Why Is Susan Boyle a Genius and the Rest of Us Are BLATHERING Idiots?

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So Susan Boyle is a genius and the rest of us are blathering idiots. Deal with it! Live with it! It won`t change. I picked up The Gift on Saturday, while going through the check-out line at Whole Foods. My intention is to write a full review, so I might as well get the ball rolling, break the ice for the holidays, which are right around the corner.

Lots of production, choirs of voices projecting from heavenly spheres, compliments of Sony Music, I should say. Lots of nice classics, such as O Holy Night, The First Noel and Away In A Manger. Through the years, I`ve familiarized myself with these Fur Trees of Yuletide Bliss, and have made it a point to learn these Christmas classics. But along comes Don`t Dream It`s Over (Crowded House`s 1980s smash hit), which sticks out like a sore thumb lodged in a plumb pie. It`s my favorite, though? Let`s check out her sales right quick!

Idiot Bans Turkey Pardoned By Obama From Disneyland

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“Officials with the Disneyland theme park in California said the Thanksgiving turkey pardoned by the president will not appear at the park this year.

The theme park said the turkey, which in previous years served as a grand marshal of the Thanksgiving parade, will not appear at Disneyland this year following its pardon by President Barack Obama, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.”


The turkey who banned the pardoned turkey from Disneyland should be fired. Thousands of children, many of whom are now adults, have wonderful memories of the turkey serving as the grand marshal of the Thanksgiving parade.

The idiots who banned the turkey from Disneyland said that the turkey doesn’t fit with the park’s new promotional theme. Hello! Morons! It’s Thanksgiving, what could me more appropriate than having the pardoned turkey serve as the grand marshal of the freakin’ Thanksgiving Day parade!

The imbecile who banned the turkey should serve as the grand marshal; he’s the biggest turkey of all.

Who Cut Out the License Plate of This 1957 Chevrolet in Lee Oswald`s photo of General Walker`s House?

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This is my favorite photograph from the multitude that comprise a visual record of the JFK Assassination. The lingering question at hand, is why was the license plate cut out of the picture by someone? The car in question is a 1957 Chevrolet. What role did this Chevrolet play in the attempted shooting of General Edwin A. Walker on April 12, 1963? A neighbor, Walter Coleman, a fourteen-year-old boy at the time of the attempted shooting, saw a similar Chevrolet in a church parking lot that is next to Walker`s house. This was right after the shooting, and someone was putting something that resembled a rifle on the floorboard. Then they hightailed it out of there!

I use to live right near Walker`s house in Dallas back in the 1980s. I would often walk by this mysterious house, that was an important site in the Kennedy Assassination. The Warren Commission used the attempt on Walker`s life as a precedent, a pattern of violence on Oswald`s part, that led down a nebulous road of lone assassin conspiracy. But Walter Coleman saw more than one man flee the scene that spring night in 1963.

A photo in Jesse Curry`s book shows Oswald`s photo of the back of General Walker`s house. The license plate of the 1957 Chevrolet was in tact. This proves that the license plate was not cut out untilafter  it came into the possession of the Dallas police. Marina repeatedly testified that the license plate was in tact when still in Lee`s possession. Therefore, the doctoring took place after Lee was already dead. Therefore, it was either the Dallas Police, or someone in the federal government (FBI possibly?) who was trying to conceal this car from identification. *(Much of this comes from Conspiracy by Anthony Summers.)

Dude Steals Motorized Shopping Cart And Takes It To Strip Club

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Authorities in West Virginia said a man and a woman were arrested after allegedly stealing a motorized cart from Wal-Mart and taking it to a strip club.

Cabell County sheriff’s deputies said Jonathan Lee Misner, 34, and Billie Jo Stevenson, 36, both of Huntington, were arrested in the early hours Monday and charged with grand larceny and public intoxication, The Herald-Dispatch, Huntington, reported Wednesday.


Some dudes like to make a grand entrance, and they hire a limo to take them to a strip club. I imagine that Lee Misner and Billie Jo Stevenson are the first persons ever to take a motorized cart from Wal-Mart to a strip club. The dateline for this story is West Virginia, and perhaps it’s not uncommon for yahoos from this state to ride in a lawn mower or a motorized shopping cart to a strip club.

I doubt that Billie Jo or his date for the evening tipped the hardworking strippers.

The inmates are going to have a lot of fun with Billie Jo when they learn that their fellow inmate was busting after stealing a motorized cart and taking it to a strip club.

Who Shot Ronni Chasen Five Times At Point Blank Range In Beverly Hills?

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I begin my work today on the Ronni Chasen Case. Initially, I focus on all the key articles I can find on the case. I print them out so that I can see what I have. In this Who Dunnit?, I favor the Los Angeles Times piece, Police have little evidence in Ronni Chasen slaying, since the shooting occurred in Hollywood. I figure the LA Times is a little closer to this troubling mystery, since it happened right in Beverly Hills.

Then it`s always nice if I can find any video news coverage. CNN and ABC News are usually good for this. Okay, so I begin to sift through this mountain of data. I need to get the facts straight for a starter. The one image that keeps repeating itself to me is the marquee poster for Burlesque starring Cher. Ronni was just leaving this movie premiere when she was shot. I`ve seen the previews a few times, and it looks good.

Bet receipts will be awesomely big for Burlesque. You know where I`m going with this. My instincts tell me that the killer was on foot, and approached Ronni`s Mercedes coupe and shot directly into the vehicle from the passenger side. This was premeditated murder with a definite motive. Right now, no one knows what that motive might be? More digging is required.

