Town Hall Infested By Rats

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“Officials in a Florida city said a rat infestation at its town hall underlines the need to demolish the facility and get a new building.

Davie officials said the rats, which inspired the installation of 12 rat traps at the facility, are only the latest problem plaguing the building, which they said floods every times it rains, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.”


Town hall overrun with rats isn’t exactly breaking news, what city isn’t infested with money-grubbing politicians.

But the reference here is to real rats, is must be a hellish experience to visit a town hall infested with rats of the human and animal varieties.

Most of the residents of Davie oppose building a new town hall, I guess they figure that a rat-infested building is what their political representatives deserve.

The Meg Whitman Housekeeper Imbroglio!

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This morning I`m trying to decide if I believe whether Meg Whitman knew some time ago that her housekeeper, Nicki Diaz-Santillan, was an illegal immigrant. The Associated Press article, Whitman knew housekeeper was in US illegally by Michael R. Blood and Juliet Williams, has the most detail I could find on the internet. I`m trending towards the notion that Meg did know some time ago.

The fact that publicity hound, Gloria Allred, (a Huffington Post piece) sprung with these allegations yesterday (with a weeping housekeeper by her side) smacks suspicious. It could be a political stunt to help get Jerry Brown elected as governor, but at the same time, the allegations could be true. What could be true? That Meg Whitman, who takes such a strong stance that employers should report any illegal immigrants, was practicing that very transgression.

That would make her a hypocrite. The piece of evidence that leads me to believe Meg knew, is the letter from Social Security, dated April 22, 2003, tipping her off that Nicki`s SS card was fake. Several of these letters were sent, and the SS office issued a statement that they would not have sent these letters, had there not been more than one violation by employees, of one employer.

This means that Meg may have had other illegal immigrants who she knowingly employed. I live in Texas, and this has been going on all my life. I could care less myself, but Meg Whitman is up there saying that responsible employers should immediately turn in undocumented workers. If this is more fully proved of her double standard, she can kiss her political career goodbye!

Teen Girl Murders 448-Pound Bear

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“A 17-year-old Battle Creek-area girl (Jessica Olstead) has begun her big game hunting career with a bang, bagging a 448-pound black bear from 16 yards away with a bow and arrow.

The Harper Creek High School senior tells the Battle Creek Enquirer for a story published Tuesday that she loves hunting and whenever she sees a bear, she just wants to go at it.”


This bloodthirsty young girl practically salivates at the prospect of murdering a bear. When Jessica sees a bear she doesn’t marvel at the majestic creature, she has only one thought on her mind: Murder!

This young killer tracked the bear, murdered it, and gutted it.

Jessica was photographed with a big smile on her face as she stood by the carcass of the bear. Jessica is proud of her evil act, PETA needs to stage an intervention. Jessica’s parents raised her to be a killer of animals, but she’s young and there’s still hope for her.

Dude Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail For Throwing Egg At Judge

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“A suburban Chicago man who threw an egg at a judge in a courtroom was sentenced to 90 days in jail, officials said.

Agim Demiri, 40, of Naperville, who missed when he threw the raw egg at DuPage County Judge Timothy McJoynt in his Wheaton courtroom March 24, was sentenced Monday by Judge Blanche Fawell to 90 days behind bars, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.”


Demiri missed when he threw the egg at the judge, now he’s the one with egg on his face. He will have 90 days in jail to ponder the stupidity of his stunt.

Demiri can’t blame anybody else for his reckless act, nobody was egging him on.

Demiri is obviously a bad egg, and now he will spend the next 90 days with a whole bunch of bad eggs.

Jack Conway Is Catching Up With Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate Race!

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It`s surprising that the senate race in Kentucky is tightening, given that on September 7th a Rasmussen poll gave Tea Party candidate Rand Paul a 15 % lead over Democrat Jack Conway. A SurveyUSA poll that just came out a few days ago gives Rand Paul only a 2 % margin lead, with 49 to 47 %. That means that Jack Conway has picked-up 13 percentage points in just three weeks.

Naturally enough, Rasmussen tends somewhat more conservative, but the USA  survey was conducted by the Louisville Courier-Journal and WHAS 11, and can be relied on for its accuracy. The contrasts between these two candidates couldn`t be any greater and Kentucky tends to be a Republican state, so this bodes well for Jack Conway.

It`s a little hard to find good information on this pivotal senate election, but the Washington Post piece I`ll link for you, has the most detail I could find. Of course, it`s not hard to find video links for Rand Paul`s gaffs about getting rid of The 1964 Civil Rights Act, since he believes *(this is shocking in 2010!) private business people should have the right to discriminate against Blacks and Gays, since he thinks they have the right to do whatever they want to do on their own property.

Jack Conway`s recent success is largely a result of  him pointing out that Rand Paul doesn`t think the problem with drugs in Eastern Kentucky is all that important. Also, Conway is focusing on the local needs and concerns of Kentuckians, while Paul is touting the usual Tea Party baggage of let`s repeal the HealthCare Bill and make government smaller.

The gender gap is playing a big role in Conway`s gains also, since he is getting 55 percent of female voters, while Paul is getting 59 percent of male voters. So far, the national media hasn`t particularly focused on this exciting senate race in Kentucky. That`s about to change.

