Camel Beauty Pageant

February 25, 2010  
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“Ten golden-colored camels adorned with sparkling ornaments line up for the finale of a beauty contest in one of the UAE’s northern emirates, awaiting the selection of two proud winners.
Gulf Arabs from across the region gather in a large sandy plot in Ajman to sit in for a four-hour competition, which will see the selection of the best out of 150 camels every day.
The three-day spectacle should end with the top two finalists bagging luxury cars, while a remaining eight win cash.”
Horses are beautiful and majestic animals, and I can understand a beauty contest for horses, or even one for dogs. But Camels? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who can find beauty in an ugly animal with a penchant for spitting?
What’s the theme song for this ridiculous pageant, “My Humps” by the “Black Eyes Peas”?
I know we’re supposed to respected the culture and traditions of other countries, but I’d rather be dead than to live in a nation that regards camels as pretty creatures.
There’s an auction after the pageant, and some of the camels can go for as much as $4 million. Anybody who buys a camel for that much money, should be punished by forcing him to listen to “My Humps” for four straight hours.
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