Dude Gets Ticketed For Trespassing At Own Home

September 24, 2010  
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“A New York man said police gave him a ticket for trespassing while he was standing outside of his own apartment.

Lindsey Riddick, 36, who joined a class-action lawsuit against the New York Police Department alleging officers gave out illegal summonses to meet quotas, said he and his brother were ticketed by police while outside of his apartment building, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.”


I imagine there’s at least one husband who whishes that the cops would arrest his wife when she’s standing outside of their home. Especially when a football game is on, and his spouse won’t stop nagging him to run errands.

Instead of harassing tax-paying citizens to meet quotas, these cops should be chasing criminals. There’s no shortage of real criminals in the Big Apple.

A man’s home should be his castle even if it’s an apartment, and a man has a right to stand outside of his home without being bothered by the police.



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