Chechen Leader Kadyrov Bans Celebrations Of His Birthday

September 28, 2011  
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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said he will not allow any celebrations of his birthday and any officials who give him gifts will be fired.

Kadyrov, who will turn 35 on Oct. 5, said he will not allow any celebrations of his birthday, which coincides with Grozny City Day, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.


Ramzan Kadrov is a scholar and a gentleman, he is setting a fine example for the residents of Grozny City. A celebration of a city takes precedence over the birthday of a resident, regardless how notable he may be.

Kadrov’s fine example should be followed by anyone in a position of power in Russia as well as in our own country. I hate brown nosers who  bake special treats for their supervisors, I’m always tempted to go Medieval on them.

Kadrov is only 35, and his humility and his commonsense will take him a lot way.


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