Drama Over 99-Cent Hot Dog

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“A Washington state man who said he forgot to pay for a 99-cent hot dog was cleared of theft by a jury.

John Richardson, 30, said he spent $28 at Mitchell’s IGA in Cheney in December but forgot to pay for the 99-cent hot dog he ate while shopping.

Richardson and other witnesses said he offered to pay for the sausage when the manager confronted him outside of the store, but the payment was refused and police were called.


The anal-retentive manager should be fired for making a mountain out of a molehill. It was obvious that Richardson was a good customer who simply forgot to pay for the 99-cent hot dog.

The police have more important matters to attend to than the suspected theft of a 99-cent hot dog. The manager should have been charged with making a frivolous call to the police.

A jury took less than five minutes to clear Richardson of the theft charge.

If the manager hasn’t been fired, the Mitchell’s IGA in Cheney should be boycotted by people of commonsense.

Victoria Arbiter at CBS Best Bet for Royal Wedding Coverage!

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What network will you choose for the royal wedding of William and Kate? Which one will do the best job? Or which one will entertain you most? CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN? Maybe you`ll merely channel surf until you land on the coverage that fits your specs? But the real question is, which station will you want to commit to recording on your DVR? The quality would have to be good enough to warrant playing it back over and over again.

The damn thing starts at 5 AM tomorrow here in Austin, but fortunately I`ve earmarked a holiday from work. I`m leaning towards CBS, since Victoria Arbiter will be covering the wedding with the dignity and grace of an expert. Judyth Piazza, with The SOP Radio Network, has interviewed Victoria just yesterday, and she (both Victoria and Judyth) seems like the best bet to manage the media circus surrounding the wedding of the century. Victoria is English and an expert on these matters.

This morning I`m conducting a history lesson on Westminister Abbey, which dates back to 960 AD. English coronations are conducted here. The Gothic building itself was built by Henry III in 1245. The Library and Muniment Rooms are of special interest to me. They house the multitude of manuscripts that comprise the Histories of Westminister, that preserve a thousand years of recorded marvels that is oh so British.

Outrage: Man Fined For Dresser At Roadside

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“A New York man who put an old dresser at the side of the road for anyone who wanted it said he was shocked to receive a $100 fine from the city.

Christian Meany, 36, said he was fined for putting the dresser at the side of the road Sunday in his Park Slope neighborhood because it was not a scheduled sanitation pickup day, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.


In the city where I live residents are allowed to leave “junk” at the side of the road. If it’s not too big a pile the sanitation workers will pick it  up on the scheduled pickup day, but if it’s a large item like a dining table they will pick it up later in the week. When I have furniture that’s not too old to get rid of I leave it outside at least a couple of days before my regular pickup day, and somebody always grabs it.

New York should encourage folks to recycle; Meany shouldn’t have been fined. Meany could have simply taken his dresser to the dump, instead he left it where a person living on a limited budget could have taken it home.

Meany is a Good Samaritan and a good citizen, he plans on paying the fine.

Perv Cop Who Exposed Himself Fired

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“An Ohio police sergeant who said he exposed himself to Sears employees to see who would tell him his zipper was down has been fired, police said.

Robert McDonough III, 39 — who was convicted in February of indecent exposure for exposing himself to Sears employees in May 2010 — was fired April 19 by the Cincinnati Police Department, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.


Cops are used to hearing silly excuses, “Officer, I was speeding to get away from a UFO.” This clown should realized that nobody would believe his stupid excuse.

This pervert was  sentenced to eight days of community service, two years of probation and a $250 fine. I wish the perv cop would have been sentenced to jail as well; if he tried his zipper stunt behind bars he would have walked out of jail bowlegged.

It takes just one bad cop to give the entire department a bad name, I’m glad this clown has been fired.

Ex-Lax Cookies Anyone?

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“A Wisconsin woman accused of giving laxative-laced cookies to her college professor was ordered to pay a $300 fine.

Becky Riiser, 38, of Wausau, pleaded no contest Thursday to three misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges and was fined after prosecutors agreed to reduce the original felony charge of placing a foreign object in food, the Wausau Daily Herald reported Monday.

It was supposed to be a stupid, practical joke, Riiser wrote in a January 2010 apology letter.”


Only a very sadistic individual would find any humor in a prank that results in the victim suffering from diarrhea. This was not a practical joke, it’s a crime.

I can understand a high school kid pulling a demeaning stunt like this, but it’s unforgivable for a 38-year old woman to do such a mean thing.

I hope Riser is sentenced to a few days in jail, and I pray that she will get diarrhea from the jail food.

Hospital Patient Emits Poison Gas

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“A Michigan hospital said a patient believed to have ingested rodent poison was found to be emitting potentially harmful gasses and has been isolated.”


