Cop Suspended For Issuing Ticket To 7-Year-Old Boy

January 21, 2011  
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“Police in Kentucky said an officer received a 15-day suspension for issuing a ticket to a 7-year-old who struck his truck with a ball.

Louisville Metro Police said an internal investigation concluded with the suspension issued Friday to officer Cody Chapelle, who was found to have issued a ticket for third-degree criminal mischief to a 7-year-old boy who threw a ball that hit the officer’s truck, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal reported Thursday.”

Instead of being suspended the officer should have been commended for going the extra mile in service to his community. Instead of ignoring the little brat, the officer taught the kid that actions have consequences, something he apparently hasn’t learned from his parents.
The UPI article doesn’t say if the officer was suspended because the parents complained. The parents should have sent the officer a thank you note for taking the time to teach their son a valuable.
Most cops wouldn’t have issued a ticket to the boy, only because they hate paperwork. Officer Cody Chapelle is a credit to the Louisville Metro Police department.


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