AMC`s ‘The Killing’ Holds Its Own With Episode 3, ‘El Diablo!’

April 12, 2011  
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The 3rd episode of The Killing held its own in ratings; the premiere had 2.7 million viewers, while El Diablo had 2.6 million. That means viewers are returning and will probably be loyal to the AMC slow burn of a noir crime fiction series. Who knows, maybe it will build up steam. Boy, that devil mask was scary! And those two punks are stealing the show – you know, Jasper Ames and Kris Echols.

And what about the music? Listen for the grinding track by Fran Bak right as the show ends. And can you imagine these two punks videoing the rape of Rosie Larsen down in The Cage. The videoing takes on a realistic tone against such incidents that have occurred on social media. And when Mitch Larsen learns that her daughter drowned, she simulates it in the bathtub. Shocking!

And the janitor clip was a nice little sideshow; he drilled the peep hole so he could peep into The Cage. Therefore, he saw part of the crime. Another sidebar is whether Sarah Linden will get away for her wedding. It doesn`t look good; she`s too busy trying to solve the Rosie Larsen murder. I wonder what the writers were thinking when they created Kris Echols` character? Brilliant character creation! Remember Damien Echols?


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