Burglary Suspect Got Ride From The Cops

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Florida police said a man who broke into a convenience store and stole synthetic marijuana was recognized by an officer who had given him a ride.

The Bonifay Police Department said officers responded at about 5 a.m. Sunday to a BP service station where they discovered a door had been broken with a brick and synthetic marijuana had been stolen from the counter, the Panama City (Fla.) News Herald reported Tuesday.

Police said they viewed surveillance footage of the burglary and the suspect was recognized by an officer who had given the man a ride to a relative’s house at about 1 a.m. the same morning.


Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product which, when consumed mimics the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2[1] and Spice[2], both of which have largely become genericized trademarks used to refer to any synthetic cannabis product.”


A real pothead is too lazy and too mellow to break into a convenience store to steal synthetic marijuana.

Albert is an idiot, a criminal should never accept a ride from a cop. Any bad guy worth his salt will avoid all contact with law enforcement officials.

Albert Piccirillo, 22, the burglar is giving pot lovers a bad name. I hope he’s sentenced to a few years in prison.

Hearing about this clown is stressing me out, I think I need some marijuana, the real kind.

Lounge Show Honors Blake Edwards and Pulls Out Some Thurl Ravenscroft!

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I was scrambling last weekend, make that two weekends ago, to catch a cache of the ancient media storage format that we remember as blank audio cassettes (I use Maxell UR-Normal Bias-120 minutes). Target quit selling them, but fortunately, Waterloo Records hasn`t discontinued this ‘End of Days’  technology. The thing is, I wanted to record some of this superb radio programming of KOOP 91.7 during the holidays. The Lounge Show, hosted by Jay Robillard, did not disappoint last Saturday morning, at 10:00 AM (CST), since he honored the passing of the popular film maker, Blake Edwards (1922-2010).

Jay shot out of the starting gate with The Pink Panther Theme, by Henry Mancini. Later, he played Moon River (actual version from Breakfast At Tiffanys), by Mancini again. Blake Edwards worked quite thriftily with Henry Mancini, you`ll probably agree? But Jay sprinkled in lots of improbable Yuletide ditties as well. One gem that I can`t find anything about on the internet, is Ganza Negra by Rene True Danza; would be worthwhile to dig a lttle more, I should think.

Okay, I need to get to the Meat of the Matter. The reason why I`m penning this little flap of fluff about Jay`s Saturday Lounge Show, is because he played Thurl Ravenscroft`s You`re A Mean One Mr. Grinch. I have the 1966 special (animation done by Chuck Jones) arriving through the mail in the next few days via Netflix. Thurl is my hero by way of voice over cult figures, worshipped by wrinkly puckish (frolicksome)baby-boomers the world over. I best remember his baritone throat for Tony The Tiger, used in Kellogg`s Frosted Flakes` commercials. Did lots more, check it out!

Anyway, running out of time, got to get ready for the factory. Jay played (rotated on his turntable) so much more last Saturday, like Don Ho`s Song of Christmas, Fay McKay`s bawdy and intoxicated send up of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and lots more Blake Edwards. How about John Gary`s White Room-tremendous send-down on Cream classic! Got to run-I`m Out To Lurch (you rang)! *(P.S. Jay, Platter Master Dennis, and Joey B will play 4 hours of Christmas music on Koop, from 10 AM-2 PM on 12/25-It`s streamed on the internet, so people around the world can enjoy!)

What The Heck? Sanitary Pad Ads Invoke WikiLeaks

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A Pakistani advertising campaign for the Butterfly brand of sanitary pads is drawing attention with its topical humor slogan: “WikiLeaks. Butterfly doesn’t.”

RG Blue Communications, the advertising agency behind the campaign, said the slogan currently appears on two billboards in Karachi with a print campaign and a third billboard on the way, The Express Tribune reported Thursday.


I predict that this advertising campaign will be an unqualified disaster. The image of a leaking sanitary pad isn’t going to compel women to buy the Butterfly brand.

