Drama Over 99-Cent Hot Dog

April 28, 2011  
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“A Washington state man who said he forgot to pay for a 99-cent hot dog was cleared of theft by a jury.

John Richardson, 30, said he spent $28 at Mitchell’s IGA in Cheney in December but forgot to pay for the 99-cent hot dog he ate while shopping.

Richardson and other witnesses said he offered to pay for the sausage when the manager confronted him outside of the store, but the payment was refused and police were called.


The anal-retentive manager should be fired for making a mountain out of a molehill. It was obvious that Richardson was a good customer who simply forgot to pay for the 99-cent hot dog.

The police have more important matters to attend to than the suspected theft of a 99-cent hot dog. The manager should have been charged with making a frivolous call to the police.

A jury took less than five minutes to clear Richardson of the theft charge.

If the manager hasn’t been fired, the Mitchell’s IGA in Cheney should be boycotted by people of commonsense.


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