‘Bridesmaids’ Will Keep You Chuckling the Entire Summer Season!

May 16, 2011  
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Bridesmaids took in 24.4 million at the box office this weekend. I have my ticket stub to prove a matinee attendance of 1:25 PM, at Cinemark Southpark Meadows. It was hilarious, as you`ve probably heard by now. So many gags packed into two hours of non-stop guffawing, giggling and chuckles galore to the nth degree. The critics loved it too. So I`ll link for you Joe Morgenstern`s review from the Wall Street Journal. The Tomatometer reading over at Rotten Tomatoes was 90 % positive.

Bridesmaids is not afraid to get down and dirty, and waddles in the mud big time! Also, it`s not afraid to poke fun at our society and some of the characters are appropriate archetypes of people you and I have brushed up against in our stage of life. This might be a good reason why just about everybody on the planet will go see this ‘mock chick flick!’ Take that Miss Goody Two-Shoes character Helen (Rose Byrne) for example, I`m sure I`ve come in contact with her somewhere and time in my past?

Most of the motion of the plot, however, is a heightened identity crisis of Annie (Kristen Wiig), who has lost her groovy little cake shop to a cruel recession. Her forte is baking sweets, and it takes an Irish cop (Rhodes played by Chris O`Dowd) for her to realize this essential talent. As far as a favorite scene goes, you have so much to choose from. All of them are good, but the giant French cookie with free puppies scene tickled me most. You`re going to see it anyway, so why not just go today, before you`re upstaged by a co-worker or a friend, like me.


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