Museum Officials Hire Ghostbusters

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“Officials at the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy said experts are being brought in to investigate reported paranormal happenings at the facility.”


Instead of procuring new works of art the officials at the museum are pouring money down the drain by hiring ghostbusters to rid the museum of ghosts.

Workers in the museum have reported tools and equipment being moved or missing. The museum officials should call in the cops, not the ghostbusters.

There are no ghosts, but there are a few thieves who work at the museum.

Prisoners Outraged They Only Get 7 TV Channels

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“Inmates at a Swedish prison sent a letter to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service complaining about the selection of channels on the facility’s televisions.”


The prisoners are ticked off because their prison offers only seven television channels, but most prisoners have 10-19 channels. The spoiled jailbirds should be grateful they get seven channels, by law the prisons don’t have to make more than three channels available.

If prison officials cave in the prisoners’ demands, next they will demand HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and the Playboy Cannel. The prison officials should nip this foolishness in the bud, and offer only the three channels mandated by law.

These inmates really piss me off, I’m a law-abiding citizen and I can barely afford the basic cable package.

Woman Gets Stuck In Tub, Sues Tub Manufacturer

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“An Illinois woman’s lawsuit against Premier Care in Bathing claims she was trapped in one of the Florida company’s tubs for more than 30 hours.

Anna Cullen, who lives in Western Illinois, filed a lawsuit Monday in Cook County Court alleging she fell and ‘became wedged in the tub,’ which she was using for only the second time Sept. 4, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.”


The UPI article doesn’t provide enough details for me to come to definitive conclusions. The woman’s weight, age and physical condition aren’t mentioned.

If this lady is overweight  commonsense leads me to conclude that only a fat woman would become wedged in a tub, in which case it would make just as much sense for her to sue McDonald’s and Dunkin‘ Donuts for her plight.

If Cullen is elderly then she might have a case, the tub manufacturer should have made their walk-in tubs very easy for an elderly person exit.

Since I don’t know all the facts I will simply wish Cullen a speedy recovery.

Dude Throws Cold Pizza At Workers

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“Police in Wisconsin said a man was cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly throwing pizza and breadsticks at pizzeria employees because his food was cold.

Brookfield police said the 26-year-old New Berlin man placed an order online July 31 and called the store about an hour later to explain he had accidentally ordered carry-out instead of delivery.”


The pizza was delivered late because the moron ordered carry-out when he meant to say delivery. The fool should have simply re-heated the pizza in the microwave and avoided all the drama.

Instead this clown drove to the pizza joint, and chucked pizza and bread sticks at the pizzeria employees. I bet that really instilled the fear of God in the pizza employees.

The idiot probably spent the night in jail, where  he would be lucky to get a bologna sandwich.

Bat Forces Plane To Turn Around

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“An Atlanta-bound plane returned to a Wisconsin airport when a bat was discovered on the flight moments after takeoff, an airport spokesman said.”


Bats instill irrational fear in many people, the scary-looking creatures make folks act batty.

I can put up with snakes in a plane, but if there’s a bat flying around in the cabin, I want out!

The plane reversed its course when the bat was discovered, and I don’t think there was a single passenger who complained about the delay.

Airport staff managed to coax the bat out of the plane.

Dude Hides Cocaine In His Prosthetic Leg

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“A South Carolina state trooper says he found cocaine hidden in an amputee’s prosthetic leg after pulling over a car for going too slow on an interstate highway.”


I hope this rotten criminal rots in prison — I hate drivers who drive too slow on an interstate highway.

I don’t have the psychological makeup to be a cop, if I pulled this creep over I would have beaten him upside his dead wit his fake leg.

I wonder where all that cocaine will end up? I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a state trooper with an itchy nose.

Dude Steals 25 Pairs Of Panties

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“Police in Florida said an off-duty officer arrested an attempted shoplifter found to have stuffed a polo shirt and 25 pairs of women’s panties into his shorts.”


Cop to thief, Benjamin Gilbert Kennedy: Are those panties stuffed into  your  shorts, or are you just happy to see me?

It could be that Kennedy stole the panties and stuffed them into his shorts because he isn’t very well endowed.

Kennedy was charged with retail theft and battery on an officer. The prisoners are going to have a lot of fun with a loser who steals panties.

Woman Feeds Bear And He Attacks Her

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“A Michigan woman who suffered injuries to her arms, legs and back when she was attacked by a bear belonging to a friend said she is grateful to be alive.

Linda Beck of Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula said she has been feeding her friend’s bears for years, but she never had any problems with the animals until one of them ran at her.


It’s a good rule of thumb never to feed a wild beast who has the capability to make mincemeat out of you. There’s always the chance that he might find you more appetizing than the crumbs you are feeding him.

It’s also a good idea never to visit a friend who has bears or any other wild animal in her home.

Unfortunately, the bear was euthanized in the name of public safety. In most states it’s against the law to feed wild bears; the woman who has been feeding the bears should be fined.

Hottie Holding Drugs, Stole Bike And Exposed Herself

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“Police in Florida said they arrested a woman accused of stealing a bike and exposing herself in a convenience store while carrying drugs.”


A criminal who is carrying drugs will do anything to call attention to himself or herself, but Danielle Moffett, 34 did everything she could to attract attention to herself.

First she stole a bike that’s worth only a fraction of the drugs she was holding, and then she took off her top in a convenience store. Although that may not have been such a bad move, the male witnesses may have trouble pointing her out in a line-up since they weren’t looking at her face.

Moffett was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance.

Indian Freak Baby Born with 34 Digits

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Guinness World Records said an Indian baby born with 10 toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand is the new record holder for largest number of digits.


It would be long before this  freak of nature is worshipped as a reincarnation of Shiva.

I hope the extra digits are chopped off, with seven fingers on each hand this little brat will be able to grab extra food.

Why are so many freaks born in India? Just asking!

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