Wednesday Marks National Look-alike Day

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“A New York state Web site said Wednesday marks National Look-alike Day, which invites participants to dress up like those they’d like to emulate., based in Rochester, said the origin of National Look-alike Day is unknown and it is aimed at allowing people to dress as celebrities, friends or even their bosses, the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post reported Wednesday.”


I admire Donald Trump for having the courage to risk vilification by the Obama-loving press and demand that the president release his birth certificate.

If I glue some cotton candy on my bald pate, put on a business suit, and look like I just bite into a lemon, I would be a dead ringer for the Donald.

It would be cool to walk around telling my hapless co-workers: You’re Fired!

Firefighters Free Lady From Sunroof

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“Firefighters in New Hampshire said they were called to a parking lot when a woman attempting to retrieve keys from a friend’s car got wedged in the sunroof.

Manchester firefighters said when they arrived at the Walgreen’s parking lot at Varney and South Main streets about 6:45 p.m. Monday they found the woman stuck up to her waist in the Saab’s sunroof.”


The hapless firefighters tried opening the doors, but instead they armed the security system, locking the lady in place.

The emergency personnel should have first tried to oil the woman so she could be pulled out.

The firefighters were eventually able to free the woman. The woman should be billed for the rescue, she was as idiot for trying to access the keys via the sunroof.

Honest Bus Driver Finds, Returns $1,220

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“An Ohio bus service for people with disabilities said a commendation may be in the future for a driver who found $1,220 in his vehicle and promptly returned it.

Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service driver Ron Guy said he found the roll of $20 bills on his bus after dropping off four passengers on a recent afternoon and contacted the dispatch service, The (Toledo) Blade reported Monday.


thousand bucks is a huge sum for a bus driver who earns a modest salary, but Ron Guy resisted the temptation to keep the money.

Guy realized that a person with disabilities is probably worse off financially than he is, and  he did the right thing and turned in the loot.

The wad of cash belonged to a passenger who had just cashed her disability check.

Guy will be given a commendation by the bus company, but he should be given a check as well.

Parking Space Denied For Dude With Ugly Van

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“A California man’s lawsuit against the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club claims he was denied use of a handicapped parking spot because his van is ugly.

Joseph Lee, 62, said club employees told him in September he would not be allowed to use the handicapped spots near the grandstand and would instead have to park in a dirt lot, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday.”

Lee can’t do anything about his disability, but he can upgrade to a less unsightly vehicle. I don’t blame the owner of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for kicking him and his ugly 1991 E20 Supervan to the curb.

I get incensed when a fool has the temerity to park a van in front of my house. I don’t care if it’s a brand new, vans are boring and unsightly and they are anathema  in my neighborhood.

The lawsuit alleges a violation of the American with Disabilities act, and Lee is seeking $4,000. I hope he wins so he can ditch his old van and buy a half-way decent car.

Not ‘Picking Up Good Vibrations’ in Reviews of Coachella Music Festival!

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Ben Ratcliff over at the New York Times review of Coachella comes off as a qualified, fairly good one. But it looks like he`s hiding something; when I read between the lines; he seems to be saying the California music festival (which has been running for 12 years now) was a little stale and uninspired. The technical end of things, the organization and coordination, was strong however. The highlight seems to be the 2,000 giant white balls that spilled out from the stage during  Arcade Fire`s finale.

Not much footage of Coachella has been uploaded yet over on YouTube, so I haven`t been able to make my own assessments of the festival. Chromeo`s performance of Night By Night is over there, and it seems to reinforce what Ben Ratcliff wrote, lots of high tech equipment but an apparent spiritual vacuum. I also noted how few hits the videos are getting; noone clicking on these Chromeo uploads.

Duran Duran`s video is anemic also; one video over there has zero hits. I almost clicked it just to break the ice. I wasn`t there, I`m in Austin, but Coachella may be somewhat pooped-out. If Kanye West was the headline act, that`s not a good sign. I`ve tried out Arcade Fire several times and I come up with nothing. I`ll try a different stereo or ipod, and maybe that will help. Hell, anything sounds good on Bang And Olufsen speakers!

Episode 4 of The Killing, ‘A Soundless Echo,’ Is the Best So Far!

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Episode 4 of AMC`s The Killing, titled A Soundless Echo, is even better than the first 3 parts. It continues with three threads of plot, the two detectives, Rosie`s family, and the developments of Darren Richmond`s, campaign running for mayor of Seattle. All of it was shocking, but the developments with Stan Larsen caused me to lift out of my chair!

Sterling Fitch, Rosie`s best friend, seems to know much more than she`s letting on? It appears as if she was dressed up as Rosie on the night of the murder, and actually saw Rosie leave the school party. But where did Rosie go? Detective Holder is following up on Rosie`s suspicious movements on Bus 103, where she would depart, even during school hours.

