was probably done by the New Orleans police.

Yes, I feel a need to study Katrina, and this week is a good time to hit the DVR button or to collect articles from the internet. One fascinating site, that comes from the scientific perspective, is the NASA archive on Katrina. The satellite images of Katrina, as it evolved and progressed, give you data on rainfall, flooding and storm surge. Katrina literally altered the physical shape of the Gulf coast. These maps capture the metamorphosis as it happens.

Lady Gaga is now the Queen of the Internet!

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So Lady Gaga is bigger on the internet now than Barack Obama? But Gaga is in entertainment, while Obama is in the political arena. Lady Gaga`s attraction is a mystery, but is a reality that we must consider seriously. And now she is toppling Britney Spears on Twitter. The stats are staggering.

As of last Friday (August 20th), Spears had 5,659,701 followers on Twitter, and Lady Gaga had 5,655,299. THE LADY probably passed up poor Britney sometime that day. Gaga had gained 600,000 new followers just last month, while Spears had picked up a measly 200,000. In a slump, girl.

What`s doing it? Must be the Fame Monster Tour. Another factor is that Gaga dominates the music video scene too. Lady Gaga is a gifted musician and songwriter, but marketing on social media is her real forte. She has 16 million Facebook Friends. She`s the most powerful person in the world!

I have 190 friends on FB and will feel like a social media big shot when I bust 200, if that`s possible. Gaga ought to run for president of Haiti, not Wyclef Jean! I`m going to do some marketing research on Gaga to see if I can tap into her secrets. Understanding her PR Machine could be my ticket out of Dodge! For starters, check out her witty little Twitter video in the fairy queen get up. *(sources-CNN and YouTube)

Hawaii Becomes the 50th State-August 21, 1959! Aloha and Happy Anniversary, Hawaii!

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On August 21, 1959 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the proclamation that made the Hawaiian Islands the 50th state of the Union. It wasn`t until July 4th, 1960, however, before the official flag with 50 stars was publicly unveiled. I`ve been studying up on Hawaii`s history and culture this morning, and am making a little headway, as far as soaking in its fascinating traditions.

It`s not all surfing, pineapples and slack key guitar playing, my friend, but a good amount of that can be factored into your research. There`s a good bit of sugar plantation activity (starting in the 1830s) that you will have to brood over also. And as far as initial Western contact goes, you need to peruse the explorations of the English Captain James Cook in 1778 and 1779.

Captain Cook called them the Sandwich Islands, in honor of his sponsor, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. And don`t forget to read up on Queen Lili Uokalani, who was the last of the monarchy for Hawaii. Lili wrote the most famous song for the Polynesian Islands, Aloha `Oe. I`ve been listening to some slack key guitar by Leonard Kwan today.

I`m grooving to two of the most soothing tunes of Leonard Kwan (1931-2000), Ke`ala`s Mele and Slack Key Serenade. I need to mellow out this morning and these slack key songs are helping a lot. I`ve never been to Hawaii before in my entire life, but boy will I be ready to go when that time comes. Let`s see here, that pic of Honolulu looks enticing! *(sources-Wikipedia and The History Channel)

Idiot Burglar Drops Cellphone, Cops Use Phone To Call His Mom

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“Police in Georgia said they used a cellphone left behind at the scene of an elementary school burglary to call the suspect’s mother.
Athens-Clarke police said officers responding to an 11:25 p.m. burglar alarm at Howard B. Stroud Elementary School in Athens saw a man drop his cellphone while fleeing the building, the Athens Banner-Herald reported Thursday.”
The cops called a number on his cell phone labeled “mom”, and the mother gave the police all the dirt on her criminal offspring. She told the cops she had kicked the bum out of her house because he was a thief, and she he let them know where they could find the little creep.
I”m sure the cops wish every case were this easy to solve, but not all criminals are idiots.
This mother did the right thing by not coddling or protecting her criminal son, too many parents make excuses for their rotten children.
The thief won’t be able to call his mother when he’s in prison and a huge con wants to get really friendly with him.

Moron Bank Robber Drops Wallet In Getaway

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“A Cincinnati bank robber allegedly ran away so fast he dropped his wallet, stained from an exploding dye pack inside a stolen bag of money, police say.
Kevin Crockett, 25, and an accomplice allegedly stole an undetermined amount of money July 29 from Key Bank before dropping the loot — along with his wallet — and fleeing the scene before officers could respond, The Kentucky Post reported Wednesday.”
What was this loser doing with his wallet in his hand? The only thing he should of had in his hand was a note stating “this is a stickup.”
The clown dropped his wallet and the loot, he might as well dropped his trousers as well.
Crockett was quickly apprehended by the cops, and he will soon be back in prison. Crockett has prior convictions for bank robbery, the idiot hasn’t learned that he doesn’t have the aptitude to be a bank robber.
A jackass like Crockett will be everybody’s wife in prison, he’ll be dropping his trousers there for sure.

Miles Davis` “Bitches Brew” Sessions Begin Today-August 19, 1969!

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Today marks the day (in 1969) when Miles Davis and friends began their studio sessions for the landmark double record, Bitches Brew. These experimental sessions occurred over a three day span (August 19, 20, and 21st, 1969) at Columbia`s 30th Street Studio. The very face of Jazz changed with this record; it becomes electrified and assumes many of the characteristics of Rock.

Bitches Brew is often credited as being the first Jazz/Rock record and is considered to be a beginning point for the Jazz/Rock Fusion Movement, that would take flight in the Mid-Seventies. I only have one song for now, John McLaughlin, which is a mere 4 minutes, 23 seconds long. There are so many things about this record that are innovative, but one notable characteristic is use of an expanded rhythm section.

Miles employs 2 bassists, 2 or 3 drummers, 3 electric piano players and an added percussionist. The producer, Teo Macero, used many editing tricks also, when the mix-down was happening, splicing the tape to create new textures and structure. The opening track, Pharoah`s Dance, is usually cited in this regard. And check out the cover art, done by Mati Klarwein. We will definitely need to add this classic title to our collection. *(source-Wikipedia)

Welfare Fraud Discovered On Facebook

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“British authorities said a woman who received $23,400 in benefits claiming to be a single mom was found out when she posted pictures of her husband on Facebook.

‘I’ve been with my hubby for 16 years and we are still very much in love,’ Kim Stokes wrote in her Face book ‘About Me’ section.”


In today’s world if you want to find the dirt on a friend, boyfriend, or co-worker, you don’t have to hire a private detective. Simply google them, and nine times out of ten they will brag about their misadventures on Facebook or MySpace.

Kim Stokes told the Department for Work and Pensions that she was separated from her husband, but the photographs posted on her Facebook account painted a picture of a couple very much in love.

Stokes was sentenced to a 12-month community service order. We should keep in mind that anyone, including employers, can read what we post on social networking sites.


Dude Faked His Own Death To Escape Prosecution

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“Police in Massachusetts said they are searching for a man believed to have faked his own death to escape prosecution.

Salem police said Michael Rosen, 42, is wanted on forgery and counterfeiting charges after a man claiming to be his brother presented a false death certificate Tuesday to the Salem District Court clerk’s office, The Gloucester (Mass.) Times reported Tuesday.”
In these  hard economic times there may be more than a few upstanding citizens who dream of faking their own death so that their loved ones will live in comfort thanks to their insurance policies.
Criminals may consider faking their own deaths to escape charges that will land them in prison for the rest of their lives.
But Michael Rosen is probably the only idiot in the world who faked his own death to escape prosecution for minor charges including driving without a license.
This dimwit is now facing the serious charges of forgery and counterfeiting. Rosen is probably wishing that he was really dead.

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