Dude Arrested For DUI Was Wearing Fluffy White Slippers

March 30, 2010  
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“Florida authorities said a man arrested for alleged late-night intoxicated driving was wearing fluffy white slippers when he was pulled over by deputies.
The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Troy Reuter, 40, who had a Louisiana driver’s license, was pulled over in his Toyota Camry.


Reuter, who was wearing fluffy white slippers, was given a citation for failure to maintain his lane and deputies began a drunken driving investigation.”
I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, having the emergency room doctor notice your dirty underwear or being pulled over by a cop when you’re wearing fluffy white slippers.
If the fashion police had pulled Reuter over, he wouldn’t have escaped with just a citation. Wearing fluffy white slipper is a crime that merits a prison sentence.
This guy was obviously drunk, the police don’t need to to launch an investigation. Only a dude who is drunk like a skunk would wear fluffy white slippers.
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