Aaron Copland`s Symphony No. 3 and The Men Who Killed Kennedy

June 25, 2010  
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My favorite documentary of all time is The Men Who Killed Kennedy, produced by Nigel Turner. The History Channel no longer airs it, because of the controversial last episode, first aired in 2003, The Guilty Men. Fortunately, I have recorded the first six parts, but do not have prints of last three parts. However, you can view these rare gems on YouTube. Luckily, consummate censorship has not yet prevailed with this nine part documentary.

If you haven`t already viewed The Men Who Killed Kennedy, I know you will have to, and will want to give it a thorough viewing. Let me list the nine parts for you so you will see what is in store for you. 1. The Coup D`Etat (1988), 2. The Forces of Darkness (1988), 3. The Patsy (1991), 4. The Witnesses (1991), 5. The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), 6. The Smoking Guns (2003), 7. The Love Affair (2003), 8. The Love Affair (2003), and the most controversial of all, 9. The Guilty Men (2003).

The music chosen for the documentary couldn`t be any more of a perfect fit. It`s the Symphony No. 3 by Aaron Copland, composed at the end of WWII. Only the main theme from this work is played. This theme peaks its head in the 5th movement, the Molto deliberato. I find the theme tends to evoke courage and American patriotism, such as was required by the many Brave Americans who were willing to stand up and expose the conspiracy. Penn Jones, Jr. is a good example of such a courageous American.


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