Church Giving “Great Sex” Seminar In School May Get Booted

April 27, 2009  
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“A church giving sermons about sex may have to find a new home. Brevard Public School District’s risk-management department has threatened to boot New Hope Church out of Sherwood Elementary because of a worship series titled ‘Great Sex for You.’

Church leaders mailed 25,000 fliers, asking residents ‘Is Your Sex Life A Bore?’ The three-week program kicked off inside the school auditorium. Pastor Bruce Cadle had said the Christian church has been “shamefully silent” on the taboo topic.”

The Associated Press

If an individual’s sex life lacks excitement, he will rent a porn video to learn a few new tricks. A pastor is the last person on Earth he would go to for advice on how to spice up his sex life.

If a Christian needs help understanding the Book of Revelation he’ll seek a minister, but if he wants to learn how to get his groove on he will make an appointment with a sex therapist or a prostitute. You know, Render unto Caesar?

Why isn’t the church holding the “Great Sex for You” workshop in its sanctuary? Maybe it’s because the pastor finds a sex seminar in a church incongruous. Sex and religion just don’t go together, I bet even the most devout Christian married couple doesn’t say a prayer before having sex.

Most Christians are uptight about sex, and I wish the pastor success with his sex seminar. If the church is kicked out of the elementary school, maybe they should hold their sex worship series in a strip club.


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