Cheeseburger Chucker Charged With Crime

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“A Florida man who allegedly threw a cheeseburger at another customer’s vehicle in a McDonald’s drive-through faces a misdemeanor charge, officials said.

Brant Goodwin Stephens, 43, of Lakewood Park was arrested on a criminal mischief charge in connection with the incident, reported Monday.
The victim got the alleged cheeseburger chucker’s license number, and investigators said they traced the vehicle to Stephens.”


If someone threw a cheeseburger at Oprah’s limousine he wouldn’t be charged with a crime, because the talk show queen would eat the evidence.

Maybe the cheeseburger chucker will meet up with the McBurglar behind bars, and they can commensurate on how much they hate McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

I hope the judge takes it easy on the cheeseburger chucker, it’s a natural tendency to want to throw away McDonald’s lousy food.

Radiohead`s ‘The King of Limbs’ is out, Or Is It?

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I was late to the game (slow to the punch bowl…missed the train) with Radiohead. A few years ago I succumbed to the super-modern-techno-digital-age-Nosteramus-esque-underground-anti-band, and purchased every one of their LPs. Loved em all. In Rainbows, their most pop-accessible, is my favorite. This morning I picked up The King of Limbs on itunes, and am on my first listen, but I`m paying attention.

As I listen, I`m looking up some reviews to get an idea what others (as in people in the know for Alternative Rock) are thinking. I always check out what Pop Matters says, because they often have actual record reviews. Arnold Pan rather likes The King of Limbs, and it sounds as if he knows what he`s talking about. A bit about a dynamic balance between the technological and human seems to be on the mark. (That`s the fifth paragraph in the review).

My first impression is that I love the way the bass is mixed up front, as if it`s the dominant instrument. Bloom puts me on a spaceship trip with a syncopated rhythm that has a Martian time signature. Okay, I just punched the mouse again on Bloom – don`t know what`s going on? Stanley Donwood did the art work for The King of Limbs (Here`s The Guardian review). Something about trees and Northern European fairy tales…in the music too. Okay, I get it! Fairy Tales filtered through the new digital age? Lotus Flower is danceable techno pop…Back to the drawing board.

Cancer Survivor Makes Jewelry Out Of Expired Meds

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“A California cancer survivor who says she was “deeply in debt because I was underinsured” earns money selling costume jewelry made out of expired medications.

Susan Braig, 61, of Altadena, makes necklaces, earrings and other items using pharmaceutical pills and tablets. She told the Los Angeles Times the idea came to her in 2007 — three years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy.


I commend Braig for thinking outside the box, and coming up with a creative way to make money to pay for her medical bills.

But it’s a shame that so many Americans are underinsured or uninsured. We mustn’t allow Republicans to water down Obama’s affordable health care plan.

Braig is now cancer-free, and I wish her good luck in all her future endeavors.

Winning Lottery Ticket Dropped In Collection Plate

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“The pastor of a struggling Maryland parish recently came across a generous donation in the collection plate — a $30,000 lottery ticket, officials said.

Maryland lottery officials didn’t release the name of the church but did confirm the ticket had already been scratched off when it was placed in the collection plate earlier this month, WBAL-TV, Baltimore, reported Monday.


The person who dropping the winning lottery ticket in the collection plate may have been generous, but he was exceedingly stupid. The lottery ticket could have easily been thrown in the garbage.

Why doesn’t a nice guy like me ever win the lottery, the winner is always some clown who does something stupid, like give the damn ticket away.

It’s not like I wouldn’t be generous if I won, I would buy a convertible and donate a couple of cans to a soup kitchen.

Giant Ray Lands On Lady In Boat

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“A woman on a Florida charter boat cruise off Islamorada got a surprise when a 300-pound giant ray jumped into the boat and landed on her, officials said.

Charter boat captain Kelly Klein of Two Chicks Charters said the giant spotted eagle ray leaped into the boat and landed on Jenny Hausch, who became stuck under the giant marine animal, WFOR-TV, Miami, reported Tuesday.”


If you are enjoying yourself onboard a charter boat, without a care in the world, and all of a sudden a 300-pound giant ray lands on your lap, you are cursed and the stars are aligned against you.

This woman should never venture outside her home without a lucky rabbit’s foot, a cross around her neck and garlic to ward off vampires.

Florida Wildlife Conservation Committee officers in a nearby boat boarded the charter boat and got the ray back into the water.

Neither the hapless woman nor the ray were hurt.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof-Elizabeth Taylor`s Life Stormy in 1958!

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A cool piano strain slips around a ravishing Maggie lounging in a white slip, as she battles with Brick over Big Daddy`s mega-bucks. I had an uncontrollable urge to see any old Liz Taylor Classic, and I found one on Netflix Instant Watch, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Production commenced in the spring of 1958, during which Liz got sick with a stomach virus, then to top that off, experienced the trauma of her husband, Mike Todd dying in a plane wreck.

When Liz returned to the shoot in April of 1958, she had lost weight because of her ordeal. I`m looking for a thinner Liz and I believe I notice her change, in the scene with the usual boozing Brick, where she has on that gorgeous white gown. I`m about 40 minutes into the film. This is just the kind of thing I`m looking for, surfing for details of Liz`s personal life against what she was doing on the Silver Screen. The personal vs. public conundrum, fodder for tabloids!

