Fake Cop In Drag Stops Drivers

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Baltimore police say a man wearing a woman’s wig and an overly large officer’s hat has been pulling drivers over and inspecting their licenses.

In at least one case, he kept a woman’s license, The Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday. So far, he appears to have done little harm and in most cases has not even broken the law.

Police in the city’s Northern District are warning residents about the fake, who has switched to a black shoulder-length wig and knee-high boots for his most recent traffic stops.


The police claim that in most cases the fake cop hasn’t even broken the law; I thought it was illegal to impersonate a police officer.

I don’t think this dude dresses like a cop because he’s on an authority trip. I think he just gets a kick out of dressing up like a  police officer.

He should dress up like a cop, but instead of hitting the streets and stopping motorists, he should go to a transvestite-friendly bar.

Study: ATM’s, Toilets Have Same Bacteria

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“A British company said tests carried out on ATMs and public toilets found they contain many of the same illness-causing bacteria.
BioCote, a company specializing in antimicrobial protection, said swabs taken from a string of automated teller machines and the seats of nearby public toilets found both locations contained illness and diarrhea-causing bacteria, including enteric coliforms, pseudomonads and Bacillus.”
I avoid public toilets like the plague; I’m disgusted by the filthy conditions that are breeding grounds for bacteria.
I often use ATM’s, and I was totally oblivious that they are us filthy as public restrooms.
But what can you do, after all the greenbacks that the ATM’s dispense are crawling with bacteria.
It’s impossible not to come in contact with dangerous bacteria, we must wash our hands at every opportunity

Golden Voiced Ted Williams Better Get A Grip, and Quick!

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I hope Ted Williams will be okay. He`ll have to turn his eye away from the cruel media, who are pouncing on the poor homeless, overnight sensation like so many black panthers springing on its prey (say, that cutey of a cross-eyed opossum mega-Facebook star). Okay, so he got into a little scuffle with his daughter at a Hollywood hotel. Some loose-ends from his past, no doubt. I suspect family members are envious of Ted`s new found fame. Ted better get a grip, if he wants to survive! Show Business is ruthless; maintaining his sobriety is the key, one would think.

And the media should lay off too! This would help a great deal. Last night I heard about his entire troubled past and saw a number of his mug shots. The media shouldn`t be posting these, that`s being a bad sport. Ted better get a thick skin right now, or his house of cards will come tumbling down. He should concentrate just on his announcing, that`s what he does best. He shouldn`t be talking at all to the people from his troubled past, this will make him vulnerable.

This reminds me of these lottery winners, whose distant relatives suddenly appear out of the woodwork to grab a stake in the winners new found fortune. I`m reminded of Abraham Shakespeare down in Florida who let a swindler take advantage of him. Eventually, he was rolled of his dough and finally murdered. I covered this story, and it tends to stick with me in a lesson learned. Ted better be careful and maintain a distance from many who claim to be his friends. Stick to those lucrative business offers. Otherwise, disappear.

Fool Issued Ticket For Using ATV To Shovel Snow

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“A Canadian man who tried to clear snow from sidewalks for seniors with his ATV said he was slapped with a $250 fine and a $350 impound fee.

Jon Cooper, 62, of St. Albert, Alberta, said he was using the four-wheeler to clear snow from the sidewalk at 1 p.m. Saturday when the ATV became stuck in a large snowbank, the QMI Agency reported Tuesday.”

Jon Cooper, 62, should have learned a hell of a long time ago that no good deed goes unpunished. The fool should have simply prayed that God would give his elderly neighbors the strength to clear their driveways of snow.
I’m glad Cooper’s good dead set him back $600, he shouldn’t have made a Hollywood production out of clearing snow from a sidewalk. Why the ATV homeboy, ever hear of a shovel?
Cooper should be grateful that he wasn’t arrested for endangering people by operating an ATV on the sidewalk.

Toronto Gets 300 911 Butt Dials Per Day

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“Emergency responders in Toronto said they respond to about 300 calls to 911 each day from people who mistakenly called the number by sitting on their phones.”

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2011/01/11/City-gets-300-911-butt-dials-per-day/UPI-51071294769519/#ixzz1Am6RTcBK

The erroneous calls tie up operators who have to investigate every 911 call. These buttheads should be fined, maybe that will motivate them not to put their mobile phones in their back pockets.
These idiots have have downloaded hundreds of apps, but they can’t seem to master the simple trick of locking their phones so they won’t make any accidental calls.
If a person who mistakenly make more than one 911 call per month should have their phone confiscated by the police.