I know you will be thinking about this case all day while you are at work! I`m positive, because it`s such an interesting case. Send me a comment or two of your theories and I will ponder the logic of your theories as I prepare an expanded analysis myself. Who shot Ronni Chasen 5 times point blank in Beverly Hills? (The title has already suggested itself for today`s post).

Bad Guy Dons Priest’s Vestments, Takes Up Collection At Church

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“The Rev. Bob Pienta of St. John Catholic Church in Jackson said a man used vestments from the church as a disguise during a Saturday mass and took the collection plate from the front of the church before walking out the door, The Jackson Citizen-Patriot reported Tuesday.

Pienta said members of the congregation described the man to him and he realized it was the same man who had asked him for money prior to the service. He said the man had showed him his ID and the pastor gave the information to police.”


I have to admire this crook’s chutzpah, it takes cool and grace to pull of a stunt like this.

But I don’t admire this dude’s stupidity, he would have gotten away if he hadn’t shown the priest his ID.

The guy was arrested, and all of the stolen money was recovered. The hapless criminal didn’t even have time to buy a beer.

Road Sign Warns: Caaution Zombies Ahead!

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“Arizona drivers were warned of the undead roaming a desert highway near Tucson over the weekend, after a suspected prankster tampered with an electronic road sign, police and news media said.

Someone without a good grasp of spelling reprogrammed a digital road sign on a highway near Marana, northwest of Tucson, to read “Caaution Zombies ahead!.”


I’m not afraid of zombies stumbling into a highway, I’m terrified of the zombies behind the wheels. We’ve all seen these zombies who are transfixed by their cell phones, and who are paying not attention to the road.

I ain’t afraid of no zombie, they’re soft and squishy, and I would love to run over a few of them.

Note to the prankster: You might convince a few meatheads that there are zombies ahead, if you learn how to spell.

Dude Found Naked In Street With Mouse In His Rectum

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“Police in South Carolina said a nude burglary suspect who appeared to be under the influence of drugs was found to have a mouse lodged in his rectum.
Oconee County sheriff’s deputies said they responded to a home near Seneca Monday on a report of a burglary and discovered Noah Smith, 31, was naked and lying face down in the doorway of the address, WCSC-TV, Charleston, reported.
The sheriff’s office said Smith, who was suspected to be under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms, was taken to a nearby hospital, where an X-ray discovered a mouse in his rectum.”
I hope this incident takes away any desire a young person may have to experiment with hallucinogenic mushrooms. I’d rather die from eating a poisonous mushroom than end up naked and lying face down in the street with a mouse in my rectum.
Smith told hospital staff he couldn’t remember the events that lead to  his arrest. Listen you idiot, it all started with the magic mushroom. Give up the mushrooms, and you won’t end up naked on the streets with a rodent in your rectum.
Smith is an oxygen thief, and if he takes drugs again I hope next time he will stuff a mouse in his mouth and choke to death.

The Pogues` Song If I Should Fall From Grace With God On Television Ad?

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I was surprised to hear a Pogues` song, If I Should Fall From Grace With God, used in a television commercial. I don`t recall the company, but I thought to my self, “This is odd, The Pogues are more of an underground band.”This ad may stimulate an interest in the band, whose lingering legacy rolls out an intriguing red carpet of music, mirth, and madness. *(You will need to review their history, & I`ll join you.) 

Hearing this ad did exactly that to me. I realized I didn`t have one single Irish Jig a la Pogues in the house, and made a beeline over to my local record hop, Waterloo, and performed a scavenger hunt of the CD bins for Classic Pogues. I found a Rhino reissue of the 1989 record Peace & Love, and a German import of their classic from 1988 (1988 was a pivotal year for me),  If I Should Fall From Grace With God.

If I Should Fall…is solid. Spinning it this morning. The title track, Turkish Song of the Damned, and Fairytale of New York, all written by Shane MacGowan, are my favorite tracks. The instrumentation is worthy of careful examination. Terry Woods plays Cittern, Concertina, Mandola, Tenor Banjo, Dulcimer and Guitar. James Fearnley plays Accordian, Piano, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Guitar, Cello and Percussion.

Just imagine a band that blends traditional Irish sounds with a Punk mentality. What do you get? Turkish Song of the Damned sounds like a Sea Chantey to me.

Why was a Chicken Lunch and an Empty Pop Bottle Sitting in the Sniper`s Nest?

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“A Dallas police inspector named J.H. Sawyer said the police found the remains of fried chicken and paper on the 5th floor indicating he said that apparently the person had been there for quite a while waiting for this moment in history.” (CE 2174)

I often wondered what to make of the half-eaten chicken lunch, a soda pop bottle, and an empty cigarette package, that was left behind on the Sixth Floor of The Texas School Book Depository Building. Dallas detectives who had originally found the Sniper`s Nest, were in disagreement in their observation about just where the chicken lunch or bones were sitting.

No photographs were ever taken of this unusual evidence. Some detectives saw the bones in a different window all together. Another odd and terrible omission, is that the pop bottle wasn`t dusted for fingerprints. Oswald had his lunch on the first floor at around 12:15 PM. A witness saw him there. It wasn`t Lee who was eating the chicken lunch. The bones were seen right on a book box that was utilized to construct the Sniper`s Nest.

The Chicken Lunch is on pages 39, 40, and 41 of Sylvia Meagher`s Accessories After The Fact, first published in 1967. You may want to take a closer look at the chicken lunch story, it sure doesn`t add up, if you ask me.

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