Like the scene where Mitch and Stan meet with a priest to plan Rosie`s funeral. The priest says: “Your daughter is with God now, Mrs. Larsen?” Mitch questions where was God when Rosie was left alone with her predator? And what about that letter Sarah found in Rosie`s room? I`m having to rewind the tape to try to read the letter. And now Bennett Ahmed is coming into the picture more clearly.

Randy Wood and Dot Records – Key to Success of Early Rock and Roll?

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Have you ever felt like you`ve come upon a parcel of treasure that may be worth millions? In this pipedream you fancy that you will horde this fortune for yourself and not let so many other thieves in on the illusory loot. I came upon just such a tidbit of bullion this morning, and here I go spilling the beans, now everyone and their pet parakeet will know. “That`s your gold Johnny! That`s your gold Johnny,” eyepatch Ricky perks sharply in his cage.

That`s a diversion within a diversion, a tangent of a tangent, in a random universe of inexplicable digression! What happened, is I read in The New York Times that Randy Wood had died at 94. Randy Wood was the founder of Dot Records, a label that holds a key to many of the mysteries of how early Rock & Roll got its jolt. I`m still wondering why I didn`t know more about this before?

As often happens, we can`t appreciate what has happened in the past, in terms of impact to history, until quite a bit of time goes by. This would include someone important dying, after a lifetime of little recognition. I picked up three tunes this morning, all of them product of the Dot Record label. They are: Calcutta by the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, Pipeline (Live) by The Surfaris and Aint That A Shame by Pat Boone. Three records that profoundly influenced my life. What was going on in that little store?

Dude Sought Free Gas Voucher For Stolen Car

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“North Dakota police said a man who came into their station asking for an emergency gas voucher turned out to be driving a car reported stolen.

West Fargo Assistant Chief Mike Reitan said Dalton Beyer, 19, of Charlestown, Ind., came into the station Monday morning and said he needed a gas voucher, which police offer in conjunction with a local pastoral association for people short on cash who need emergency gas, The (Fargo, N.D.) Forum reported Wednesday.”


If you look up the word “chutzpah” in the dictionary you will see this dude’s mug shot. It takes a hell of a lot of nerve to steal a car and then walk into a police station and ask for a voucher for free gas.

The con artist came up with a sob story about needing gas to travel to Wisconsin for a funeral.

The thief really pushed his luck and now he’s sitting in jail. He probably gonna call a girlfriend and tell her another sob story, and ask  her to bail him out of jail.

1926 Green Art Deco Piano Used To Compose Yesterday, Auctioned Off Today!

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There will be an auction tonight in London for some Beatles paraphernalia. The auction is at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and is put on by Entertainment Artifacts. The two items that most caught my eye were an acetate of the 1967 single All You Need Is Love and the piano that Paul McCartney used to write Yesterday, which was originally titled Scrambled Eggs. Here`s a pic of the green piano which was a 1926 Art-Deco malachite “Eavestaff mini pianette”. (Source: BeatlesNewsAuction tomorrow includes Paul`s Yesterday piano – Posted by Dave Haber).

This single cover looks familiar to me; I remember the day I bought the single at The Melody Shop in Northpark Shopping Mall in Dallas, Texas. This would have been in the fall of 1965; it was actually just another record on for the Help soundtrack. The other Beatles didn`t feel as if it really fit as a Beatles song – it was more of a solo project for Paul. You will want to read some of the documentation for the song.

My favorite bit of trivia is what George said, since Paul was always talking about the song. “Blimey, he`s always talking about that song. You`d think he was Beethoven or somebody.” Yesterday has more than 1,600 recorded cover versions floating around. I use to flip the single over equally on my record player and listen to Ringo do a charged version of Buck Owens` Act Naturally. Perhaps, the origins of The Beatles` split can be pinpointed to Yesterday? *(Some musicology stuff for Yesterday).

Israeli Politician Talks Live … From The Bathroom

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“Israeli officials often conduct radio interviews at home, but listeners got an unexpected insight into just where their foreign minister was when he punctuated his comments with a toilet flush.

Israeli news site reported Tuesday that the unusual soundtrack to foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s interview came as he was addressing the issue of a flare-up of violence with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

During the Monday interview, the controversial head of the ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu made reference to the group, telling the public radio station: We know who we’re dealing with. And then apparently flushed the toilet.


I doubt that that Beitenu inadvertently hit the handle, he was making a political statement. Hamas is a crappy terrorist organization, and it should be flushed down the toilet.

However it is the epitome of rudeness to talk on the phone while you are in the bathroom. I get real mad when I’m talking to a friend on the phone, and I hear the toilet flush. It likes, “dude why didn’t you wait to call me after you had finished your business?”

A bathroom, private or public, should be a cellphone free zone.

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