Chinese Proposal To Jail People Who Eat Dog Meat

January 27, 2010  
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“A proposal to jail people who eat dog meat for up 15 days has caused controversy in China, where dog hot pot is traditionally popular.
The first draft of a law against animal abuse, aiming to protect animals from being hurt or killed in a cruel manner, has been completed by a group of experts and will be raised for legislation this April, local media reported.
In particular, the draft suggested people caught eating dog or cat meat be jailed for up to 15 days and fined 5,000 yuan ($732.5), while businesses would be fined from 100,000 to 500,000 yuan, according to the Chongqing Evening News.”
If you go to a restaurant in China and order a hot dog,  you will be served Fido on a sizzling plate. Chinese love cats and dogs  –that is to say they love eating cats and dogs.
To hell with respecting the culture of other countries, the barbaric custom of eating dogs and cats should be condemned by every nation in the world.
Outlawing the sale of dog and cat meat isn’t a “Western” value, it’s a humane value that should be adopted by every civilized society.
Finally some of the more enlightened Chinese are trying to ban restaurants from serving cats and dogs. Let’s hope that China will finally join the family of civilized nations, and ban this monstrous practice.
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