There is no connection between the WikiLeaks story, and sanitary pads. The billboards may inspire people to read about the WikiLeaks story, but it isn’t going to sell any Butterfly sanitary pads.

This advertising campaign is so lame that dudes may break up with their girlfriends if they were Butterfly sanitary pads.

Dude Nicknamed “Pimp Daddy” Rejected By Canadian Police

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A Canadian mixed martial arts fighter said Toronto police revoked a conditional offer of employment due to concerns about his former stage name, Pimp Daddy.

Sean Pierson, 34, who won a match Saturday at UFC 124 in Montreal when he took the place of an injured fighter, said he was given the nickname Pimp Daddy by a promoter in 1999, but he hasn’t used the moniker in years, The Toronto Star reported Thursday.

Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed the nickname was a problem for officials.


Wrestlers and mixed martial arts fighters often have outrageous nicknames, Pierson’s over-the-top moniker shouldn’t be held against him.

It takes courage, dedication and physical prowess to be a mixed martial arts fighter, the police could use somebody with Pierson’s background.

It’s not like Pierson’s police name tag will read “Pimp Daddy.” The Canadian cops should chill out and hire Pierson; I’m sure he would make an outstanding officer.

My Introduction to Bollywood with the Rough Guide`s New Collection

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I was shopping for CDs at Waterloo yesterday in search of attractive titles to give as Christmas gifts. The clerk was playing some nifty tracks that sounded very Indian. Very exotic and romantic. I kinda figured it was Bollywood stuff, but wasn`t quite sure? Been meaning to give some consideration to Bollywood, but haven`t quite gotten around to it. Little intimidating, there`s so much to learn. Only the whole history of Indian cinema, going back to the silent era.

Oh well, gotta start somewhere! Turns out the clever record clerk was playing The Rough Guide To Bollywood. I picked this up, seeing how I`ve had a lotta success with Rough Guide in the past, like when I went to Italy and used it for many travels through Italy. This Bollywood collection includes a DVD, There`ll Always Be Stars In The Sky, which gives you a helpful glance at Indian Cinema.

So far, I`m favoring Lata Mangeshkar, whose heyday seems to have been in the early 1970s. Will require further research. Wonder if Netflix has any of these Indian titles available for viewing? Boy am I a novice of this Bollywood phenomenon, but I`m starting to catch the fever. Won`t you join me? The Rough Guide to Bollywood is Bollywood 101 for us bumpkins. *(Great pictorial link for you of contemporary stars of Indian cinema.)

Baby Born In Car During Snowstorm

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“A Michigan couple stranded at the side of the road by a snowstorm said their son was born in the back seat of their car with the help of a police officer.
Greg and Jessica Porter said they were traveling from their East Jordan home to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City when the Sunday morning snowstorm stranded them along a road in Elk Rapids, The Record-Eagle in Traverse City, reported.
The Porters said they called authorities and baby Bradley Porter was born in the back seat of their vehicle with the assistance of village police officer Michael Courson.”
The Porters should have named their baby son Snowball. I know that’s usually a name bestowed on white cats, but under the circumstances everybody would have  understood.
Cops are sometimes called upon to kill a bad guy to protect innocent lives, but this time a police offer helped bring a child into the world.
I wish the cop, the Porters and baby Snowball a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

Chicago Surfers Brave Post-Snowstorm Conditions On Lake Michigan

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Chicago surfers said they are braving post-snowstorm conditions on Lake Michigan because winter gives you the best waves.

Bryan McDonald, 43, who spent 2 1/2 half hours Monday among the 19-foot waves, said conditions were ideal for winter surfing, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.


Conditions may be ideal for winter surfing, but they are also ideal for hypothermia. I wouldn’t dip my toes in that frigid water for two seconds, let alone surf for a couple of hours.

Video of the Chicago surfers would make a perfect “This is your brain on drugs” commercial.

