Cops Search For Ninja

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“Police in Texas said they are searching for a ‘ninja” spotted wandering through a yard with a sword late at night.
Alan Turnello said his daughter, who lives in Sunland Park’s Edgemont neighborhood, and her husband were awakened by the sound of dogs barking at about 3 a.m. Thursday and they saw a man in a ninja costume standing in their front yard.


Halloween is the only time that a “ninja” can get away with trespassing on my property without getting beaten to a bloody pulp.

If a ninja wanders through my yard by the time my dogs get through with him there won’t be much left of him for me to beat up.

A real man doesn’t rely on the police to protect his family and his property, he defends himself and his family with deadly force if necessary. There would be less ninjas running around causing havoc if more homeowners owned guns.

Outrage: Alligators Captured In Residential Areas Are Killed

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“A Florida alligator trapper said an 8-foot reptile he captured in a residential neighborhood will make a fine addition to his live gator wrestling show.

Authorities said alligators over 4 feet long in residential areas are usually euthanized shortly after being captured, but Bedard said the gator he nabbed Wednesday will be taken to Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale.


It’s a crying shame that we are building subdivisions that encroach on the habitat of wild animals, and then we kill the wild creatures when they come to our backyards.

PETA should protest the murder of alligators who are captured in residential areas. It’s not alligators, but human beings who need to be culled. This is simply outrageous!

The owner of the alligator wrestling show isn’t exactly a hero, an alligator deserves to live free in the wild and not be forced to perform for human beings.

Will Rupert Murdoch`s News Empire Come Tumbling Down?

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The News of the World scandal sends ripples through every outlet of news in Britain, the U.S., Australia – really everywhere. I have been reading every news story (I can find) on the scandal this morning, in order to better understand what has (really) happened. Rupert Murdoch has done lots of damage to all of us who have a thirst for fair and balanced news. You know, the truth! One fears more censorship in the future.

The Daily Mail has been on top of this story, so please go to my link and read carefully what they are reporting. Furthermore, there are frequent updates. I don`t believe that Rupert Murdoch will survive this one. I was absolutely floored when he was able to take over The Wall Street Journal in 2007. I haven`t read The Journal since then. You must read Carl Bernstein`s piece in Newsweek, Murdoch`s Watergate? Old boy stills has the touch!

Little Girl, 6, Scores Hole In One!

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The manager of an Illinois golf course said a 6-year-old girl has become the youngest person to score a hole in one since the course opened in 2006.

Reagan Kennedy, a Bloomington girl who will turn 7 in November, hit the hole in one July 6 at the third hole of The Links at Ireland Hills golf course in Bloomington, The (Bloomington) Pantagraph reported Tuesday.


I found this UPI article under the UPI Odd News section, it should have been in the depressing news category. I have never scored a hole in one on a miniature golf course, let alone a real course.

Congratulations to Reagan and her family, but her achievement makes me feel inadequate. I hope Reagan doesn’t take up writing, she’ll probably be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature when turns twelve.

I’d like to invite Reagan to play a game of hooks, I’d smoke her little butt.

Horror: Couple Infected With Parasites With Teeth

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“An Australian doctor said a couple in Victoria are believed to be the first in the country to become infected with a species of parasitic worms with teeth.

Dr. Andrew Fuller of the Alfred hospital in Prahran said the couple are believed to have ingested the gnathostomiasis larvae when they caught and ate a fish, likely a black bream, during a Western Australia camping trip.”

To discover that parasites have invaded your body leaves you with a sickening feeling. If I had parasites I would be tempted to drink Drano in an attempt to kill them.

But to be infected with parasites that have teeth is a living nightmare, it’s the stuff of horror movies. I bet this couple will never again go fishing, let alone catch a fish and eat it.

The unlucky couple is taking antibiotics, and doctors expect them to make a full recovery.

Old Woman Cited $100 For Using Trash Can

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“An 83-year-old New York woman said she was fined and threatened with arrest by a Sanitation Department agent for putting old newspapers in a city trash can.”


The sanitation worker is a coward and a bully for intimidating an 83-year-old lady. I wonder if the sanitation worker would dare ask a young hood who threw a newspaper in the city trash can for his ID?

The next time the old woman should simply throw her newspapers on the street. What the  heck , if you are 80-something you should be allowed to crap on the street if the spirit moves you.

I hope a Good Samaritan pays the fine for the old woman.

Crane Falls On 1991 Honda Civic

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“A New York man who found the ‘perfect parking spot’ near his apartment said a crane being used to repair his roof fell and crushed his car.”


Maybe God is telling him that it’s foolish to drive a car in New York City.

I doubt that the owner, Kevin Singh, had full coverage insurance on his 1991 Honda Civic.

Maybe he can sue the roofing company, but that may be more trouble than it’s worth. What’s the Blue Book value on a 1991 Honda Civic, $200?

Moron Arrested For Re-enacting Nude Scence From Movie

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“Police in Nebraska said a man caught streaking in the middle of a road told an officer he was “re-enacting a scene from ‘Old School.'”

Read more:

Why didn’t an attractive lady re-enact the nude scene from “Old School’? It’s always an idiot guy who feels compelled to take off his clothes in public.

What this idiot is an old school whipping from one of the dads who lives in his neighborhood. The idiot was charged with indecent exposure.

The man’s younger brother told the police that he’s an idiot. Well said!

Woman, 79, Earns GED

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“A 79-year-old Texas woman who went back to school on the advice of her great-grandson said she has earned her GED certificate after three years of study.

Tomasa Herrera of Fort Worth said the road to her high school equivalency certificate was beset with obstacles during the past three years including eye surgery, appendicitis, a broken leg and paralysis from the waist down.”
If I were 79-freakin’ years-old and I had poor vision, appendicitis, a broken leg and paralysis from the waist, I wouldn’t be writing an essay for my GED, I would be writing a suicide letter.

But bless Tomasa for her unwarranted optimism. I hope they have a ceremony for the old lady and present her with her GED and enough morphine to get her sedated for the rest of her life.

Women Dent Purse Snatcher’s Car With Cane

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“Police in Pennsylvania said two women were unable to stop a purse snatcher but they were able to use a cane to dent his getaway vehicle.

Brown escaped in a car with a dark-haired woman and two small children, police said, but the woman accompanying the alleged victim was able to dent the vehicle with her cane.”


I commend these women for fighting back with the only weapon they had, a cane. I bet the damage to the thief’s vehicle was worth more than the money in the purse.

What a freakin’ loser, he snatched a purse while his wife and children were waiting in his car. It will be a miracle if his children don’t grow up to be muggers just like dear old dad.

The felonious pair got away, but cops have found their dented car.

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