Beautiful French Politician’s Fetallio Slip Of The Tongue

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“France’s former justice minister Rachida Dati explained Monday that she was simply speaking too fast when, in a slip of the tongue that became an Internet hit, she confused fellatio with inflation.

“I just spoke too quickly but, well, if that lets everybody have a laugh, then that’s fine,” she said in a radio interview, while herself laughing heartily at the mistake she made a day earlier on Canal Plus television.


Rachida’s slip of the tongue won’t hurt her politically, people like a politician who is able to laugh at herself.

It doesn’t hurt that Rachida is drop-dead gorgeous, thinking of fellatio and Rachida will only improve her personal approval ratings.

Fellatio causes inflation of a specific organ, it’s easy to understand her faux pas.

Did Kennedy Win the 1960 Election Because of the Medium of Television?

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Okay, picture this, 77 million Americans simultaneously staring at a little box, known as a television set, (on September 26, 1960). It was the first Kennedy/Nixon debate. Something changed that day. Television broadcasts were the social media of its day. I didn`t miss it! I liked to lay on the floor, as close as I could get near to the black and white tube in my family living room, that happened to be in Houston, Texas in 1960.

Lots of good documentation on the 50th anniversary of the 1960 presidential debates. Time Magazine and the Kansas City Star both have good pieces that you will want to take a careful look at. And don`t forget the 8 minute clip of the debates on YouTube, that I will link for you right here. By 1960 88 % of households had television sets, so this was the point in time when politicians had to pay attention to this new medium.

In his opening statement, John Kennedy contrasts the achievements of the Democratic Party with that of the Republican party, and says he`s carrying on the traditions of Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Harry Truman, by granting Federal aid in education and helping the aged. It`s as if the same argument that was fought 50 years ago, is still before us today.

After the first debate, the crowds at Kennedy` rallies greatly increased. It`s often been postulated that JFK won the election in the first debate. This can`t be proved, but seems to be the case. Nixon spent the rest of his life respecting and worshipping the power of TV. Just since he looked somewhat sickly for the Tube that day, and JFK looked robust, confidant, even radiant, it cost him the election, and he never forgot the lesson he learned from this defining moment.

Dude Gets Ticketed For Trespassing At Own Home

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“A New York man said police gave him a ticket for trespassing while he was standing outside of his own apartment.

Lindsey Riddick, 36, who joined a class-action lawsuit against the New York Police Department alleging officers gave out illegal summonses to meet quotas, said he and his brother were ticketed by police while outside of his apartment building, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.”


I imagine there’s at least one husband who whishes that the cops would arrest his wife when she’s standing outside of their home. Especially when a football game is on, and his spouse won’t stop nagging him to run errands.

Instead of harassing tax-paying citizens to meet quotas, these cops should be chasing criminals. There’s no shortage of real criminals in the Big Apple.

A man’s home should be his castle even if it’s an apartment, and a man has a right to stand outside of his home without being bothered by the police.


Congress Passes Small-Business Bill 237-187!

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The House of Representatives passed a small business bill on Thursday by a vote of 237-187. The Senate passed it earlier this month, so now it will go to the White House on Monday for a final signature from President Barack Obama. A $30 billion lending facility will be set up and made available to regional banks, with the condition they loan it out to small businesses.

The hope is that if we help small businesses to grow, they will hire new employees. The jobless rate is at 9.6 % and small businesses are the key in the private sector to reducing unemployment. Other features of this welcome bill are $12 billion in tax breaks, that would include a 50 % tax write-off on the purchase of new equipment, a 100 percent exclusion from capital gains taxes on small business investments, and a deduction of health insurance cost for the owner and his family.

Naturally, the bill was passed largely on party lines, with mainly Democrats comprising the 237 majority that helped propel the bill into enactment. House Republican Conference Chairman, Mike Pence of Indiana, came along to spoil the party. “It`s one more bailout and the American people know you can`t bail and spend your way to prosperity.”

But savvy economists see small business as a key to salvation for our sagging economy. More capital will be made available to these existing small businesses, as well as start-up financing for brand new companies. But ingenious products and services must be made available to a skeptical consumer. And the mind set of Americans must change radically. “Think global, but buy local.” Boycott Wal-Mart and purchase from the little guy. This will help save America!

Dude Was Making Sandwiches While Driving

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“Police in Wisconsin say a man arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol was trying to make a sandwich while driving.

Investigators said they responded to a report of a reckless driver about 9:34 p.m. Sept. 12 in Wauwatosa and an officer pulled over a 24-year-old man, the Wauwatosa NOW newspaper reported online, reported Wednesday.

The officer said the man was eating a sandwich during the traffic stop and had sandwich-making supplies, including a loaf of bread and packages of cheese and salami, on the passenger seat.”


The 24-year-old man  went out for a drive after consuming drugs and ten drinks of vodka, because he got into a fight with his mommy.

The dude was so mad at his mom that he didn’t take time to make sandwiches before getting into his car, so he took the sandwich making supplies with him.

I’m glad that this idiot likes sandwiches, because he’s going to be eating a lot of bologna sandwiches in jail.

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