Library of Congress Acquires 200,000 Priceless Master Discs from Universal Music Group

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The Library of Congress has been donated 200,000 recordings. These are some of the master discs that Universal Music Group has stored in its vaults, that could benefit from better preservation methods, that most certainly is a capacity of The Library of Congress. The preservation issue is critical since these master discs come from an earlier period of American Music, 1926-1948. Universal must feel relief from the burden of caring for all these old masters, that come in the passé formats of metal, glass and lacquer.

It`s hard for me to visualize what these discs look like, since I`ve never seen any them before. Okay, I`m quite familiar with the large 2 inch reel to reel tapes, dating back to my days of recording. This is a good deal for Universal Music Group, since they will still retain the right to release any of these old records commercially. I`m not even familiar with the Universal Music Group name, but they were formerly called MCA, so that rings a bell.

MCA was started by Herb Albert back in 1970s, as I recall. Okay, The New York Times article, where I`m getting my information, traces some of the history of UMG; they were originally Decca Records and were begun in 1934. I can relate to that, The Stones were on that label. The article didn`t divulge what music is included in this vast collection, don`t believe it`s quite known yet. I did learn, however, that MCA got their hands on some of the early jazz and blues labels, like Brunswick, Coral, Vocalion and Mercury. That lets me know they have some valuable treasures, reminders of our earlier rich history of sound.

Lady Seeks Owner Of Envelope Stuffed With Cash

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“An Illinois woman who discovered an envelope containing $1,000 on a sidewalk said she is searching for the rightful owner of the cash.

Shannon Dowdle of Glenview said she found the cash-stuffed envelope outside a Skokie shopping center Dec. 21 and workers at three nearby stores told her no one had reported the money missing, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.”

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2011/01/07/Family-seeks-owner-of-found-cash/UPI-31841294392600/#ixzz1AMxJqLxP

If I find an envelope stuffed with cash on a sidewalk it might as well be addressed: From God To Robert. I wouldn’t be searching for the owner of the cash, I’d be searching for deals online on a new laptop.
Anybody who keeps $1,000 in an envelope is either an idiot or a crook, and they don’t deserve to get their money back.
Shannon has gone the extra mile to find the owner of the cash, girlfriend should spend that money now.
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!

The Magic Christian-A Reminder To Forget, But Lots Of Fun! Huh?

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Today is Friday. I need to keep it light and happy or I fear my stress level will overwhelm me. The light British comedy The Magic Christian is just the medicine for what ails (corrected Ringo malpropism, ills) me. (What that is exactly eludes me?) A few weeks ago I was studying up on Apple Records, and this film made in 1969, starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, kept popping up in the linernotes I was reading. I saw it when it originally came out but could only remember the theme song, Come And Get It, along with the final scene where Greedies go for the money in a fountain filled with urine and feces. Who could forget that?

What can you say about this film? Not much. The plot is nothing, just Peter and Ringo knocking around London playing pranks on the pillars of society. Peter just cut up a Rembrandt with John Cleese looking on as a Sotheby`s auctioneer aghast. I`ll just be half-way through the MC when I post this, so will have to get back with you for a sounder assessment. Not too impressed so far, but at least you don`t have to think! Succinctly, it`s a sneak peak at what Monty Python would become.

Cop Quits After He Was Caught Having Sex On The Job

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A Florida police corporal resigned after 24 years on the job when Internal Affairs officers caught him having sex in the back of his vehicle while on duty.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said Internal Affairs opened an investigation into Cpl. Scott Guffey, 46, after receiving a tip from a citizen accusing him of inappropriate activity while on duty, WTSP-TV, Tampa, reported Wednesday.

Internal Affairs investigators said they followed Guffey to a public park while he was supposed to be supervising undercover officers, and they witnessed him having sex with a 24-year-old woman in the back seat of his unmarked car during daylight hours.


This cop wasn’t just screwing a hottie, he was screwing the public that he was supposed to “serve and protect”. While he was having sex in the back of his cruiser, he was neglecting to safeguard the safety of the public.

As a supervisor he should have been setting a good example for rookie officers, instead of screwing around on the job.

It’s a good thing that this jerk is no longer on the force — unfortunately he is eligible to collect a $60,000-per-year pension.

Guffey is married with children, let’s hope that his wife kicks him to the curb.

Morons Arrested For Stealing Manhole Covers

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Authorities in Florida said they have arrested two men accused of stealing manhole covers to sell as scrap metal.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responding to an 11 p.m. Monday call about a suspicious vehicle discovered a Chevrolet Avalanche being driven by Kenneth Pierce, 20, with Michael Rowe, 25, in the bed of the vehicle with a pry bar and the manhole covers, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Wednesday.


If you are in your 20’s and you are reduced to stealing manhole covers that you can sell for scrap for a few dollars, you are an oxygen thief, and you should hold your breath until you die.

The missing manhole covers pose a safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers; I hope the creeps are sentenced to a few years in prison.

The scumbags were charged with grand theft.

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