Dastardly Dude Dons Ape Costume And Tries To Steal Foam Bananas

May 21, 2009  
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“Police continue a fruitless search for a man wearing an ape costume who has attempted to steal foam banana displays from inside local gas stations. Capt. Steve Klein said Thursday someone donning an ape costume entered two gas stations Wednesday trying to steal the displays and police have received several calls about the suspect hanging around town.”

The Associated Press

Everybody involved in this silly caper is clueless. The ape man is clueless, twice he has failed in his mission to steal a foam banana display. How difficult can it be to grab a bunch of foam bananas a make a quick getaway?

The cops are equally clueless, how difficult can it be to find a dastardly bad guy wearing an ape costume?

The Keystone Kops want to take to the ape guy to find out what his motives are? Duh, who cares what his motives are! If a dude dresses up in an ape costume and attempts to steal a foam banana display he is bananas!

If the ape man’s motive was to make the cops look like monkeys, he has succeeded.


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