Is It Weird When Politicians Roll Up Their Sleeves

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President Obama isn’t the only one who does it, but he did it a few days ago.

Is it just me or is it really weird when politicians take off their ties and jackets, then roll up their sleeves to make it look like they are “just an ordinary joe” pitching in and getting the work done?

Then they leave, get back in their massive motorcade with FBI and secret service everywhere, jump back in their jet and zoom off somewhere else, for another photo-op.

Wouldn’t it be great if they’d actually listen for a change, rather than talking at you.

President Obama was at what seemed like a campaign stop, talking up fixing US transportation infrastructure.

Bailouts – Yep, There’s An App for That!

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iphone-appsThere is an application for just about everything for your cell phone including an app called Bailout News by Martian Technology. Unfortunately, it only covers bailout news for the top ten companies that accepted bailout money and doesn’t include a bailout for Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Dom Golio, the author, wants to help you understand where your hard earned money is going. Hidden taxes in gasoline, travel taxes, ‘sin’ taxes, fishing taxes, and excise taxes account for some of it, but there’s more!

* Examine your utility bills, paychecks for ‘hidden’ taxes
* Question why some states have higher taxes but get same services
* Ask representatives whose interests they really represent
* Understand why illegal immigration is a burden for the whole country
* Recognize the need to cut services

Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer With No One to Bail Him Out

Is Travolta Afraid of Scientology?

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John TravoltaAfter being a voice for Scientology for so many years, John Travolta is questioning his own judgement. Travolta’s son Jet was autistic, but the church says autism is all in the mind. That meant Jet’s autism went untreated and since the death of Jet, Travolta has stayed out of view.

It seems that people from the church have had access, doing their famous “auditing,” which probably has made the Travoltas question themselves. The church probably does that on purpose, because the church couldn’t possibly be at fault.

The rumor mill says Travolta is “afraid” to leave the church, because the church may embarrass the family if they leave. This sounds like it is the kind of organization we should all want to belong to.

What do you think?

Lee Harvey Oswald Back in the News

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Fake Lee Harvey Oswald Photo

John Kays, who identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations says The Backyard Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald Are Fakes!.

Haunted by the slaying of John Kennedy, Kays reviews the photos of Oswald in his backyard and concludes, based on the evidence and the analysis of Jack White, the photographic expert retained by Congress, that the photos are fake.

This controversy will probably never end, but now, guided by expert analysis, you can review the evidence yourself. Maybe you can even photoshop the photos!

AIG and $5 Billion of Our Money

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So now we see the reason the AIG men got the big buck bonuses.

It was a record! And they should be well rewarded – 5 billion is a huge number. If you don’t pay people for performance, you’ll never get them to work at all. They have big mortgages to repay and big cars to run, so it is fair.

Hold on a minute – did that say a $5 billion LOSS!
What the heck is going on (that’s my Lou Dobbs voice)

OK Mr Geithner – now explain this one! You gave them billions and they lost 5 of them? Is that OK with you? – I don’t think its OK with us!

In which millennium do you think we’ll get that money back?

Glad Its Not My Office

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The New York Times yesterday reported on the New York HQ of P&G’s Global Prestige Products group. In designing their space, they wanted to communicate the luxury that the company sells in high-end fashion fragrances, and reflect the radiance promised by high-end hair and skin care products.

They certainly did that, but it looks so boring! I’ve always thought that the more money people have, the less taste they have!

If you had the money to decorate your office any way you wanted and money was no object, would you have done this? If not, what would you do?

Hurricane Season Predictions

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hurricaneIt’s that time of year again. Hurricane season will be with us soon and with it, the predictions. Will it wipe out Cuba, Miami, New Orleans? Or maybe this will such an unusual year that nothing happens at all?

We certainly would like to see nothing at all, but that isn’t likely.

Is it really possible that the US military can secretly manipulate the weather? There has been a lot of speculation, but no proof. What do you think?

Swine Flu Taking Over the News

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swineSwine Flu is quickly taking over the news. There were so many swine flu stories over the weekend that I couldn’t read them all. Google News says there are around 25,000 of them.
Swine Flu is crashing the stock market, overshadowing the President’s 100th day in office, crashing foreign exchange markets, dropping the price of oil, depleting food stocks.

The conspiracy theorists will soon be out in force and the opportunists will soon start buying up pharma stocks.

What a wacko situation we are in. Do you want the world to stop so you can get off? What do you think will happen next?

Pelosi Has Selective Memory

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Nancy Pelosi now says she knew about waterboarding, that it had been discussed and approved in 2002, but she didn’t know it was actually being used. She also knew the Bush administration had received legal advice that the waterboarding was allowed.

Pelosi wasn’t the only Democrat informed about this and other techniques, in 2002, there were many others and the reports show that not one legislator raised any objections at the time.

This doesn’t make the use of the techniques any more palatable, but the report seems to blow claims of secret action by the Bush administration out of the water. It seems there was a lot more consultation and bipartisanship than they ever admitted.

Do you trust Congress?

Perez Hilton Crashes Miss USA Contest

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prejean-perezPerez Hilton destroyed the Miss USA contest last night by posing a politically-charged and controversial question about gay marriage.

Hilton asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean to comment on why or why not “every state” should follow Vermont’s legalization of gay marriage.

This is a horrible question to ask. No matter how it was answered, was guaranteed to alienate half the population.

Did Perez Hilton ambush Miss California?

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