Cheeseburger Chucker Charged With Crime

March 31, 2011  
Filed under Weird Stuff

“A Florida man who allegedly threw a cheeseburger at another customer’s vehicle in a McDonald’s drive-through faces a misdemeanor charge, officials said.

Brant Goodwin Stephens, 43, of Lakewood Park was arrested on a criminal mischief charge in connection with the incident, reported Monday.
The victim got the alleged cheeseburger chucker’s license number, and investigators said they traced the vehicle to Stephens.”


If someone threw a cheeseburger at Oprah’s limousine he wouldn’t be charged with a crime, because the talk show queen would eat the evidence.

Maybe the cheeseburger chucker will meet up with the McBurglar behind bars, and they can commensurate on how much they hate McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

I hope the judge takes it easy on the cheeseburger chucker, it’s a natural tendency to want to throw away McDonald’s lousy food.


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