Episode 9 (Undertow) of AMC`s The Killing Has A Shocking Ending!

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I know I keep saying it, but Episode 9 (Undertow) of The Killing tops them all, for surprises and drama. And then I just found this feature on their web page, that video commentary by the key actors, explaining the psychology behind the actions of the characters. It`s nice to play a portion of the program tape, then clip in this commentary for clarification.

The investigation of Rosie Larsen`s murder take some dramatic turns in Episode 9. As a clue, it seems as if the focus on Bennet Ahmed as the major suspect is misplaced. I will say also, in her grief at her daughter`s death, Mitch prods her husband (Stan Larsen) to exact justice. Just noticed the dark lighting and brooding industrial soundtrack (which adds a great amount of atmosphere) in the last scene…

98-Year-Old Lady Wears Her Wedding Gown For Show

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“A 98-year-old Michigan woman said she was pleased to wear the gown from her 1938 wedding once more, this time for a vintage bridal gown show.

Agnes Anderson of Laketon said the dress was in perfect condition when she retrieved it from storage to wear in the show May 10 at the Samuel Lutheran Church in Muskegon, where her daughter, Alice Land, is a member, the Muskegon Chronicle reported Wednesday.


I will never understand women, a guy would never keep his wedding tuxedo for over three decades.

The wedding dress may have been in perfect conditions after all these years, but poor Agnes resembles a corpse.

Agnes outlived her husband, but she won’t outlive her wedding dress.

I’m glad Agnes got one more opportunity to wear her beloved dress.

Outrage: $2 Million Lottery Winner Collecting Food Stamps

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“A lawyer for a Michigan man who receives food assistance from the state despite a $2 million lottery payout last year said no laws were broken.

John Wilson, a Midland attorney representing Leroy Fick of Auburn, said his client did not break any laws by continuing to use his Michigan Bridge Card, an electronic form of food stamps, despite receiving $850,000 after taxes from the Make Me Rich! Lottery game in June 2010, The Bay City (Mich.) Times reported Wednesday.


It may not be illegal for a lottery winner to be eligible for food stamps, but it’s morally wrong. It’s a crying shame that a man who won a $2 million lottery payment is collecting food stamps. The law should be immediately changed so that lottery payments are counted towards a person’s eligibility for food stamps.

Leroy is stealing money from the poor, he should be ashamed of himself. I hope there’s a hell, Leroy and his scumbag lawyer deserve to burn forever in hell.

“I Am My Hair” – Lady Gaga`s New Single ‘Hair,’ Familiar Theme

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I`m okay with Lady Gaga`s new single, Hair. The full album, Born This Way, will be out on Tuesday. Okay, I`ve heard Monday as the release day also. Hair is Gaga`s take (as I see it) on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!” In other words, your hair is an extension of your personality or your spirit. That idea has been around for a while, but I`m cool with it. Didn`t Bill Shakespeare come up with it? I still listen to and love the late 1960s musical, Hair.

You`re going to have to check out Jon Pareles (The New York Times) really huge piece on Lady Gaga, published just yesterday. Lots of insight into the creative process employed by Ms. Gaga to produce this new record, that`s likely to blow the charts out to sea and off the map. The Lady`s a zany girl, and Jon Pareles gets underneath some of this unfathomable gumption packaged in this Italian Wanderlust of a Diva Pop Queen.

Much of the record was actually created while she was on tour. Apparently, she has a studio set up in her tour bus, so that whenever an idea comes to her princess-ness, she can lay it down before the muse vanishes. I do that myself sometimes, with a digital portable Dictaphone gadget I have, The only problem is, I`ve misplaced it! Therefore, brilliant new songs are lost for all time, drifting out into open air and forgotten for eternity. Boo, Huh Huh….

Minister’s Wife Gives Birth In Church’s Restroom

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“A California pastor’s wife said she gave birth to her fourth child in a bathroom stall directly following a service led by her husband.

Jennifer Wagner said she began feeling labor pains during Sunday’s Church Alive service at the Huntington Beach Public Library but thought she had enough time to wait until the end of the service to go to the hospital, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.


Jennifer should have named the baby “John” after the place where he was born.

By the time the hapless preacher ran into the bathroom, the baby was already born. He was too late to do anything but baptize the infant.

At least the mother saved herself a huge hospital bill.

Thieves Steal Part Of Battleship That Weighs A Ton

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“Authorities in a California city said thieves took a piece of a battleship weighing more than a ton from a public public park and may try to sell it for scrap.

Stephanie Benavidez, an Oakland Parks and Recreation employee, said the brass ring, once used to port torpedoes on the USS Maine, was broken from its concrete base last week and was taken Friday night, the Oakland Tribune reported Monday.”


