No Thrills or Surprises for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards!

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The buzz on the internet this morning with regards to last night`s 83rd Academy Awards is that the youthful hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, weren`t able to fill the shoes of old timers like Billy Crystal or the late, great Bob Hope. They showed a clip of Bob and he was much better with the one liners. The problem here is that the writers didn`t give these two greenhorns any good lines to work with. Lots of cool costume changes for Anne though!

The Oscars themselves were exactly on script in terms who won, so there wasn`t much magic or spontaneity involved. When Randy Newman won for best song, he didn`t seem to much care, since he`s won so many times before (20 previous nominations). His song We Belong Together was practically a re-write of things he`s done before. If I Rise by Dido and A.R. Rahman was the most original and inspirational song for me.

The only time the icy mediocrity was broken was when Melissa Leo accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film The Fighter. She was actually nervous and charged-up and accidentally let the F word slip out. Don`t worry, the censor button was on. Luke Metheny was good too, with a very wild Afro-hairdo. But poor James Franco phoned it in. This type of gig is not his forte. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Academy Awards, or as it is known in my house, Passover.” Bob Hope had the best sound bite for 83rd!

Chicken Channel Features Chickens Roasting 24/7

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“Some Canadian cable subscribers will soon be able to watch a restaurant chain’s chickens spinning and roasting on rotisseries 24 hours a day.

The Swiss Chalet chain, which specializes in roasted chicken and ribs, announced on Facebook, in conjunction with Rogers Cable, viewers will be able to watch chickens roasting around the clock on Channel 208 beginning Monday.

The all-chicken roasting channel is scheduled to run for 13 weeks, the company said.”


I don’t mind watching a chicken spinning and roasting on a rotisserie for an hour, as long as I get to eat the chicken when it’s down.

But watching a chicken roasting for hours on end on TV is pointless, there’s no payoff. It’s like watching a stripper go through her gyrations for an hour, but she never takes of her bra or panties.

But I must admit that watching a chicken spin on a rotisserie is more fun than watching golf, I hope my cable system replaces “The Golf Channel” with the “Chicken Roasting Channel.”

Would You Eat A Bologna Lollipop At The Ballpark?

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“The West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team is allowing Web site visitors to vote on potential ballpark menu items including bologna lollipops.

Items on the poll, which closes March 4, include the bologna lollipop, a 5-inch diameter, 1-inch-thick slice of fried bologna on a stick, as well as a hot dog topped with duck meat and frog legs, a bacon-topped hamburger on a honey bun, a burrito containing hamburger meat with macaroni and cheese, a meat and potato parfait, a meat salad, a bacon-wrapped “Sonoran dog,” and a 5,630 calorie-meal featuring spaghetti and meatballs spread on a 16-inch loaf of garlic bread.”


A real man doesn’t suck on lollipops at a baseball game. But it’s not  really a lollipop, it’s a 1-inch thick slice of fried bologna on a stick. Actually, that sounds delicious, just don’t call it a dang lollipop.

Most of those items sound yummy, except for the hot dog topped with duck meat and frog legs. The only topping or condiment that I put on my dog is mustard.

That 5,630 calorie-meal sound great, but I would have to hire someone to wheelchair me to my car in the lot.

Unknown (Take Back Your Life) a Surprising Smash Hit!

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On Saturday I attended a matinee showing of Unknown-(Take Back Your Life), starring Liam Neeson, and was surprised on several levels. One level was that I usually have the theater to myself, but this time the showing was completely sold out (The young man in the seat next to me fidgetted somewhat, but was mostly well behaved). I saw it at a Cinemark Multi-Cinema, that is located in a new shopping center, Southpark Meadows in South Austin. I wondered what all the brouhaha was about?

Lots of older people there, such as myself. I realized it was Liam Neeson, who still is a magnet with BIG TIME box office draw. The other level of surprise (that I was mentioning above) was how good the movie was. With each frame the plot twists and turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and is a nail biter of the highest order. I would compare it to an Ian Fleming Cold War thriller along the lines of Goldfinger or Doctor No.

My favorite character was Ernst Jurgen (Bruno Ganz) who plays a private investigator who tries to help Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) reclaim his identity. Ernst was a former Stasi agent for East Germany. We don`t see too many of these types of thrillers coming out of Hollywood these days. This is the reason, I believe, why this film is resonating with so many people. Domestic sales through February 22nd were $27,420,283 and foreign sales were $5,500,000. Still sorting out the plot – who knows, maybe I`ll go again next weekend!

Gold Tooth Stops Bullet

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“New Orleans police said a man who was shot by his brother was spared serious injury or death when the bullet bounced off his gold tooth.
Police said Waltdell Davis, 20, used a .22-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver to shoot his brother, Walter Davis, 22, after an argument about Walter smoking his younger brother’s marijuana, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune reported Wednesday.
Walter was struck in the upper lip and doctors at Interim Louisiana State University Public Hospital said all they found was a bullet fragment near his left nostril. Paramedics said the victim told them the bullet ricocheted off his gold tooth.”
Pot smokers are mellow and laid-back, it’s hard to believe that a dude shot his own brother because he suspected him of smoking his weed. 
Gold teeth are gaudy and in bad taste, but I guess it’s better to look like a fool than to be dead. If it wasn’t for his gold tooth Walter would be dead. 
Walter is a true pot head, he forgives his brother and doesn’t want to press charges against him.
While his brother is in jail, I hope that Walter’s smokes his stash of weed. 

