Handcuffed Drunk Dude Steals Cop Car

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“The lawyer for a Kentucky drunk driving suspect accused of stealing a police cruiser during his arrest blamed his client’s actions on the influence of alcohol.

When some people are drunk they are incapable of reaching into their pants pocket and retrieving their car keys, but this drunk joker was able to remove his seat belt, move his handcuffed hands to his front, climb over to the front seat and drive away in the police cruiser.

I admire Theodore Bickel for his dexterity, but he’s an idiot for pulling such a stupid stunt.

Needless to say Bickel was quickly apprehended and the embarrassed cops threw the book at him.
Dude, time to give up drinking.

Landlord Sets Tenant’s Underwear On Fire

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“Police in Florida said a landlord upset about being owed rent set his tenant’s boxer shorts on fire while he was still wearing them.”


The landlord, Jonathan Steinberg, rents a room in his house to Ronald Rohde. You would think that only a man in his 20’s would pull a foolish prank like setting a man’s drawers on fire, but both of these men are in their 50’s.

Rhode would be well-advised to find another place to live, if he wants to keep his family jewels intact.

Rhode was treated for minor burns and released, and Steinberg was charged with aggravated assault.

Dude Stabs Sword Into Neighbor’s Room

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Wisconsin police said a man was arrested after he punctured holes through his wall into a neighbor’s apartment while filming a video with his Japanese sword.

Madison Police said Bryon Reihms, 21, was arrested Monday after he stabbed the sharp sword through his apartment wall into the bedroom of a neighbor while filming himself using the sword for a video project shortly before 9 a.m. Monday, The (Madison) Capital Times reported Wednesday.


Reason one million and one why you should buy your own house instead of living in an apartment.
Reihms and his neighbor had crossed swords before, the hapless neighbor frequently complained about Reihms loud music. For the benefit of Reihms’ neighbor, I  hope Reihms spends at least a month in jail.

The wannabe filmmaker was charged with second-degree endangerment, he could have killed his neighbor.

Ghost Haunts Restaurant

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“The owners of a Scottish cafe said a friendly ghost haunting the shop likes to move jars of candy and other items around.

Laura McKirdy and her mother, Fiona, owners of Laura’s Cafe in Cardross, said the poltergeist dubbed “Nanny Goony” by locals can be mischievous, the Scottish Daily Record, Glasgow, reported Monday.


A ghost, especially a friendly one, is great marketing for a restaurant. Who wouldn’t want to go to Laura’s Cafe, grab a bite to eat and witness a ghost move jars of candy around?

I would guess that Laura McKirdy or her mother are the ones who are moving stuff around. LOL, the only ones who have witnessed the ghost performing its amusing pranks are Laura and Fiona.

I admire the chutzpah of these ladies; I hope the tomfoolery is good for business.

Dude Places An Ad On Craiglist Asking For Rain

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“A truck driver says his want ad on Craigslist may have brought rain to his part of Texas.

Jerry Van Hook, who lives in Manchaca near Austin, put the ad up last Saturday, the Austin American-Statesman reported. He added a photo of Gene Kelly dancing in the rain in the movie musical Singing in the Rain.‘”

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2011/06/23/Texan-advertises-on-Craigslist-for-rain/UPI-65271308869933/#ixzz1QCeuJdSS

In the Internet age it makes sense that you would turn to Craiglist instead of a deity to bring rain.

Some may argue that it’s insane to post an ad on Craiglist asking for rain, but is it any crazier than praying for rain or dancing for rain?

Ask and you shall receive!

Perv Hides In Tank Of Portable Toilet

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“Police in Colorado said a man spotted in the tank of a portable toilet at the Hanuman Yoga Festival escaped capture while ‘covered in feces.’

Boulder police said a woman who entered the portable toilet Friday suspected there was someone hiding under a tarp in the tank, which had been heavily used, and informed a security officer, The Denver Post reported Wednesday.”

What a crappy idea to hide in the tank of a portable toilet.

This homeless pervert wasn’t in the tank hiding from the cops, he got off on being in the tank of the portable toilet while folks did their thing.

There is no hope for somebody this perverted, if I had my druthers he would get the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in a mental asylum.

Dude Slapped With Parking Ticket For Stopping For Few Seconds At Bus Stop

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“A British man said he received a $113 parking ticket when a camera car snapped a picture of his vehicle while he was dropping a friend off at a bus stop.Paul Robinson, 50, of Hartlepool, said he received a fixed penalty notice for parking at a bus stop ‘from 12:41 p.m. to 12:41 p.m.’ when he in fact had only stopped ‘for seconds’ to drop a friend off at the stop, The Sun reported Wednesday.”


Robinson is a blatant scofflaw, I hope his driver’s license is revoked if he doesn’t immediately pay the fine.

A stop is a stop is a stop, it doesn’t matter if he stopped for a few seconds or for a few hours.

Robinson may think that the law doesn’t apply to him, but his poop doesn’t smell like perfume and he isn’t exempt from parking tickets.

Moron Steals Police License Plate

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“New York police said a woman was arrested after stealing a license plate off a patrol car and shoving it down her pants.

Police said the woman told the officer the plate had fallen off the vehicle and she was holding it until she could return it to an officer.


If you are caught with a license plate off a patrol car down your pants, it’s a prime example of being caught red-handed. At that point you might as well say “My Bad”, and meekly return the license plate to the cop.

Why would anyone in his right mind steal a license plate from a cop’s car anyway?

The moron was charged with possession of stolen property and petit larceny. I have a feeling that manufacturing license plates will be in her future.

Diplomas With Typos Replaced

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“The principal of a Massachusetts high school said she has received corrected diplomas after the original documents misspelled the words ‘for’ and ‘and.’

Principal Kathleen McSweeney of Plymouth North High School said Minnesota company Jostens, which printed the diplomas, created the replacement diplomas at its own expense after the errors were discovered, Wicked Local Plymouth reported Tuesday.


The person who wrote the text for the diploma should take remedial English. I can understand misspelling the word “misspell”, but there’s no excuse for spelling “for” and “and” incorrectly. The school insists that the mistake was made by the printing company, and not any school officials.

I wouldn’t mind having a high school diploma with typos; I would hang it on my wall. If a friend or family member criticized my spelling or grammar, I would point to it and exclaim, “Give me a break, look at the kind of school I graduated from.”

How Does The Doors` Debut Record Translate To Us Today?

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Why do The Doors still speak to us today? Why do their songs ring true to us today? The first record, The Doors, was released on January 4, 1967. The recording took place the previous August (8/24-8/31/1966) at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood, Ca. Paul Rothchild was the producer and Bruce Botnick was the engineer. The label was Electra and a four-track machine was employed to record 11 well-rehearsed songs.

Apparently, The Doors had worked out all the kinks on these 11, when playing at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. I can only imagine the excitement of these early sets at this Sunset Boulevard legend of a club! I picked up this debut record on itunes the other day, after recalling the scene in Apocalypse Now that features The End. By the way, for just $8 you can get an in tact version of the record, the way it was originally released, just a bit slower.

Well, I`ve failed to answer my initial question. I`m thinking on it still. I like this piece in Slant Magazine, which was written (by Sal Cinquemonti) for the 40th anniversary release of The Doors in 2007. Sal touches on what I would consider to be a vital reason for the durability of both the band and their songs. One thing is for sure, it`s a damn tight band.

Sal mentions the tension, the undercurrent of surging thought (which may be a result of changes going on in the 1960s), bubbling up to the surface, even on the debut! But why do so many film students ultimately end up in Rock? That`s the real question, Horatio.

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