Balloon Riot In Hungary

June 27, 2009  
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“An overeager crowd in the Hungarian capital thwarted low-cost airline Wizz Air’s attempt to release 1,000 balloons for its fifth anniversary celebrations when they caught wind of the freebies attached.

Onlookers spied coupons worth 10,000 forints ($49.45) attached to each balloon and a free-for-all of popping and grabbing commenced before the balloons could be officially released from a giant net in the center of Budapest.
Members of the crowd scrambled about chasing balloons and collecting as many coupons as they could. One young woman kneeled over a grill in the gutter, furiously trying to pick as many coupons as she could out of the rainwater underneath.”

Reuters/Marton Dunai

Rarely will you see a children’s party where balloons aren’t used for decorations. Children love balloons, nothing will put a smile on a kid quicker than handing him a balloon.

Balloons are synonymous with innocence and happiness, but in this instance balloons touched off an angry free-for-all. One dude popped one of the balloons containing a coupon, and before you could say “holy crap”, the entire crowd went on a balloon grabbing frenzy.

I blame Wizz Air for not having a posse of armed guards protecting the balloons. Times are hard all over the world — who’s gonna pass up a chance at grabbing a $49.45 coupon?


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