Driver Fined For Blowing His Nose

January 29, 2010  
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“When motorist Michael Mancini found himself stuck in a queue of traffic with a runny nose, he instinctively reached for his hankie.
However, the simple act of pulling out a tissue and blowing his nose earned him a £60 on-the-spot fine because he was ‘not in proper control of his vehicle’.
Policeman Stuart Gray, nicknamed PC Shiny Buttons for his zealous approach to the job, also handed out three points – even though Mr Mancini had his handbrake on.”

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I have magazines, CDs, snacks, tools, motor oil, running shoes, everything but tissues inside my car. Mancini should be commended for being prepared for any contingency.
If you’re driving, and you have the urge to sneeze, and you have tissues, you instinctively reach out for one. A couple of seconds to blow your nose isn’t going to make you lose control of your vehicle. Mancini is a bit anal-retentive,  not too many people would have put their hand brake on while sneezing.
If Mancini had not used a tissue, and he had sneezed all over his windshield, that would have obscured his vision and increased his chances of getting into an accident.
PC Shiny Buttons is a bloody moron, and he should stop harassing harmless blokes like Mancini.
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