Dude Slapped With Parking Ticket For Stopping For Few Seconds At Bus Stop

June 22, 2011  
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“A British man said he received a $113 parking ticket when a camera car snapped a picture of his vehicle while he was dropping a friend off at a bus stop.Paul Robinson, 50, of Hartlepool, said he received a fixed penalty notice for parking at a bus stop ‘from 12:41 p.m. to 12:41 p.m.’ when he in fact had only stopped ‘for seconds’ to drop a friend off at the stop, The Sun reported Wednesday.”


Robinson is a blatant scofflaw, I hope his driver’s license is revoked if he doesn’t immediately pay the fine.

A stop is a stop is a stop, it doesn’t matter if he stopped for a few seconds or for a few hours.

Robinson may think that the law doesn’t apply to him, but his poop doesn’t smell like perfume and he isn’t exempt from parking tickets.


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