Voter Intimidation in Houston by the King Street Patriots!

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I just heard about allegations of voter intimidation in Houston on Monday, the first day for early voting. I found out about this on the Ed Show, which is on MSNBC. This is not a rumor or simply one isolated, unsubstantiated case; 14 different complaints were filed with the Harris County Clerk`s office. This apparent voter intimidation occurred at 11 voting locations, all of which are minority voting sites.

How was the intimidation carried out? These ‘poll watchers’ were hovering over voters, getting into election workers` faces, and blocking or disrupting lines of voters. And early voting is not such a small deal anymore-26,051 people early voted in Harris County on Monday. Who is responsible for organizing this group of bullies?

Most likely, the voter intimidation thugs were organized by the King Street Patriots, an affiliate of the Tea Party. In turn, they have organized a group called True the Vote, which claims it wants to verify voters` credentials at polling places. This is code for they would like to prevent many people from being able to cast their vote.

The Justice Department has been called in to monitor the voting process in Harris County. I`m glad for that! Information about the King Street Patriots is still somewhat sketchy. I do know that the primary leader of the King Street Patriots is Catherine Engelbrecht. In August Engelbrecht claimed that the New Black Panther Party was setting up an office at the headquarters of Houston Vote. This claim is highly questionable!

The King Street Patriots has a racist edge to it that demands closer examination. Please read this excellent coverage of the voter intimidation (by Joe Holley) in the Houston Chronicle.

Missing Toddler Found Asleep In Dog House

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“A northern Minnesota toddler gave everyone a brief scare, disappearing only to be found sleeping in a neighbor’s dog house, authorities say.

The Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Department said the 1 1/2-year-old girl was found about 15 minutes after her day-care provider reported her missing Monday morning, the Brainerd Dispatch reported Tuesday.”


With so many toddlers and children kidnapped never to be seen again, it’s great news that the toddler was found safe and sound.

I don’t think the little girl will be in her parent’s dog house for wandering away from her home, they are just thrilled to have her back.

I hope the parents keep a close watch on her from now on.

Man, 92, Banned From Libraries For Hitting On Librarians

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“Authorities in Florida said a 92-year-old man has been banned from the public library for making unwanted sexual advances to female employees.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said Herbert Johnson, 92, of Stuart, was visited at his home by a deputy and given a trespass warning for all county libraries after he was accused of making sexual advances toward employees, WTVJ-TV, Miami, reported Monday.”


There was no need for the UPI writer to stipulate that the sexual advances were unwanted, when you are 92-freaking-years-old all of your sexual advances are going to be unwanted.

This old goat should be banned from every pharmacy in town as well. Maybe if he can’t buy any of the little blue pills he won’t be bothering any ladies.

Herbert should come to grips with the fact that his next date won’t be with a librarian, but with the Grim Reaper.

Will the Aqua Buddha Ad Hurt Or Help Jack Conway?

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I don`t believe that Jack Conway`s Aqua Buddha Ad really so much questions Rand Paul`s faith, as it does call into question the extent to which he has been consistently a Christian. This is the image Rand Paul is trying to project, such as in his new rebuttal ad, since Paul is trying to appeal so hard to his Tea Party base. The Christian Fundamentalist group comprises a big part of this new conservative movement. Thus, they will be scutinizing this ad most thoroughly.

I applaud Jack Conway for having the guts to run this ad; I know if Rand Paul could get his hands on this type of graft, he would use it in a millisecond. Do I think it will backfire on Conway, as many liberal pundits have so expressed? I don`t think so.

As people review how Rand Paul tries so hard to project an image of a wholesome Christian family man, conservative undecided voters will perceive him as inconsistent, as perhaps shallow in his faith. The initial backfire on Conway will then morph to a backfire on Paul. That`s what I predict.

Cops Nab Robber With List Of Places He’s Robbed In His Pocket

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“Pawtucket police say they found pages torn from a phone book in Jimmy Honeycutt’s pocket when he was arrested Wednesday on charges in connection with the robbery of the Getty gas station in South Attleboro Tuesday night and five others in Pawtucket this month.

Police say the phone book pages have asterisks marked next to some of the businesses robbed.”

Holding up gas station isn’t rocket science, but you do need a modicum of intelligence.

It’s smart to have a to-do list, but if you are a robber don’t carry a list of the places that you’ve held up in your pocket.