Two Women Have An Epic Battle Over Box Of Girl Scout Cookies

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“Police in Florida said a fight between two roommates leading to a woman’s arrest began as a dispute about a box of Girl Scout cookies.
The police report of the incident said Hersha Howard, 31, of Naples, woke her roommate during the weekend and accused her of eating her box of Thin Mints, the Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Tuesday.”
Girl Scout cookies conjure up images of wholesome young girls, sugar and spice, and everything that’s nice.
But in Florida a woman who’s uglier than a decomposing tadpole was arrested for repeatedly hitting her roommate with a board — all over a box of Girl Scout cookies.
Hersha will be spending the next few weeks in jail eating baloney sandwiches will her roommate enjoys delicious Girl Scout cookies.

In Chicago Even The Dead Vote

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“Chicago’s Tuesday mayoral election follows a tradition of campaigns and elections in the city featuring odd occurrences, including violence.

The Chicago Tribune said the campaign leading up to Tuesday’s election for mayor and aldermen, which is notable for front-runner Rahm Emanuel being briefly removed from the ballot and another candidate being accused of smoking crack cocaine, was relatively tame in comparison to some historic elections in the city.”


Many Americans vote only in presidential elections, and they blow off mayoral elections.

But residents of Chicago are very patriotic, they vote early and the vote often. The average citizen of Chicago votes at least a couple of times in the same election.

Even the dead do their patriotic duty, and cast their ballots.

I hope that the dead and the living will rally around Rahm Emanuel, he deserves to be the next mayor of Chicago.

Sunday Was Kurt Cobain`s Birthday! I Discover Nevermind and Grunge Rock.

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Sunday was Kurt Cobain`s 44th birthday (if still a mortal man). Fans made an effort to clean up Viretta Park in Seattle. Viretta Park was Kurt`s favorite hangout site, and was close to the house he lived in at the time of his death (April 5, 1994). This fan group wants to create a permanent memorial, a marker of some type, out of respect for the rock star who helped to revolutionize Grunge Rock through his band Nirvana.

Apparently, fans have been just leaving messages or pics on park benches as a way of showing their devotion for Cobain. These items are quickly picked up and disposed of by park employees. It`s been 17 years now since Kurt Cobain left us. I remember it well, I was working as a teacher in Dallas when it happened. I paid my own respects yesterday and bought Nevermind on itunes. I`ve never owned a Nirvana album before, so it surprised me by how really good it sounds.

Nevermind was Nirvana`s breakthrough record and has sold more than 26 million copies to date (according to Wikipedia). It sounds completely fresh and new to me! Love the way the guitars and drums were recorded – sounds live. The producer Butch Vig had a lot to do with the success of Nevermind. Okay, now I  understand what Grunge Rock is!

Twenty years later I finally get around to figuring this out. Better late then never! Lounge Act is on right now. Boy these Altec Lansing`s suck big time! Was checking out some Band & Olufsen`s a few weeks ago, but they were $1200 for a pair. I`ll have to imagine how it would sound on the B & Os!

Crazy Kiwis Sell Horse Semen At Wildfoods Festival

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“Long renowned for pioneering extreme sports such as bungee-jumping and heli-skiing, New Zealanders are now pushing culinary boundaries by serving up shots of horse semen to iron-stomached food lovers.

The equine delicacy will be on the menu at the annual Wildfoods Festival in the South Island town of Hokitika next month, along with other gastronomic delights such as raw scorpions, chocolate-covered beetles and deep-fried grubs.

“The idea is you’ll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards,” Christchurch racehorse breeder Lindsay Kerslake, who came up with the semen surprise, told Fairfax Media.”


Kiwis are quite simply bonkers, they take everything to an extreme. You might find chocolate-covered ants for sale at a fair or festival in the States, but if anyone sold horse semen anywhere in America he would be closed down by the health department, and nobody would buy any anyway.

I might eat a chocolate-covered beetle or a deep-fried grubs, put chocolate on anything, or deep-fry it and I will eat it. But no red-blooded American would eat horse semen for a billion bucks.

If I ever travel to New Zealand, I won’t dine in any restaurant, heaven only knows what will be on the menu.

Dude’s Pooch Hurls Weed Out Window When He’s Pulled Over By Cops

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“Authorities in Oregon said a man’s own ‘personal drug dog’ took a sock filled with marijuana and hashish and threw it out of his window during a traffic stop.

Sherman County sheriff’s Sgt. John Terrel said he pulled over a 1998 pickup truck with California plates just before noon Feb. 9 in Moro and noticed a sock fly out of the vehicle’s window, KGW-TV, Portland, Ore., reported Wednesday.

Terrel said the driver, identified as Joel Dobrin, 32, told him he was trying to put the sock away during the traffic stop when his dog, a pit bull mix, grabbed onto it and attempted to play a game of tug-of-war. Dobrin said said the dog managed to take the sock and tossed it out the window.”


A pit bull is going to win a tug-of-war against his master every time. If Terrel has a penchant for driving around with his pooch, he should never have hid his dope in something that looks like a dog’s chew toy. When my pit bull mix was a puppy, she loved to chew any dirty socks I left on the floor instead of in the hamper.
I hope Terrel doesn’t take out his frustration on his dog, the poor thing was just playing with his master.
The cops should confiscate the canine, and train him to be a police dog.

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