I hope that amateur surfers aren’t inspired by these lunatics to go surfing on Lake Michigan.

If these surfers need the attention of paramedics, they should be fined.

Dude Tosses A Squirrel Through Fast Food Drive-Through Window

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“An Illinois man was cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly chucking a dead squirrel through a fast-food restaurant’s drive-through window, police say.

Christopher Thompson, 26, of Pekin, is accused of rolling up to a Hardee’s drive-through window in Bartonville Dec. 3 and asking the attendant for extra nuts for the squirrel he was petting. When the employee said she didn’t think it was a real squirrel, he allegedly replied, “Yes it is,” tossed in the window and drove off.


Birds of a feather flock together, Thompson got the idea for his foolish prank when a friend left the dead squirrel in his car as a joke.

Fast food employees have thankless jobs, how would you like to repeat “would you like fries with that” a hundred times a day? We should respect these tireless workers, and not pull any stupid pranks on them.

Thompson was arrested by the cops a few days later and issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.

Come And Get It-The Best Of Apple Records-Great Stocking Stuffer For Christmas!

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I picked up Come And Get It-The Best Of Apple Records when I noticed that Mary Hopkin`s second single, Goodbye was on it. I wanted to get her debut album on Apple, Postcard, produced by Paul McCartney. I`ll still get Postcard, but for now I`m content with Come And Get It. In fact, I can`t take it off the record player. 21 tracks, many of which I don`t recall ever hearing before. Where to begin?

Carolina In My Mind has always been my favorite James Taylor song. Paul`s on bass and George does backing vocals. It`s the string arrangement by Richard Hewson that really makes it. Great liner notes with pics of the original singles. Never heard Ain`t That Cute by Doris Troy, who was discovered by James Brown at the Apollo Theatre. And I love Billy Preston`s That`s The Way God Planned It. Check out the musicians on that tune some time!

Okay, I recorded my own cover of Mary Hopkin`s Goodbye back in the late 1970s. Paul wrote it and I don`t recall him writing anything that good since. That`s Ronnie Spector on Try Some, Buy Some, which is one of George`s songs that appeared on Living In The Material World. I just learned he used the same backing track but just added his own vocal. Finally, I`ve always loved Badfinger`s Day After Day. I always thought that was Paul working with Badfinger. That`s wrong, it was George.

That`s coming from someone who is suppose to be an expert on The Beatles! I`m learning a lot new from this attractive Apple compilation. Great stocking stuffer for Christmas!

No Brainer! Nick Cave`s Grinderman 2 Is Record Of The Year for 2010!

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I asked an employee at Waterloo Records what her favorite release was for 2010? When left to my own devices, I tend to drift my way back to Classic Rock or to the sundry myriad of Golden Oldies that populate our Yesteryears. That may have something to do with my age? So `m aware that I must seek outside support, or impute from younger folk who keep up with the current trends of our time. This twenty-something-record-clerk told me she completely digs Nick Cave`s Grinderman 2, so I bought it.

I hadn`t heard the first one, so I was suspicious it might not measure up. I eyed the cover, a snarling wolf treading a clean marble floor. When I got home I quickly opened the record and put it on my retro-stereo and revved it up. What I heard was just what I wanted to hear, fresh, spontaneous songs that must have been stored a Genie`s bottle for three thousand years. “Cling to me baby in this rented room. Who needs the TV? You are my TV! Who needs a record player? You are my record player! O cling to me baby in this rented room!”-Evil

How do you like that? A dame as your record player. Interesting image. Avoiding excessive analysis, as in breaking down the words and sounds. It works better this way. Read Dashiel Hamett all day yesterday, looking for an open window into Nick Cave`s world. Found it, but I don`t know where or how? Favorite tune is Palace of Montezuma, a summary of 2010. “The spinal cord of JFK, Wrapped in Marilyn Monroe`s negligee, I give to you.” *(oodles of positive reviews linked for you here.)

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