We all have a flatulent  grandfather, and we joke that his farts are deadly. But here’s the case of a man who can kill when he breaks wind.

Nurses and physicians are well-advised to don an oxygen mask before they enter the room of this toxic gentleman.

The UPI article doesn’t explain why this idiot ingested rodent poison. But if he did it intentionally I hope a nurse puts this loser out of his misery by throwing a match at him the next time he farts.

Mumford and Sons` ‘Sigh No More’ Number One on Itunes Alternative Charts!

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Mumford & Sons` Sigh No More is the number one album over on itunes Alternative Music category. It`s been out already for a year and half, so that bodes well for it, in terms of staying power. This is my first listen this morning, and it`s quite a surprise. Don`t get to hear much banjo. Like the way they emphasize dynamics too. Every song seems to build up and spring forth. That holds true for Lion Man, which I just heard.

Reading over some reviews, most of which are quite good. Pop Matters gave it a great review, but said it sounded like American Music. It sounds mostly English to me. The Guardian, however, found it a little “too polite.” When I first heard them, I thought of The Pogues. But The Guardian is right, too soft to be like The Pogues. Closer to Simon and Garfunkel, actually.

The Cave is Mumford & Sons` most popular song. I see why. It`s kind of like a nursery rhyme, that builds to a crescendo. Irresistible limerick about coming out of a cave and into the light of understanding. What`s this about a noose around your neck? Whoever it is in that cave is obviously a false siren of the past. The self-righteous angle here is the hook on this one. Must be a story from true life behind these intriguing lyrics?

‘The Conspirator’ Only Sends Us Over To the Real Lincoln Assassination Story!

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I saw The Conspirator on Saturday and left the theater uncertain whether I had really seen a good movie. It seemed to drag in the middle and the courtroom drama was anything but dramatic. I just don`t know about James McAvoy`s acting? Everytime he gave a shout out for justice I checked my iphone for emails. And what was that Justin Long doing in the film? A sense of authenticity in his portrayal as a union Civil War soldier is just not there.

I didn`t read any reviews until yesterday and this morning, but what I read simply confirmed what I was already feeling. This was a 2 to 2 and ½ star film. It wasn`t a bomb, but it didn`t live up to the incredible high bar imposed on it. That is, the telling of an important chapter in our history. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an average rating of 58%, and this is about in line with what I can give it.

I`ve never given the Lincoln Assassination proper consideration. Don`t know why exactly, either I didn`t have enough time or I thought I already knew it all. Actually, it`s fairly complicated. Especially the evidence surrounding Mary Surratt`s role. I`m not quite convinced that Robert Redford`s version adheres with the record, but I can`t get specific for you. Not yet, at least. Took a look at the Wikipedia entries to break the ice. Did visit Ford`s Theater when I was kid. Didn`t realize that John Wilkes Booth once played a great Romeo!

Kitty Cat Swims New York Harbor

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Officials in New York said a cat that made the swim to Governors Island in New York Harbor was likely thrown into the water by storms.

Elizabeth Rapuano, director of marketing and communications for Governors Island, said security guards on the north shore of the island discovered the feline Sunday night, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

The assumption is that she came over by water, Rapuano said.

She was wet. Her fur was salty.


Rapuano is a master of deductive reasoning, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of Governors Island. She ruled out the possibility that a tornado dropped the kitty on the island. The feline was wet and her fur was salty, therefore she correctly assumed that the brave kitty made the swim to Governor’s Island.

The cat needs to be rewarded for its perseverance and courage, hopefully she will find a home where she is appreciated and pampered.

The violent storm killed 45 people, but thank goodness that one little kitten wasn’t one of its victims.

The Band of Heathens – Top Hat Crown and The Clapmaster`s Son

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Picked up the new Band of Heathens album last weekend, titled Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster`s Son. I haven`t heard Band of Heathens before, but been meaning to check them out. Hearing some good buzz about them around town (Austin). The clincher that tip me over to an actual purchase was the attractive cover, a watercolor of a top hat by Joshua Marc Levy.

This is my first listen, but comparisons to Leon Russell are apt, then I thought of Dr. John also. This is the best example of New Americana I`ve heard of in some time. The last best example of Americana (in my mind) is Big Whiskey by the Dave Matthews Band. And don`t forget The Band, probably the best or most classic example of Americana.

I haven`t had enough time to break the record down yet (that may be a blessing), but just off the top of my head, the musicianship is marvelous. Right now, I`m favoring the final track, Gris Gris Satchel – just a bit gospel, great harmonies, and slow pacing sustains the mood. Come to think of it, the first three cuts are strong: Medicine Man, Should Have Known and Polaroid. Looks like Band of Heathens is heading for Germany in May. Would a writer please review their record?

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