Chicken Race Held In Parking Lot Of Detroit Bar

July 27, 2010  
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“Organizers of ‘Detroit’s First Ever Chicken Race’ said 17 fleet-footed fowl raced through a lot behind a bar to draw attention to urban farming.
Karthik Kavasseri, 23, organizer of the event, said nearly 200 fans came out for the Sunday event behind the Temple Bar to watch the race, listen to live music and raise awareness of urban farming, The Detroit News reported.”
Detroit is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, and it’s unfit for human beings, never mind chickens. The Motor City is a lost cause, and any effort to revitalize Detroit is destined to fail.
The chickens weren’t trying to find the finish line, they were desperately trying to get the hell out of Dodge. It’s nothing short of cruelty to animals to raise them in Detroit.
The Chicken Race didn’t raise awareness of urban farming, it was simply an excuse for folks to get plastered and temporarily forget that they live in a godforsaken city.


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