92-Year-Old Granny Celebrates Birthday By Skydiving

September 27, 2009  
Filed under Weird Stuff

“At a quick glance, 92-year-old Jane Bockstruck looks like your typical granny. She goes to Bingo, likes to crotchet and after six knee surgeries, doesn’t walk as well as she used to.

But get a glimpse of her soaring more than 13,000 feet up in the air, and you realize she’s anything but typical.

Bockstruck, of Swanzey, said she doesn’t quite know what made her decide recently that she wanted to hurl herself from an airplane.”

I  hope that grandma had all the proper equipment for her skydive: A properly prepared parachute, goggles and a fresh adult diaper.
Bockstruck should be applauded for her feat, but it was a tandem jump. That’s like Pee Wee Herman taking credit for beating a professional wrester when he is handcuffed to Mike Tyson, and the former world champion is the one who delivered all the meaningful blows.
But I give her kudos, I wouldn’t sky dive for a million bucks.


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