The cops recovered a ski mask and a replica handgun at the home of the suspect.

I’m not a psychic, but I predict that this idiot is going to be convicted.

Two Buddies Protest Getting Fired By Stripping Naked And Drinking Beer

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“A pair of former workers at a Tennessee big cat sanctuary admitted to being naked on the premises but denied running naked through the facility.

Jake Loftis, 22, and Samuel Adams, 26, who lived at Tiger Haven in Kingston and worked as cat keepers, said they were drinking beer naked on their porch Sept. 16 as a protest against their recent firing, the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel reported Thursday.

However, the pair denied a claim in a police report that they ‘ran nude around the complex exposing themselves to co-workers.’”


If I thought I was fired unfairly I would seek the advice of a lawyer, I wouldn’t lodge a protest by drinking beer naked with a buddy. In fact there are no conceivable circumstances that would compel me to get naked together with a male buddy on my porch. I would guess that Jake and Samuel enjoy being naked together, more than they love their jobs or beer. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay rednecks…

It’s abundantly clear that Tiger Haven did the right thing in firing these two idiots. Maybe they can find jobs as rodeo clowns at a gay rodeo.

Let’s hope that these two clowns will put on some clothes and lay off the beer when they go looking for a new job.

Employee Returns From Lunch To Find Nude Dude At His Desk

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“Police in Oklahoma said a man returned from his lunch break to discover a naked man sitting at his desk and viewing pornography on his computer.

Oklahoma City police said the worker told police he did not know Thursday’s nude intruder and the man was not a co-worker at the business in the 3900 block of NW 10, The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, reported Wednesday.”


A man’s work cubicle is his home away from home, and to discover a nude man sitting at your desk is almost as traumatic as finding a burglar in your home.

I hope this man’s employer provides him with free psychological counseling to help him get over his horrible ordeal.

This unfortunate man now has a good excuse if his employer ever discovers pornography on his computer: It wasn’t me, that crazy nude guy must have used my computer to watch porn again.

Baby Born In Dubai Hotel Receives Free Stays For Life

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“The owner of a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, says a baby born in the lobby will receive free stays at the accommodation for life.

Workers at the Grand Midwest Hotel in the Dubai Media City said a Kazakh woman staying at the hotel went into labor Monday and only made it as far as the lobby before the baby boy started to arrive, the Gulf News reported Tuesday.

Ram Chandra Sharma, a bellboy at the hotel, said the woman had been staying at the hotel with her husband and 5-year-old son for about two months. He said the woman sent him to retrieve towels and a bed sheet and the baby was born soon after he gave them to her.”


Having a baby isn’t a miracle of nature, it’s a curse and a grievous offense against Mother Nature.

Our little blue planet is seriously overpopulated, and no woman should be celebrated for having a baby, regardless of the unique circumstances of her birth.

Instead of awarding the baby free accommodations for life, the hotel owner should have kicked the mother and baby to the curb, and charged her for ruining towels and bed sheets.

Monster Pumpkin Weighs 1,810 Pounds

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“A Wisconsin man spent his summer nurturing a pumpkin and the reward was an orange orb weighing a world record 1,810.5 pounds, officials said.

First place was worth $2,000 plus another $1,000 for setting the Wisconsin record.”


OMG! A pumpkin that huge will feed a family of seven for a month or Oprah Winfrey for a couple of days.

Little kids will be scared that the monster pumpkin will start rolling on its own and crush them to death.

I hope that the pumpkin will be made into a thousand pumpkin pies before someone gets a heart attack looking at that freak of nature.

Three thousand bucks wouldn’t be enough for me to get over the guilty of cultivating such a monster.

Wife Divorces Husband, He Refuses To Take A Bath

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“An Egyptian court granted a woman a divorce because her husband refused to bathe claiming he was allergic to water, she said.”


In a Muslim country when a husband refuses to grant his wife a divorce, it’s very unusual for a court to grant her a divorce.

But it’s also very unusual for a man to claim he’s allergic to water and forego personal hygiene, including taking a bath.

Even if the man has an allergic reaction to water, personal consideration for his wife should take precedence over his reluctance to take a bath.

The loser is going to have to take a bath now, if he wants to be married again. He will never get a second date with the same woman if he doesn’t start taking care of his personal hygiene.

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