Hottie Holding Drugs, Stole Bike And Exposed Herself

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“Police in Florida said they arrested a woman accused of stealing a bike and exposing herself in a convenience store while carrying drugs.”


A criminal who is carrying drugs will do anything to call attention to himself or herself, but Danielle Moffett, 34 did everything she could to attract attention to herself.

First she stole a bike that’s worth only a fraction of the drugs she was holding, and then she took off her top in a convenience store. Although that may not have been such a bad move, the male witnesses may have trouble pointing her out in a line-up since they weren’t looking at her face.

Moffett was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance.

Indian Freak Baby Born with 34 Digits

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Guinness World Records said an Indian baby born with 10 toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand is the new record holder for largest number of digits.


It would be long before this  freak of nature is worshipped as a reincarnation of Shiva.

I hope the extra digits are chopped off, with seven fingers on each hand this little brat will be able to grab extra food.

Why are so many freaks born in India? Just asking!

Amy Winehouse`s ‘Back To Black’ Is At the Top of My Playlist!

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I`m one of those millions of people who purchased Amy Winehouse`s Back to Black on itunes on Saturday. This is the day she died, but the album came out nearly 5 years ago. In fact, this is the first time I`ve ever even heard her music. Amy was so maligned in the press all the time, that I just assumed her music was no good. Boy, was I wrong! *(Nice piece in The Rolling Stone!)

Back to Black is a masterpiece, an instant classic, that will be just as listenable twenty years from now as it is today. It sounds like it was recorded in the 1960s, on Stax Records or something like that. It seems as if the producer, Mark Ronson, was shooting for this type of response. And now I find out that Amy wrote all her own songs. This just makes me respect her all the more.

Her tragic death on Saturday, while widely predicted, is no less shocking. I`m left with a bunch of great songs to listen to, which have barely just been heard. I`m left feeling stupid, embarrassed – feel like I`ve been betrayed by the media, who really only escalated her untimely death. Amy messed up because she thought she knew the media expected her to mess up. It`s a vicious circle, where the vulnerability of a talented artist is undermined by the media wolves who love to see an artist suffer.

Cop Delivers Baby In McDonald’s Restroom

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Police in New Jersey said an officer was flagged down at a McDonald’s and delivered a baby in the restaurant’s bathroom.”


I hope the cop got a free Big Mac, fries and a Coke, and maybe the baby will get free Happy Meals until he’s seven or eight years old.

To commemorate the happy occasion the baby should either be named John after the restroom or Mac after McDonald’s

The bouncing baby boy is doing just fine.

Hallucinating Meth Heads Call 911

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Police in Georgia said two men who seemed to be hallucinating called 911 to report a home invasion and were arrested on suspicion of making methamphetamine.

Effingham County sheriff’s deputies said they responded to a call about a home invasion at the Bloomingdale home at about 4 a.m. Tuesday and were greeted by Brian Johnson, 28, and Brian Austin, 25, who said they could hear people in their back bedroom, The Savannah (Ga.) Morning News reported Wednesday.


These two clowns in effect called 911 on themselves.

Johnson and Austin need to take Drug Dealing 101: Don’t take the product you are selling.

These twits are going to hope that they are hallucinating when they find themselves behind bars.

For all you meth heads out there, these are the fools you are trusting not to poison you with the  meth you buy from them.

Brother Stabbed During Fight Over Cigar

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“Police in Florida said they arrested a man who allegedly stabbed his brother in the shoulder when he was told not to light a cigar inside their apartment.

St. Petersburg police said Gary Williams, 53, took out a cigar just before 1 a.m. Friday and his brother, Dean, 53, threatened to set the residence on fire if he did not listen, The St. Petersburg Times reported Wednesday.


Who says tobacco isn’t dangerous to your health?

Stabbing his brother is certainly better than setting the apartment that they both live in on fire. But it would have been wiser for Dean to simply cutt off the end of his brother’s cigar with his knife.

When the brother gets out of jail, he would be well-advised to move into his own apartment.

Drunk Dude Walks Into Church And Is Promptly Arrested

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“A Tennessee sheriff said a man who wandered into his church as a service was ending and asked for ibuprofen was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.”


An inebriated man walks into a church, and he doesn’t ask for money, he simply pleads for a pain reliever. A church is supposed to minister to sinners, someone in the congregation should have given him money for aspirin.

But an off-duty Sheriff who was attending the worship service arrested the man, instead of helping him. A church should be a place of refuge for sinners and saints, shame on the church for treating the man like a bum.

WWJD? I’m sure he would have given the man an aspirin and let him sleep on a church pew.

85-Year-Old Dude Recieves His Degree After 66 Years

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“An 85-year-old Welsh man received his diploma after a 66-year hiatus from college, officials say.
Harold Jones formally received his Cardiff University diploma Monday after having missed his 1945 graduation due to World War II, the BBC reported.”


I’m thrilled that the Welsh gentleman was able to receive his college diploma before his death certificate was issued.

At 85-freaking-years-old it won’t be long before Jones goes to the Great Big Graduate School in the Sky.

Jones has had a successful career in engineering, but finally he can hang his diploma on the wall.

I hope Jones’ eight grandchildren follow his example, and get a college degree.

Citizens Outraged: 80-Year-Old Coot Washed Car In The Nude

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“An 80-year-old British man pleaded guilty to indecent exposure after neighbors accused him of washing his car while wearing nothing but a hat.”
An 80-something old fart should be restricted to cruising around in a Hoveround, he has no business driving or washing a car.
A senior citizen might look hip wearing a hat, but not when it’s the only damn thing he is wearing.
This old goat should be put out to pasture in a retirement home where he won’t be in a position to scare people to death.

Animal Control Officer Captures Runaway Emu

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“Authorities in Rhode Island said they captured an escaped emu spotted running along a Richmond roadway.

Police said Animal Control Officer Anne Fisher was able to corner the bird, estimated to weigh 75 pounds and measuring about 5 feet tall, with the help of two civilians in Dawley Park


Usually an animal control officer deals with calls like a cat stuck up a tree or a pack of dogs running around a neighborhood.

Most of us, not even animal control officers, have never seen an emu. I commend Fisher for being able to capture the huge bird.

If I was chasing an emu and it decided to turn around and chase me, I would probably die of a heart attack.

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