I`ve heard Tennessee Williams hated the film; don`t know just why, but maybe since Brick`s role is watered down, in terms of his sexuality. Maggie is the sexually-animated one (She`s the Cat). This reversal of roles is the key to what drives the audience`s curiosity. The theme, in my eyes, is the deteriorating status of the Old South. A dying Big Daddy is a symbol for Dixieland Going South! While flawed, I love this film and could study Liz and Paul (and Burl Ives) all day long. Even better, I need to pick up a Tennessee Williams reader.

*(A nice side issue is alcoholism, that Brick is severely afflicted with.)

Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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I went to Cheapos yesterday in search of Liz Taylor titles, but could find nothing. The clerk told me whenever someone famous dies, they were cleaned out for that artists` titles. This made sense to me. I did, however, happen on a `70s classic of progressive rock, that I`ve privately wanted for some time. That`s Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII. For five bucks I got a vinyl copy in mint condition. Okay, there are a few pops on the A & M Record, but this platter dates from 1972.

This was Rick Wakeman`s first solo album and was recorded when he was still in the band Yes. There are six tracks, and each track is a musical simulation, on keyboards of course, of one of King Henry VIII`s wives. They are: Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr. I favor either track I or track IV, depending on what kind of mood I`m in.

The pic in the middle of the album (when you open it) gives you all the keyboard instruments employed in this monumental production. They are: Custom Built Hammond C-3 Organ, RMI Electric Piano and Harpsichord, Mini-Moog Synthesizer, Mellotron 400-D Brass, Strings, Flutes, Mellotron 400-D Vocals, Sound Effects, Vibes, (another) Mini-Moog Synthesizer, Custom Mixer, Frequency Counter and Steinway 9 Grand Piano.

The story of how this unusual record was put together, the inspiration derived from a book on the private life of Henry the VIII, read on an airplane flight, has been widely documented in the press. For me, a reciprocal relationship exists between studying the wives, then wanting to hear the record, and listening to the musical biographies of each wife, then desiring to study up on the wife to see if Rick got it right. Boy, he nailed Catherine Howard, from the park bench I`m sitting on!

Burglars Steal Condom Machine! Why?

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“Police in a Washington city said burglars targeting a pub stole a condom machine and damaged an ATM.

Bellingham Police spokesman Mark Young said one or more burglars entered the Quarterback Pub, which has been closed since February 2010, late Monday or early Tuesday and stole the condom machine from a bathroom and pried open an ATM, The Bellingham Herald reported Thursday.”


Maybe the burglars hit the jackpot with the ATM, and they decided to celebrate their good fortune by having sex with each other. These burglars believe in practicing safe sex, so they decided to steal the condom machine.

But if the business has been closed since February 2010 there probably wasn’t’t any money in the ATM. So why did the idiots steal the condom machine? It’s not like there’s a lot of money in the machine, and they won’t make a killing selling condoms.

These clowns should take save the condoms for their next stint in prison, maybe they can convince their prison boyfriends to wear them.

The Most Glamorous Movie Star Ever, Elizabeth Taylor, Has Left Us!

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I watched Cleopatra recently, and experienced it for all of its majesty; it`s better than ever really. I just did an internet search on Elizabeth Taylor, and found more than 7,000 articles you may access online. I don`t have enough time to read all 7,000 pieces, but I did find a few that are noteworthy. First of all, I`ll link you to the Daily Mirror Coverage. Of the thousands of pics I`ve ogled over, it has my favorite, Liz near the beach in a bathing suit (From the movie Suddenly Last Summer).

My favorite film of hers is Who`s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Liz plays a great hag of a drunk! But I love just about anything from the 1960s, and what about the zany Crack`d Mirror from 1980? I actually went to the Big Screen for that one. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is another great one. Oddly enough, the first thing that came to mind when I heard she died, was the robust tabloid coverage that I experienced (all my life). I will say it lasted all the way through the `60s, `70s, and `80s.

It would be interesting just to look at all that trash again, in terms of reflecting on how the media has functioned, or reacted to a real movie star, over the past 40 or 50 years. I`ll give you a few more links (before I bore you to death). The Wikipedia entry (it will take you about two weeks to read it, though) is good for a biographical summary. You might prefer to break down her life and career in segments, and systematically watch all her films, over the weeks that come. The New York Daily News has 36 glamorous Liz pics here. My pic is of daisies at Whole Foods, but I lay it as a wreath at the foot of the future grave of the last true movie star!

Dude Robs Police Credit Union

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“Police in Pennsylvania said they were searching for a robber who held up a local Police and Fire Federal Credit Union.”


This dude isn’t exactly a brain surgeon — the police will put solving this crime at the top of their list. Every cop in Pennsylvania has probably been issued a description of this perp.

This character likes to take chances, what’s he going to do next? Rob a drug dealer or give Mike Tyson a wedgie?

I’m kinda  hoping he gets away with it, because it makes the cops look like fools.

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