I stand in awe at the chutzpah of these crooks who stole a piece of a battleship weighing more than a ton from a public park. It takes an incredible amount of stupidity and boldness to carry out such a theft.

It’s a sad indictment of our society that nobody called the cops on these creeps, certainly somebody had to notice that a crime was in progress.

Hopefully an employee at a recycling center will call the authorities when the bad guys try to sell the brass ring as scrap.

Wow! Italian Museum Has 750 Different Kinds Of Roses

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“If you want to stop and smell the roses at one Italian museum, better plan on staying awhile as the founders say they have 750 varieties on display.

Riccardo Viti started the Garden Museum of the Ancient Rose in Serramazzoni with his father Roberto after they moved from the nearby city of Modena, ANSA reported Monday.”


We all need to take time out from our busy lives, and smell the roses, but this is ridiculous! If you walk into this Italian museum in the morning, it might be midnight before you exit.

This is simply a case of two much of a good thing. Receiving  vase of roses is a nice treat, but being surrounded by thousands of roses is an overwhelming experience.

An Italian man who is cheap can take  his girlfriend to the roses museum instead of buying some for her.

M-Bone (Montae Talbert) from Cali Swag District Shot In LA Drive-By!

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Stories posted on rapper M-Bone`s drive-by shooting in LA have been sketchy so far. The most detailed story I could find was one posted by the Boston Herald (M-Bone partied in Hub during final days). Montae Talbert was in Boston over the weekend playing with his group, Cali Swag District. This explains why a Boston newspaper is getting the scoop.

Another amazing thing about this article, is that it analyzes who may be the suspect who drove beside M-Bone`s vehicle and shot two rounds into his head. The vehicle he was in belongs to a woman he was seeing. Apparently a man who lived in the same building as this woman who M-Bone was seeing, was concerned (possibly jealous) about the rapper`s developing relationship with her.

New information comes from TMZ. The fact that the gunman did a U-turn and went back by the vehicle to see if he hit his mark, tells you volumes. I watched the video Teach Me How To Dougie for the first time this morning. A bit crude, but I know this type of rap song strikes a nerve in these rap/hip-hop circles. Unfortunately, street violence seems to be part of the lore and appeal of this particular genre. This is the real deal!

‘Bridesmaids’ Will Keep You Chuckling the Entire Summer Season!

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Bridesmaids took in 24.4 million at the box office this weekend. I have my ticket stub to prove a matinee attendance of 1:25 PM, at Cinemark Southpark Meadows. It was hilarious, as you`ve probably heard by now. So many gags packed into two hours of non-stop guffawing, giggling and chuckles galore to the nth degree. The critics loved it too. So I`ll link for you Joe Morgenstern`s review from the Wall Street Journal. The Tomatometer reading over at Rotten Tomatoes was 90 % positive.

Bridesmaids is not afraid to get down and dirty, and waddles in the mud big time! Also, it`s not afraid to poke fun at our society and some of the characters are appropriate archetypes of people you and I have brushed up against in our stage of life. This might be a good reason why just about everybody on the planet will go see this ‘mock chick flick!’ Take that Miss Goody Two-Shoes character Helen (Rose Byrne) for example, I`m sure I`ve come in contact with her somewhere and time in my past?

Most of the motion of the plot, however, is a heightened identity crisis of Annie (Kristen Wiig), who has lost her groovy little cake shop to a cruel recession. Her forte is baking sweets, and it takes an Irish cop (Rhodes played by Chris O`Dowd) for her to realize this essential talent. As far as a favorite scene goes, you have so much to choose from. All of them are good, but the giant French cookie with free puppies scene tickled me most. You`re going to see it anyway, so why not just go today, before you`re upstaged by a co-worker or a friend, like me.

Cat Runs Away, Three Years Later It’s Found 100 Miles Away

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“A Swedish woman whose cat disappeared three years ago said she was overjoyed to be reunited with the feline when it turned up about more than 100 miles away.

Camilla Hulkki of Stromsund said there was no sign of Lizzie the cat after she wandered off three years ago until Monday, when Stromsund received a call from an animal rescue center in Harnosand, more than 100 miles from her home, Swedish news agency TT and The Local reported Wednesday.”


Cats don’t “disappear”, they wander away when negligent owners leave their doors or windows open. If you love your kitty you will keep it inside your home, there are too many dangers outside for our feline friends.

I would be devastated if my cat ran way and was discovered more than 100 miles from my house. I’m not sure I would welcome her home, I would get the message that she wanted to be as far away from me as possible.

All’s well that ends well, the cat is back with her owner, but heaven only knows how many of its 9 lives she lost.

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