Burglars Steal Items From “Antiquities In Israel” Exhibition

January 25, 2010  
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“Organizers of the ‘Antiquities Theft in Israel’ exhibition could not have chosen a more fitting name for their display.
Burglars on Wednesday broke into the Ashdod Museum where hundreds of artifacts recovered from the black-market were on show and snatched several valuable items, including a silver ring belonging to Alexander the Great and gold earrings.”
If anybody should be security conscious it should be the managers of a museum dedicated to showcasing priceless works of art recovered from the black market.
Shame on the Ashdod Museum staff for not having better security, thanks to their negligence several valuable works of art are once in the black market.
As for the burglars I have to applaud them for excellence in their profession, and for their delightful sense of irony.
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