Robber Is Foiled By Clerk Armed With A Loaf Of Bread

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Police in New Mexico said a would-be robber was stopped by a female clerk armed with a loaf of bread and a box of pastries.

Deming police said a masked man who did not display a weapon tried to run off after snatching the cash register from the Amigo’s store at about 3 p.m. Wednesday and soon found himself on the receiving end of a thrown loaf of bread and a box of empanada, TheDeming Headlight reported Tuesday.

The robber dropped the register and fled in a gray or primer-colored car with several other people, police said.


The would-be robber was foiled by a female clerk armed with a loaf of bread and a box of pastries. The hapless criminal was left with egg, err, pastries on his face.

The clerk was more foolhardy than courageous, she’s lucky she wasn’t hurt or killed. The cops recommended that you surrender the money, when confronted by a robber who could be armed.

Amigo’s owner Arnold Orquiz gave his clerk a $20 bill, he should have thrown in box of pastries for good measure.

Freaky Texas Moms Taking Placentas Home

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An Austin, Texas, hospital official says an increasing number of women are braving lengthy paperwork and fees to take their placentas home after giving birth.

Mothers cited dozens of uses for the placentas, including planting them in the yard for luck and eating them for supposed nutritional value — a practice that most medical groups do not support, the American-Statesman said.


A mom who wants to take her placenta home with her, shouldn’t be allowed to take her baby home.

I can understand a mother wanting to take her hospital gown with her as a souvenir, but any woman who wants to take her placenta home is a freak.

If I see a woman planting a placenta in her yard, I would give her a wide berth. I would greet her, but I would quickly walk away before she could start a conversation with me.

Virginia Hotel Welcomes Goose Guest

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A Florida hotel made an exception to its usual dogs-and-cats-only pets policy for a well-behaved goose.

Jennifer Thomas, 38, of Roanoke, Va., said The Shores Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach Shores allowed her goose, Gabby, to stay due to her good behavior and cleanliness, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported Monday.

Normally, we only take in dogs or cats. We do prefer domestic pets. But Gabby’s grandfathered in, said Susan Keaveney, a hotel spokeswoman. Everyone here knows Gabby … and you can see our guests love it.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Hotel guests with hamsters, parrots, and miniature pigs will also demand that an exception be made for their beloved pets.

I wouldn’t mind staying at a hotel or motel that welcomes pets, as long as they don’t help themselves to the continental breakfast that is spread out for guests.

It’s the human guests with their obnoxious behavior that I don’t like. I’ll take Gabby with her good behavior and cleanliness over your average hotel guest.

The Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha-A Film By David Grubin

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The Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha, a film by David Grubin, was first shown on PBS on April 7, 2010. I didn`t see it until yesterday when I noticed it under historical documentaries on Netflix. It has instant watch capability. It`s quite good and uses art and animation to tell Siddhartha`s story. I learned a great deal. The Buddha lived around 500 BCE in Southern Nepal.

It`s narrated by Richard Gere and features the Dalai Lama and Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin. Siddhartha`s life is chronicled with talking heads comments from prominent writers. There is much footage also of Buddhists practicing their religion in India, mostly. The music acts as a beautiful backdrop to the narrative. I`m on my 3rd viewing and it`s still not getting old.

As far as the theology goes, I`m still trying to absorb it. The Middle Way is a basic take-away, but naturally it`s much more complex than that. Issues of time, suffering, transience and fulfillment are touched on also. I attained serenity and peace of mind several times yesterday by meditating on The Buddha. Interconnectivity of matter and being is another tenant. “It was a beautiful day. His mind drifted.” *(Note: the image on the left is Mara, the Lord of Desire. On the right is a statue of Siddhartha, otherwise known as The Buddha.)

Robbery Suspect Walks Into Police Station To Call Parents

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“Police in Oregon said a man who stopped by a police station to call his parents was arrested and charged with a bank robbery from the previous day.
Investigators said Nathan Alan Bramlage, 23, stopped by the Eugene police station lobby Wednesday to call his parents and an officer recognized him from security footage of the bank robbery at a Wells Fargo branch a little more than 24 hours earlier, The Register-Guard newspaper reported Thursday.
Detectives followed Bramlage out of the facility and arrested him without incident a few blocks away, police said.”
Sometimes cops expend a lot of time and energy in finding a suspect, and sometimes the suspect just walks into the police station. 
Bramlage is a real loser if he doesn’t have a cell phone, even the homeless have mobile phones. 
Bramlage is a stupid loser, the last place a fugitive should walk into is a police station. 
Now that he’s been arrested at least Bramlage gets a free phone call. 

Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade All The Way!

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Well, here we go! The Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade has just begun. I just hit the record button for the parade so that I can review the highlights later on. That`s a pic of Snoopy (on left), the first float in the parade. I will link for you a great photographic slideshow of the entire Parades` history, in terms of the floats. My favorite is Bullwinkle (on right) from 1963. Macy`s parade balloons: through the decades. On Happy Thanksgiving!

Lady Run Over By Her Own Car, Twice!

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An Australian woman was in a hospital after being run over by her own car — twice, authorities said.

The woman, from the Melbourne suburb of Noble Park, was hit in her driveway Wednesday afternoon when her car rolled backward out of the driveway.

The car then crossed the road, struck a fence and bounced back, hitting the woman again.


The hapless woman is in serious condition, but she is expected to fully recover from her injuries.

The unfortunate lady may never recover from the psychological trauma. Home is where we find refuge from the dangers of the world, but home is where this woman was run over by her own vehicle, not once but twice. She must have been mortified that her weird accident was witnessed by her neighbors.

Al least the police didn’t release her name, sparing her any further embarrassment.

On this Thanksgiving Day we should all be grateful that we aren’t in this woman’s predicament.

Dude Stranded On Deserted Island Too Embarrassed To Call For Help

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A California man who spent five days stranded on a deserted island said he was too embarrassed to use his cellphone to call for help.

BrianGoat Man Hopper, 54, of Encino, who was rescued by the Coast Guard Monday after spending five days living off vitamins and native plants on Roe Island, north of Concord in Suisun Bay, said he was too embarrassed to use his cellphone to call for help while trying to repair his inflatable raft, which had sprung a leak during his excursion, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

I was embarrassed to be stranded on an island, Hopper said. I thought I could fix my boat and make it to land … I didn’t want to spend the taxpayers’ money to have the Coast Guard come rescue some stupid guy.‘”


The “Goat Man” is an idiot for navigating the treacherous waters of Suisun Bay in an inflatable raft, and he’s an even bigger idiot for not calling for help.

If Hopper had called for help immediately he would have saved himself a lot of embarrassment, his adventure has now made the “Weird News” section of Web sites all over the globe.

Dude that’s what cell phones are for, to be used in case of an emergency!

“Mercedes-Benz” Turkeys Sell for As Much As $14 A Pound

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“New York markets are selling upscale Thanksgiving turkeys for as much as $14 a pound — translating to $168 for a 12-pound bird.
Retailer Dean & Deluca said it is offering the D’Artagnan wild turkey, which is billed as ‘farm-raised from the original wild breed,’ for $14 a pound as well as the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Heritage free-range turkey, which the store calls the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ of turkeys, for $11 per pound, the New York Daily News reported Monday.”
I donated a 19-pound Butterball Turkey to a church that is having Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, and it only set me back $33.00. I’m sure that most people, not just the homeless, are thankful for a Butterball Turkey in these hard economic times.
Wasting $168 dollars for a 12-pound bird is an outrage, why not just buy a regular turkey and give the rest of the money to the poor?
Anybody who buys a “Mercedes-Benz” turkey is the biggest turkey of all.

Dude Steals 9 Sticks Of Deodorant

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“Police in Georgia said a man attempted to steal several deodorant sticks from a pharmacy that was struck by a similar crime a week earlier.

Athens-Clarke County police said the man was caught on a security camera fleeing the store Friday with nine sticks of deodorant in four varieties stuffed into his cargo pants, the Athens Banner-Herald reported Monday.”


One week ago employees stopped a lady from stealing 12 deodorant sticks. The pharmacy should consider keeping the deodorant sticks behind the counter.

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but not when a person steals the deodorant that keeps him smelling as fresh as a baby.

Some of my co-workers don’t use a deodorant; I wish they would still a couple of sticks of deodorant.

Smelling nice is a high priority for me, but I would never risk jail time by stealing a stick of deodorant.

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